A Final February Hodgepodge…

I’m sort of anxious to say goodbye to the month of February.  Thanks to the cold, the clouds, and the rain, a bit of ‘cabin fever’ has begun to set in around here.  Goodbye February, let’s ‘March’ into spring, with warm weather and sunshine!

Even though it’s cold and cloudy outside, there’s a little ray of sunshine, every Wednesday, known as ‘The Wednesday Hodgepodge’.  Thanks to our hostess, Joyce, for this mid-week reprieve!

Here are today’s questions:

1. Did you watch The Oscars? How many of the Best Picture nominees have you seen? (American Sniper, Birdman, Boyhood, Selma, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and Whiplash)

 No, I didn’t watch.  I stopped watching The Oscars years ago.  I also stopped going to the movies several years ago, therefore, I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies either.  I’d like to see American Sniper, but will probably wait until it comes out on dvd.  In the meantime, I’m reading the book.

Do you think actors should use their acceptance speeches as an opportunity to promote their political and/or social agenda? Does that sort of speech make you more or less inclined to change the channel?

I do not think actors should use their acceptance speeches to promote their agendas, so I’d be inclined to change the channel if I happened to be watching when this happened.

2. Speaking of the movies… are you comfortable going to a movie alone? How about dinner in a restaurant (not fast food, but an actual restaurant)? The second half of this question was posed by Carrie who blogs over at It’s Not Easy Being Queen. Thanks Carrie!
Yes, I am comfortable going to a movie alone, and have done so many times.  I’d also go to dinner alone, but wouldn’t be quite as comfortable with that.
3. What’s the last home repair or home improvement project you had to pay someone to complete? In hindsight was this a project you could have done yourself?
The last home improvement project we hired to have done was having a cover built over our front porch, about a year ago.  I’m not sure Ed could have managed the project by himself, that’s why we paid someone else to do it for us.
4. Have you ever had Indian food? Like it or no? If you’re a fan, what’s your favorite dish? Have you ever prepared this yourself at home? Is there an Indian restaurant in your current hometown?
I’ve never tried Indian food, so I don’t know if I like it or not, but I’ll say, “probably not.”  There’s not an Indian restaurant in our town, or anywhere nearby, so I guess I’ll never know if I like it or not.
5. A song that reminds you of your parents?
I can’t of a song that reminds me of both of my parents, but there once was a song entitled ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ by Marty Robbins that mama really liked.  One time, when I was still young, mama let this record play over and over and over, a ridiculous amount of times.  I don’t know what was on mama’s mind, at the time, but I’ve never forgotten the incident–or the song.
6. The 26th of February is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day. What’s your favorite, or one of your favorite, fairy tales? Do you have any childhood memories associated with a particular fairy tale?
I was intrigued by the story of Hansel and Gretel, as a child.  The thought of a house in the woods, made of candy, really captured my interest! Meanwhile, thoughts of a father willing to leave his children lost in the woods, plus a witch willing to eat little children kind of freaked me out.
7. What’s a problem you solved yesterday?
Insurance headaches!  I received the information and card for my new health insurance, then I had to set up a recurring payment schedule.  After dealing with a couple of minor computer glitches, I should be good to go, come April 1.
Several months ago I posted about Vic, the Claxton Quarterhorse Twin.  Twin horses are rare (1 in 10,000), and surviving twins are even more rare than that.
Sadly, Vic’s mother didn’t survive after the birth (due to ruptured intestines).  Despite being larger of the two, Vic’s twin sister, Grace, died just five days after being born.  However, Vic lived up to her name, Victorious, and has beaten the odds.  Vic celebrated her first birthday, yesterday, February 24!
10672399_720800971351715_705549761830590815_n Quarterhorse twins - Copy
Vic with her twin sister, Grace, before Grace died
This is Vic today!

10995991_720768481354964_8458692855276582310_n Vic

Happy first birthday, Victorious!

photos via the Claxton Quarterhorse Facebook page

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  1. What a beautiful horse! So sad about the mom & sister. 😦

  2. Memory is a funny thing. There are a couple of very clear memories I have from childhood I should ask my mom about to see if she remembers too. Makes me wonder what small acts of kindness or impatience my own children have filed away : )

  3. What a beautiful horse and I love her name!!

  4. Aw, happy birthday to Vic!! And such an intriguing tale of your mom and that song. Makes me so curious.

  5. Such a gorgeous horse, but what a sad story! “Hansel and Gretel” used to terrify me as a kid!

  6. My hubby is reading American Sniper. I want to “read” it in audiobook format, but I’ve got several ahead of it.

  7. Fairy tales are really not for kids, until Disney got a hold of them and took some of the fright out of them.
    Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

  8. Marty Robbins had a sweet voice! Love that Vic has survived and thrived, but it is such a sad story. Great Hodgepodge! We both feel the same about the Oscars!

  9. I have read American Sniper and have seen the movie. The movie is very faithful to the book. Chris Kyle is a true American hero! Nice picture of Vic. Nice coloring!
    Health insurance can be frustrating, unfortunately it is so necessary as we get older.
    I wish you and Ed all the best as you adjust to retired life.

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