Some Soggy Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I almost hate to post anything today, since I’m still in the midst of a case of ‘cabin fever’. However, in reading everyone’s blogs and Facebook posts, I can see that I’m not alone in this!    Some folks are dealing with ice and snow, others with cold and rain, but everyone seems to be dealing with something!  We’ll get through this winter of 2015, I know we all will!

Ed and I planted the first of our garden, on Monday, in between showers of rain.  It’s rained every day since!  If the potatoes, onions, carrots, and garden peas don’t rot, it will be a miracle because we’ve gotten 3 1/2 inches of rain in just two days… The fact that we plant our garden on raised beds of dirt [because of the way our tractor works] could be a saving factor, but it’s too early to tell.  Meanwhile, we have tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers growing in cups in our laundry room!  What a pain it is to wash clothes, these days 🙂  Thankfully, these seedlings will be soon be spending warmer days on the back porch, until it’s time to transplant them!

Everything is soggy outside, and our chickens appear to be bored.  Apparently, chickens must lay more eggs when they’re bored!  I picked up seven eggs, yesterday.  Seven eggs from ten chickens is pretty good, especially when three of the ten are older hens.  Our egg count is almost up to 100, in less than six weeks time!

Since the weather has been wet and cold, this week, I’ve been watching a lot of television.  I’ve watched several movies, some recorded weekly shows, and even caught the rerun of the 40th anniversary special of Saturday Night Live.  Watching the original cast members of SNL brought back some very old memories!  I was only 21 when the show debuted–and that seems like almost a lifetime ago. (It was!)  Chevy Chase has gotten old…

It’s been a l-o-n-g week for Ed.  He doesn’t do well when he’s cooped up in the house!  He tried to go outside, in between rain showers, but he wasn’t able to stay outside long.  He’s been restless, and has been in and out a lot this week. (which drives me crazy)  Some retirement days can be challenging.

Speaking of Ed, he’s started a new hobby.  He’s been trying to learn how to play the guitar.  Ed already knows how to play the piano, but it’s been years since he’s played.  Ed says playing the guitar is more difficult than playing the piano because (a) his fingers are short, and (b) the tips of his fingers are soft and tender!  Time will tell if he rises to the challenge.

I’m thankful the end of the month is finally here!  February has been our first month of living on our new budget.  Even though Ed’s still getting paid every two weeks, from his previous job, we went ahead and put ourselves on a ‘paid once a month’ budget, in preparation for the days ahead.  Let me just say, this has taken some getting used to!  I bought one of those coupon organizers and separated our monthly money into categories.  Now that the end of the month is here, we have $9.00 left in the ‘extras category’, and $26.00 left in the gas/oil category.  All other categories are empty!  I couldn’t help but wonder what the cashiers thought when I pulled out my handy coupon organizer to pay 🙂

That’s it for this edition of Friday Fragments.  As usual, I’m linking up with Mrs. Fours, @ Half-Past Kissin’ Time.  If you haven’t already done so, why not hop  on over and join her party!  Enjoy your weekend.


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  1. Living on a budget is the easier adjustment to make when retiring. Finding something to do all day is harder especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Hope March brings us better weather.

  2. I may be your only reader who doesn’t mind being “cooped up” in the house j. Winter. Too cold to get outside, and it’s a good excuse to stay inside and quilt. 😉 I worried about my hubby when he retired but he’s picked up a new hobby – reading. Before he retired, about the only reading he’d do was the sports section. Now he is a “readin’ fool”! He’s also been a real champ and picked up a few of the household chores as his responsibility – win-win! Hope Ed will find something to fill up his days … and that spring will come soon so he’ll be able to get outside.

  3. Maybe I’ve never been cooped up long enough to get restless, but I can always find something to do, even if it is just reading my book. Your hens are producing well!! Hope the garden doesn’t rot away from the rain! Thanks for the update!

  4. I don’t know when my brother in law will get a garden out this year…..he lives across the road. It is still too cold. Last year he tried too early and lost that first planting.

  5. Kathy, my cabin-feverish friend, look at it this way, you got to go out and plant your garden in unfrozen ground. Some of us are looking at months before we can do that!

  6. Good for Ed! I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar!

  7. I’ve been having trouble with commenting lately so sorry if this is a repeat!
    We’ve been soggy here, too. Sounds like you have a good plan for the money. We are adjusting to income changes, too. Hubby retired on the 20th. Wish him luck with the guitar!
    Have a great weekend!

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