Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya’ Tomorrow…

For the past week or so, the theme song from ‘Annie’ has been running through my head.  While the weather has been cloudy and gray here, I’ve been ‘laid up’ with back/leg pain.  We’ve also been dealing with house issues of mold, termites, as well as dealing with the unemployment office and the Social Security Administration!  Talk about having a lot on one’s plate!

I’ve been trying to hold it together, hoping “the sun would come out tomorrow”, and things would eventually start to get better.  Finally, it looks as though we may be beginning to catch a tiny glimpse of the sun, both literally and figuratively, although our ‘clouds’ are still hanging about.

We had two more people inspect our home, last week, and both agreed our mold problem isn’t nearly as dire as it was presented by the first man we called to inspect for termites.  The humidity, under our house,  tested at 16% after three days of rainy weather, which is not as bad as we thought.  We’ll have the moldy spots treated, have the floor sealed with foam insulation, install a moisture barrier on the ground, and treat for termites, even though no termites have been seen under our house–only in the planters beside the house, and in one piece of lattice surrounding the house.  The cost for all of this will still be a substantial unexpected expense, but should run less than the original quote given to us by our first “inspector”.  I’m thankful for even small glimpses of “sunshine”, these days.

After weeks of dealing with the Social Security Administration, I think Ed finally got all of his “ducks in a row”, so to speak.  We were under the impression that this was already the case, but, alas, somebody had dropped the ball on our case…  Apparently all SS representatives are not created equal.  Praise the Lord, Ed finally got a capable one, who followed through and finally took care of everything.  His new Medicare part A/B card should be on the way, but in the meantime, they’re sending some ‘verification papers’ for him to use in case he needs medical attention.  We also found out that Ed’s first Social Security check won’t be arriving until mid-June, instead of mid-May like we thought, which brings us to our saga of dealing with The Department of Labor…

Oh, my!  I think the folks running our Department of Labor office must have been grown on the same bush as the folks who run our Social Security Administration office!  It took Ed two weeks, and three trips (60 miles each, round trip) to finally get the ball rolling with them!  Finally, we’ll have some funds to help sustain us until Ed’s retirement checks start coming in June.

As for my back/leg problems, they’re improving–at about the speed at which the Social Security Administration and the Department of Labor have been moving, but, at least, they are improving.  It looks like I’m going to be humming Annie’s theme song for a little while longer, yet.  The good news is, I’m getting caught up with all of the tv shows I’ve recorded.  The bad news is, I’d rather be up doing something!

I’ll leave you with a recent scenario that made me laugh…  I’ve pretty much been ‘laid up’ with my bad back for ten days.  On Thursday, when Ed made his third trip to the Department of Labor office, I decided to go along for the ride.  I’d developed a bad case of ‘cabin fever’, by then.  For comfort’s sake,  I chose to ride in the back seat of Ed’s mom’s old Lincoln Town Car, so I could stretch out.  We must have looked just like a scene out of ‘Driving Miss Daisy’…  (think Hoke driving Miss Daisy around) with Ed driving me all around town.  All Ed needed was the little chauffeur’s cap!  Gotta’ love days like that one 🙂

Have a great Monday, y’all!

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  1. I’m glad to hear things are a bit better. Mold is a very scary thing, but then it sounds like it’s not as bad as the department of Labor and Social security Administration in your neck of the woods. Hope tomorrow holds promise for you.

  2. Isn’t it fun working with government agencies! (not!) Hope you have a better Monday, and that the sun WILL come out tomorrow. 🙂

  3. And to top it all off, we are paying the salaries for all those incompetents. That’s what makes me angrier than anything!! Take care of the person who pays your salary, for goodness sake. Government employees tend to forget who their sugar-daddies are!!

    Glad to hear your back is getting better, and that things are being straightened out for hubby. Hurray!

  4. PS….before someone feels abused, let me just say both of my parents were government employees and retired from those jobs, and I worked for the federal government for four years. I’ve been there and worked with and dealt with some very unqualified people who are being paid by our tax dollars. It isn’t right that there are so many incompetent people in jobs they should not have. Off the soap box. Whew!

  5. Hope your leg/hip continues to improve and I had to laugh at the Driving Miss Daisy image in my head!

  6. Glad to hear that you’re feeling a little better … praying for continued improvement.

  7. I’m so sorry about your troubles, but am glad you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Glad your back and leg is improving some too. Hope all will be taken care of soon.

    I can just imagine you guys riding around in the car that way. Makes me smile..

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