Catching Up…

Now that I’ve started participating in ‘Memory Monday’, I feel obligated to do a ‘weekend catch-up’ post on Tuesdays.  I enjoy blogging about what’s going on around here, because I use this blog as my journal.

Last Friday was a beautiful autumn day, and Ed and I spent the entire day  outside. Most of the day was spent working on the chicken coop, putting on those finishing touches, like getting it painted.  As of yesterday, the coop is ‘officially finished’!  Yay!  I know Ed is happy to be finished with that project.


like the sign says, “Chicks Welcome”

Ed and I finally tried out our new fire pit, when we roasted some hot dogs and marshmallows with the family, on Saturday night.  It was a perfect autumn evening to be outside, and we all enjoyed sitting around the fire together.  (The hot dogs and smores were pretty good, too!) Of course, our little grandsons especially enjoyed gathering sticks and leaves to throw into the fire.  Some things never change, and the simple pleasures of life are still the best!


who can resist a fire on a cool autumn evening…

Our daughter, oldest son, and their families spent most of Saturday at a nearby pumpkin patch. It was the second time our daughter and granddaughter had visited the pumpkin patch, within a week.  The first time they went for a home-school field trip.  The second time was just for fun!  Nothing says “fall” like a trip to a farm and pumpkin patch!


granddaughter, Madison, on her field trip

Our oldest grandson’s school, Busy Little Beavers, decorated pumpkins for fall, last week, and I think the students and their families did an awesome job! Here are some pictures of some of the pumpkins:

spiders, ninja turtles, Minnie Mouse and more…




a reindeer, ‘Fancy Nancy’, an owl, and a candy corn

image (1)

 a cat, the cat in the hat, the bomb (from Mario Brothers), a spider, and a dog

Brad, Jennifer, and Evan surprised us with a quick visit on Sunday afternoon.  We didn’t know they were coming, and they didn’t stay long, but it was good to see them again after two weeks.  They came to drop off some stuff for Evan’s upcoming birthday party.  They’ll be back this coming weekend.

This must be my week for having appointments.  I have a hair appointment today, followed by a [six month’s check up] doctor’s appointment, tomorrow.  Does anyone else hate having to be somewhere, at a certain time, as much as I do???  How quickly we become spoiled once we quit working–or at least I did!

Does anyone else hate getting up in the dark as much as I do?  I’m awake and ready to rise at seven o’clock each day, but it’s still dark outside!  I guess the upcoming time change will take care of that problem–but, then, it will be getting dark at 5:30!

I mentioned, last week, that I’ve been enjoying watching some of the new fall shows on television.  I mentioned watching ‘Stalker’, but forgot to mention that I like watching ‘Forever’, too.  It has an interesting story line.  Another favorite, is season two of ‘The Blacklist’, which has an intriguing story line, too, but the crime scenes can get a bit ‘intense’, at times.

Last night was the first night the new chickens slept without a light in the coop.  It was also the first night they had perches to roost on, since Ed just added roosts to the coop, yesterday.  They  ‘cried’ when I turned out the light, just like my first flock did, and none slept on the perches.  I’ll bet it won’t be long before they figure out what those roosting bars are for, and establish their pecking order.  As for sleeping without the light, I’m sure they feel more rested this morning, since they probably slept instead of playing, for a change.

In closing, one particular chick has quickly become ‘my favorite’.  She hops onto my lap to snuggle–every time I sit down in the chicken run!  (Yes, I have a chair in my chicken run, doesn’t everyone?)  She’s a ‘barred rock’, and I’ve named her ‘Dottie’.  Yesterday, Dottie had a little friendly competition from her black sister, ‘Ebony’.  You should have seen them both sitting on my lap together!   I wouldn’t be surprised if a third chick joins us today.

That’s it for me, today.  Enjoy your Tuesday 🙂







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  1. What fun that the chicks want to sit in your lap and snuggle!! I am so enjoying learning about chickens from you!! Who knew?!!!

    Madison is a lovely young lady! The pumpkins are very creative and thanks for sharing them with us. It’s so great that you had a family weekend, and with a nice fire in the fire pit.

  2. What beautiful work Ed does!
    I love that you’ve named your chickens and that they sit in your lap. As for a 3rd joining Ebony and Dotty. If I can fit 3 cats on my lap each morning and not spill my coffee, 3 chickens should be a piece of cake!

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