And That Was The Week That Was…

Last week came and went quickly, just like all of the previous weeks before it.  The only difference was, Ed didn’t have to get up and go to work, and I wasn’t home alone all day.  Both of us are still getting used to this new ‘retirement routine’, but, so far, we like it!  Today, I thought I’d give a brief recap of how our first week went, instead of doing my usual ‘Monday Memories’ post.

Last Monday morning, our phone started ringing about 9 a.m.!  By then, Ed was already up on the ladder working on the leaking gutters of our house.  The first phone call was a former co-worker, from over sixteen years ago, calling to offer her condolences, and to ask if Ed was looking for a job!  Ed spent a good portion of the day either standing on the ladder, or working on top of our house, activities that came close to giving our daughter, who lives next-door, a heart attack!

A couple of days later, our daughter’s stress level went up another notch, or two, when she saw Ed climbing the ladder with a chain saw in hand!  We spent Wednesday trimming the trees around our yard.  My own stress level went up three notches when Ed tripped, with running chain saw in hand, after just cutting down a stump!!!  (Ed had on his Crocs shoes, and his feet got tangled in some vines and briers, and down he went.)  Fortunately, Ed’s always had great reflexes, and still had the fore-thought to quickly throw the chain saw away from his body as he was falling! Meanwhile, I watched, in horror, as the whole incident seemed to play out in slow motion.  Afterward, we both joked that it would have been awful if he’d cut his leg off during his first week of retirement!

Ed got  more phone calls, throughout the week, and a couple of them were from former employees who were “singing the blues” because of his departure.  Those calls made us feel so bad, for the ones Ed left behind.  For so long, their working conditions have been very difficult, and with Ed’s departure, the conditions just got a lot worse!

On Thursday, Ed had to return to the hospital to turn in his severance papers and pick up a few personal items that he’d left behind.  Upon returning, Ed said you could “feel the stress in the air.”  He said stress was very evident on many of the employees faces, and that just being there made him feel stressed, too.  No matter what the future brings, it’s good to be free of that environment!

Friday was probably the toughest day of our week! It rained all day, on Friday, so Ed and I were stuck inside.  The rest of the week, the weather had been sunny and mild, so we’d been able to get outside each day.  Anyway, while it rained, we busied ourselves by giving our bedrooms a thorough cleaning and polishing!  I must say, it’s nice having extra help with the household chores and cooking!

The weekend came and went.  Ed and I did our usual weekend shopping, a habit we’re going to have to break, now that we can shop anytime!  The rain finally stopped, and the sunny, milder temps returned on Sunday.  Sunday afternoon found us relaxing in the yard.  I even dug out my beach chair!  Just lounging in that chair, made me long for another visit to St. Simon’s Island!  It won’t be long…

On thing I’ve noticed about Ed’s retirement, is that it makes me tired!  The activity level around here has gone up significantly from what I’m used to.  I missed several days of ‘napping’ last week, due to all of the activities, and have been ready to go to bed earlier than usual.  On Friday night, I went to bed at 8:30!  Ha!  I guess I’d better get myself in better shape for week two!




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  1. So glad the first week went well and he didn’t cut his leg off! I hope you both will enjoy retirement life. I’m looking forward to the day when we retire. Maybe another 3 years for me. Hubby, who knows? It seems ministers never really retire. 🙂

  2. A dear young blog friend of mine just lost her father due to an accident cutting down a tree. He was alone, so no one should ever be alone! I know my husband scares me when he is working on a ladder. It will definitely take some adjustments having him around all day……

  3. Oh, my! Ed had better be careful!!! It sounds like they did Ed a favor by retiring him. Have a good Monday! 🙂

  4. I’m sure your lives will settle into a new normal soon. I am SO looking forward to retirement, though it’s 2-3 years away. Joe is already retired, but still has a few clients to work with (who won’t let him quit), so he does have things to busy himself with. That is good, because he has no hobbies. Keep us posted on week #2!!

  5. Sounds like Thursday was a confirmation that while the timing wasn’t Ed’s, retirement is going to turn out to be a blessing.

    And just think … you can head over to SSI just about any time you want to now. 😉

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