Better Late Than Never ~ A Recap of Christmas…

Life is finally beginning to slow down enough that I can recap the highlights of our 2014 Christmas season.  It feels like I’m finally getting off a treadmill that’s been going full blast !  After the past few weeks of eating, I need to be on a treadmill, for sure!

Since Thanksgiving was so late in November, I got a late start with my holiday decorating, plus I just seem to move slower, these days.  What used to take me about four days to complete, took me eleven, this year!  Of course, Christmas decorating is still a big deal at our house, with almost every room decorated, as well as outside.  At least I finished decorating, with a couple of weeks to spare, before Christmas!  Sigh.

100_4827 (2)

a picture of the main tree

I was thrilled that Ed and I were able to visit two different Christmas light displays, this year.  We’ve visited both sites before, but we enjoyed seeing them again.  We rode to both displays with our daughter and her family, which is always fun.  Our son-in-law can be quite entertaining, at times, which makes the trip lots of fun.  Making the trip even better was going out to eat before seeing the lights 🙂  One trip included a trip to my favorite place, the Cracker Barrel!

100_4716 (2)

Visiting TMT Ranch

We managed to take in two different Christmas parades, too–all in one day!  The first parade was in the morning, and the second was at night.  THAT was a busy, tiring, day, but it was fun.  For the first time, ever, I left my camera at home, and I think I enjoyed the parades more because of it!  I wasn’t worried about capturing the ‘perfect’ picture.

Ed and I found, a new place to browse and shop, called The Red Wagon.  It’s a huge indoor warehouse filled with all kinds of antiques, vintage items, and other stuff, some of it brand new.  We must have visited The Red Wagon at least a dozen times during the month of December, and I rarely left empty-handed!  I’m a sucker for Christmas items, so I bought a nativity set, a large ceramic Santa, a Boyd’s Bear Christmas figurine, as well as a vintage set of Coca Cola canisters.  (My kitchen is decorated in a Coca Cola theme.)  For one of  my Christmas gifts, Ed secretly bought me an antique iron from The Red Wagon–to use as a door stop, NOT to iron his shirts with!

100_4765 (2)

posing with my antique iron

Among all of the other Christmas activities that were going on, I had the task of trying to shop for a new laptop computer, too.  What a headache!  I started shopping for a laptop on Black Friday, and ended up making a decision a couple of days before Christmas.  At one point, I actually had two new laptops!  I finally settled on one of them and returned the other, right before Christmas.  Now, if I can only figure out how to use all of its features!

I think I must be officially getting senile because I was sure that I had a turkey breast in the freezer, but when the time came to thaw it out for Christmas, a turkey breast was nowhere to be found in either freezer!  I ended up making a last-minute trip to the grocery store to buy another turkey breast. It’s still driving me crazy, wondering what happened to the missing turkey breast.

Two days before Christmas, about the same time I discovered the turkey breast was missing, I decided to make some Christmas candy.  I started out making fudge, but ended up throwing the entire first batch in the trash, after I discovered that the walnuts I used were rancid.  I was so mad because I’d just purchased those nuts, and paid about seven dollars for them!  I used pecans in the second batch, and the fudge turned out fine.  From now on, no more walnuts in the fudge!

About the time I lost the turkey breast, and was making Christmas candy, the weather turned nasty.  It started to rain, and then it rained some more!  It rained so much our rain gauge over flowed, and we sprang a leak in the kitchen ceiling!  So, in addition to having to throw out an entire batch of freshly made fudge, I also had to mop up water out of the kitchen floor.  What a day!  By Christmas Eve, it had rained so much, our Christmas lights were under water, and we couldn’t even light them up.

100_4753 (2)

that’s me, looking for a dry place to feed the chickens!

Two of our grandsons celebrate birthdays in December, and were scheduled to have a joint party on December 12th. Their party had to be re-scheduled, TWICE, due to illness.  All four members of their family came down with something very similar to the flu, although the doctor said it wasn’t the flu.  FINALLY, on Christmas Eve, the family (or at least most of it) got to share cake and ice cream with the boys, almost two weeks after their original party date.  Better late than never!


Caden and Chase celebrating their birthdays

Fortunately, the rain stopped, before Christmas morning, although everything was still a wet, soggy mess.  Ed and I got up early and exchanged gifts with each other, then waited for the call telling us our granddaughter was up so we could go next-door and see what Santa left her.  After we left our granddaughter’s house, we hopped in the car (while still wearing our Christmas p.j.’s) and went down just the road to see what our grandsons had gotten for Christmas.  The boys were just getting up when we got there.  Visiting the grandchildren on Christmas morning has become my favorite part of the day.  I love sharing in their excitement.




The excitement of Christmas morning carried on throughout the entire day. All of our children, their spouses, and the grandchildren came to our house for lunch, and stayed until after supper that night. Some even spent the night with us!

It was late afternoon before we finished opening the last of the gifts, since we open our gifts one at a time.  The gift opening ended with me becoming the lucky recipient of the ‘Christmas Panties’.  Lucky me!  This crazy gift has been passed around the family for over 30 years, believe it or not!  Every year the giver has to write a note to the receiver, with every note still taped to the top of the box.  Some of the notes are hilarious, and this year’s note was no exception!

100_4821 (2)

 me and the ‘big girl’ Christmas panties

 Several guests dropped by for visits throughout the day.  In the midst of visitors and opening gifts, we somehow managed to find time to take our annual ‘Crazy Christmas Hat’ family photo. We also managed to get some hilarious out-takes.


Oops!  Not ready yet

Ed and I both agreed that Christmas 2014 was one of the best Christmases ever, as we fell into bed at the end of the day, exhausted.  Just think, only 357 more days and we get to celebrate Christmas all over again!  If I’m lucky, I just might have all of the Christmas decorations put away by then 🙂





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  1. It sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful, but exhausting Christmas!!

  2. I actually thought you were going to get through an entire post without a mishap, but alas there it was – torrential rain, and the resulting leak! All in all it looks like a great time was had by all. Happy New Year

  3. Oh my, all that rain! Hope it’s all dried up by now.

    Looks like that in spite of the all the rain you all had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. I agree, I moved a lot slower this year and started really late in getting my decorations out. Sorry about the troubles you had with the turkey, the fudge and the leak! We take a long time time too opening presents one at a time, it’s one of my favorite traditions! Sounds like a lovely Christmas Day…..

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