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Half-Past Kissin' Time

Here it is, the Friday before Easter again.  Didn’t we just celebrate Easter?  It certainly seems like it to me.  The days are passing so fast, they practically all run together, these days, but it certainly didn’t seem that way when I was a youngster! Ha!  Now I’m sounding old!

It’s been another busy week around our house.  We’ve done a little of everything–housework, gardening, painting, shopping–and all of this was done during a week when I haven’t even been feeling my best!  Imagine what I could have gotten done during a ‘good’ week!

Ed and I now have seven rows of our 2015  garden planted, but we still have about five more rows to plant.  You may recall that we plant each row by hand.  Ed pokes the holes with an old mop handle, and I go behind him dropping the seeds in the holes.  He then goes behind me and covers up the holes.  It’s quite a process, and each row is about 100 feet long!  I’m getting a ‘farmer’s tan’ 🙂

Our hens have gone crazy laying eggs!  Longer daylight hours, in addition to the warmer weather has ‘the girls’ workin’ overtime!  We’re averaging 7 to 9 eggs per day, out of 10 hens.  Three of those ten hens are over 3 years old, so we thought they’d be retired by now!  Only one of those three has retired.  She’s actually not retired, I think she may be sick with ovarian cancer, but that’s a story for another day.

Some of my readers have asked how long the eggs will keep.  The answer is “several weeks”, in the refrigerator, but if the eggs aren’t washed, and are simply rubbed with a coating of mineral oil, they supposedly will last up to a year, with NO refrigeration!  I’m afraid to try that trick though.

Other readers have asked what we do with all of these eggs. (There are several dozen in the refrigerator, at the moment.)  The answer is “We share some with our family and friends, and we EAT a lot of eggs!”  I’ve also read that you can crack eggs, scramble them up, and pour the raw egg mixture into ice trays to freeze the egg mixture for cooking.  I haven’t tried that trick either.  I’d be more likely to try this than the mineral oil trick though!

Speaking of eggs, are you ready for Easter yet?  I am not!  I usually bake a ham for Easter, but we’re having turkey this year.  Call me crazy!  The turkey is now in the refrigerator thawing.  That’s the extent of my Easter preparations, so far.

Today I’ll spend some time in the kitchen, preparing all of the ingredients for homemade stuffing–or dressing as we like to call it here in the south.  Fortunately, I will have some help with the rest of the meal.  My girls will be making some great desserts and side dishes to go along with the turkey and dressing.

On Saturday afternoon, the grandchildren will gather in my kitchen and color several dozen eggs.  Almost all of them are getting old enough to color eggs by themselves, so it should be exciting for them.  Afterward, we’ll feast on grilled hot dogs and potato chips, plus what ever desserts the girls bring.

Sunday, if the weather permits, while everyone else is gone to church, Ed and I will hide about 300 plastic eggs all over our yard.   After lunch, young and old, alike, can put their egg hunting skills to the test!  FYI: We NEVER find all of the eggs.  In fact, just the other day, I found an egg from last year–a prize egg, no less–buried in the straw of my flower bed.  Ed is one good egg hider!

That’s about it for this edition of ‘Good Friday’ Fragments.  I’ll be linking them up with Mrs. Fours @ Half-Past Kissin’ Time.

Just for fun, I’m re-posting a montage of some of my favorite Easter moments, but I really need to make a new montage, since this one is getting a bit out-dated.  We’ve added another little one to our family, since it was made, plus the baby at the end of this montage is now 3 1/2 years old!  Like I said, time is flying.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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  1. Sorry to hear you were not at your best this week however you have accomplished more that I have. Have a Happy Easter with your family!

  2. I’d be happy since I love turkey and hate ham.

  3. That’s a great montage! It does my heart good to hear about families who still celebrate Easter the way we always did. So many have just let Easter go by without a blink. Enjoy your time with the kids and your turkey dinner sounds wonderful!

  4. Time does fly by, doesn’t it? We called it dressing when I was growing up … we also called our evening meal supper. Both those terms seem to have fallen out of favor … at least in these parts.

  5. Kathy, your Easter montage is fantastic! I love it. The egg facts were interesting,too. As for the garden, I think we’ve given up (not enough sun), but it’s fun to have a hobby together. We enjoy making maple syrup together 🙂 Thanks for linking up! Have fun with all the festivities!!

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