A Thankful Hodgepodge…

Since it’s almost Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks for our hostess, Joyce, who makes this fun meme possible each week.  For 199 weeks, Joyce has done an awesome job of providing varied and thought-provoking questions, and she visits every participant, which takes a good chunk of her time. Joyce is an awesome hostess!

I’d also like to give thanks for all those who stop by this blog, each week, and take the time to leave a comment. They have become very special to me, and I treasure their thoughts, words, and friendship.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


1. Besides U.S. Thanksgiving, it’s also National Game and Puzzle Week…what game have you played most recently, and who were you with? Have you worked a puzzle of any kind in the past week?

I played ‘Lucky Ducks’ with my grandson, Chase, last Thursday morning.  It’s a ‘pick up the ducks’ kind of game, where you try to collect all of the ducks that have your shape on the bottom.

No, I have not worked any kind of puzzle in quite a while!  I don’t have patience for that anymore.

2. What is one place you were thankful for this year?

Home sweet home! There’s no better place in the world.  Of course,  I am also thankful for beautiful little St. Simon’s Island, because it’s just a short drive away, and it’s lovely there. It’s my ‘island get-away’.

3. Take a nap, watch football, go for an after dinner walk, or hit the stores…which ONE is on your must-do list for Thanksgiving day? For those of you playing along who aren’t in the US, answer as it relates to any big holiday meal.

Take a nap, of course!  I’m not a fan of football or shopping on Thanksgiving. Not to mention, after cooking, I’ll be too tired to take a walk!

4. Besides Thanksgiving, what’s your favorite home cooked meal?

That’s a tough one, but I’ll say roast beef, with potatoes, carrots, and onions (in gravy), served with rice and a garden-grown vegetable, or two, like peas or corn. Oh, and some cornbread for Ed!

5. What product from an infomercial would you most like to own?

I’m going to have to pass on this question because I don’t watch infomercials! I record everything I watch, so I can zip past any commercials.

6. Christmas shopping? Have you begun? Finished? Will you shop on Black Friday? How do you feel about stores opening on Thanksgiving Day? What percentage of your Christmas shopping is done online?

I’m basically finished with my Christmas shopping, and I’m so glad!  I did most of my shopping the easy way– online.

I won’t be shopping on Black Friday, but I might take advantage of a few Cyber Monday sales.  I don’t think the stores should open on Thanksgiving Day. People should to be able to have the day off!

7. What are you most grateful for that adds beauty to your everyday life?

I’m most grateful for my family!  Life would be so empty without them. Sometimes, when we’re all together again, and the house is extremely full of chatter, as everyone catches up with one another, I sit and look at all of them in awe. How blessed I am!

100_3120Our family on last Thanksgiving 


For some reason, I’m experiencing technical difficulties when I try to leave comments on other people’s blogs.  I keep getting the message “You don’t own this identity” whenever I type in my user name at the end of a comment!  I’ve requested help with this, from WordPress, but the problem hasn’t been resolved yet.  For now, I’ll be commenting under my second blog name of  Maddie/CadesMimi.


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  1. Thank you for the sweet comment : ) And thanks for playing along every week. I think you’re one of the originals! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Beautiful family! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and your comment came through on my blog.

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your loved ones – human as well as canine, feline, and chickenoid!

  5. I’m glad for the Hodgepodge hostess too. I have met new bloggers whose answers I enjoy reading each week and learning more about everybody else.
    My answer was also home sweet home and the pot roast meal, too. You have a beautiful family. What a wonderful and happy looking group!

  6. Technical problems can be so vexing and irritating. Regarding my guitar playing ability, they fall somewhere between a six year old banging on the strings and Eric Clapton with them falling much closer to the six year old than the master, Eric. I still have fun and enjoy making music. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

  7. What a great family photo! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I hope you get the technical issues taken care of.

  8. I enjoyed your answers! Hodgepodge is always a good Meme! Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!

  9. Loved reading your hodgepodge! You have a lovely family! Happy Thanksgiving!

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