Welcome Back Hodgepodge…

 It’s back…  After a brief hiatus, the weekly Wednesday Hodgepodge has returned!  As always, thanks to our hostess, Joyce, for providing the questions.
1. What’s your best piece of advice for a newly married couple? I’m asking for a friend.
Be patient and understanding with each other.  The first year of marriage will be a time of adjustment for both of you.
 2. Before we’re too far into the new year I wanted to post a question Teresa submitted during the December giveaway. Teresa blogs over at Being Refined As Silver, so everyone go say hi.Teresa asks, “What were you doing on December 31st, 1999?”and “Did you or your family make preparations for Y2K?”
Are you kidding me?  I barely remember December 31, 2014!
Seriously, I don’t have a clue what we did, back in 1999, but we most likely stayed home, like we usually do on New Year’s Eve, and, perhaps, watched some television.
I do remember being concerned about Y2K, back then, but I don’t remember doing any specific preparations, other than buying a few extra groceries, and having some cash on hand.
3. According to Global Language Monitor, the most used word of 2014 isn’t a word. It’s the heart emoji. Huh? How can something that’s not a word be the most used word, but I digress. What do you think was your most used word in 2014?
At first, I couldn’t think of an answer, then it hit me like a ton of bricks– the word is “hospital” (due to the long, stressful year Ed had working at a hospital on the brink of closure).
 4. Speaking of words, it’s that time again. Time for Lake Superior University to present a list of words they’d like to see banished (for over-use, mis-use, and general uselessness) in 2015. You can read more about the decision-making process here, but this year’s top vote getters are-bae (before anyone else), polar vortex, hack, skill set, swag, foodie, curate/curated, friend-raising, enhanced interrogation, cra-cra (as in crazy), takeaway, and -nation (a suffering sports suffix).Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why? Is there a word not on the list you’d like to add?

One  word, (and I use this term loosely) that I have heard, and particularly dislike, is “cra-cra” (as in crazy).  The first time I heard someone utter this, I immediately thought: they must be “cra-cra” to even say such a thing!  What a ridiculous-sounding thing to say.

5.  January is National Hot Tea month? Are you a fan? Do you like flavored teas? How do you take your tea? Have a favorite cup or teapot? How many cups of tea do you consume in a given day?
No, I’m not a fan of hot tea, or of flavored tea.  I rarely even drink tea, anymore, but when I do, I prefer it cold, in a glass filled with ice.  Luzianne tea is my favorite brand  of tea, in case you’re wondering.  No favorite teapots or cups here, but I do have a favorite tea glass.
6. Whatever happened to wholesome television shows (and commercials), that are suitable for the entire family to watch?
Seriously, we should just call most of today’s television programming ‘trash t.v.’
7. What is one book on your must-read list this winter?
 I won a book giveaway, from Pam @ Empty Nest, a few weeks back, and the book recently arrived in the mail.
 (Thanks again, Pam!)

Rocks, Paper, Flowers is definitely on my ‘must-read’ list for this winter!


Oh, what a night!  The Radiology department, at the hospital, was experiencing ‘equipment issues’, last night. Everything is digital, these days, and sometimes the system just ‘goes down’, for no apparent reason.  When things go wrong, they call Ed because he’s the one ‘in charge’, but he’s also known as “Mr. Fix It”.  He either walks the technician through how to fix the system, over the phone, or goes to the hospital to fix it himself.  Ed missed supper, then got two ‘middle of the night’ phone calls, in a span of six hours, last night!  It reminded me of those nights, twenty years ago, when Ed would be constantly ‘on call’ for x-ray.  He’s missed many hot meals, and had lots of sleepless nights, because someone needed an emergency exam.  Needless to say, we’ll both be ready for bed early, tonight!


Also, Ed and I babysat three of our ‘grands’, last weekend.  There’s a new post on my other blog, Mimi’s Mini Tales, if you’d like to read about our babysitting adventures.  Click the button, below, and it’ll take you to the post.

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  1. Oh I agree about television. The commercials are the worst I think, because at least you kind of know what to expect when you select a program. The ads catch you by surprise. I’m surprised at how few in number hot tea drinkers seem to be in the HP today. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I hope “hospital” will NOT be your most used word in 2015. And, you will have to report to us about how you liked “Rock, Paper” Flowers” – it looks like a fun read!

  3. Ed’s on call experience reminds me of the guy I sold my motorcycle too. He was the IT guy for a small local hospital. I don’t think his cellphone failed to interrupt us when he came to see the bike, came back to buy it, or on the day I brought him the bike!

  4. I hate TV Commercials now! It’s almost embarrassing to watch TV when someone else is in the room.

    I don’t think I was aware of your other blog. Going to check it out.

  5. I’m glad the reason hospital was your most used word is because of your husband’s job and not because you were there!
    I brought back a box of Luzianne tea when we traveled down South last year and it does make delicious iced tea.
    Rest well tonight 🙂

  6. We seldom turn the TV on except to watch college football and after we go to bed. Jim usually turns it on to help him get sleepy, I read. He tends to have some of the reality shows on like the Alaska ones or maybe pickers, never network. I watch some shows on my computer like the Downton Abbey series on PBS.org or some of the other British series on Amazon Prime.
    I read what you posted about having so many fish. Our little pound is small and we have around 22 at the moment. We usually have a few fry hatch in the Spring, only 5 this year. And we still only have the one hen. We’re talking of adding a couple in the Spring but really she lays enough eggs for the two of us.
    Mama Bear

  7. A good Hodgepodge! Oh my, to Ed’s late night calls. Hopefully, though, that means job security for him. I enjoyed your answers!

  8. It is always a joyful adventure to babysit the grands. SWMBO and I relish every opportunity. They’re so cute and are growing so fast. Our youngest is four years and our oldest is ten years old. Goes by fast.
    SWMBO is happy I am retired because I no longer get calls in the middle of the night and when there’s a weather related emergency I am home taking care of her and not being called back into work to take care of someone else.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. I’m so glad you got the book! Please let me know what you think about it. She’s working on her second one and Pat Conroy has written a blurb/review thingy for it! Katie is so excited! We were just talking about it at school today. If I drink tea, I prefer mine iced too. With sugar and lemon. 🙂

  10. I totally agree with you on the wholesome TV shows and commercials. Congrats on the win, should be an interesting read. Have a nice weekend.

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