Since I Last Wrote…

Since I last wrote, a few things have happened around here.  Unfortunately, a complete healing of my aching back/leg hasn’t been one of them.  I’ve yet to give in and seek medical advice, but am seriously beginning to think about it.

Since I last wrote, a man came and sprayed open cell insulation on the under side of our home.  This should help seal up the floor from moisture and help prevent mold, as well as help keep the floor warmer in winter.  The guy who sprayed the insulation said he only saw signs of termites in one spot, and they were no longer there now.  Go figure.

Since I last wrote, the pest control company came and installed a termite baiting system all around the perimeter of our home.  Termites are supposed to come and take the poison bait out of these little canisters, which are buried in the ground.  The termites then take the poison back to their colony and the poison kills it.  This method is supposed to cut off termites before they get to your home.  The pest control company will be back on May 4 to actually treat our home for termites, too.  They’ll also be installing a plastic moisture barrier on the ground underneath our house, to help with our mold issue.  The idea is to cut off moisture, prevent mold growth, and kill any termites we may have.

Since I last wrote, our money has been flying out of our bank account.  I ordered new checks, this week.  I had the following saying printed on them, “Money talks…mine says good-bye.”  Truer words have never been spoken, lately.

Since I last wrote, we received four and one-half inches of rain–in one day!  Our garden was partially submerged in water, on Sunday morning!  We needed rain, but not quite that much.  We picked our first two squash, last week.  They need picking again, but we can’t get to them, at the moment.  I think more rain is in our forecast.  The good news is, we haven’t seen any deer tracks! Ha!

Since I last wrote,  one of my free ranging hens has acquired a strong desire to sit in the chairs on our front porch!  This is not acceptable, and I’ve drawn the line at having chickens roosting on the front porch.  The ‘girls’ and I are currently in the process of battling it out.  Let’s just say, the free ranging hens have been spending less time being free, lately.

Since I last wrote, we’ve had lots of family time with our grown off spring and their families.  On Friday, we had company from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  We weren’t able to get everyone together at the same time, but we were able to visit with every one of them, at some point, during the day/night.  I’m so grateful our grown children still like  spending time with us and each other.  I hope they always will, even as we all grow older.

Since I last wrote, our youngest son, Brad, and his wife, have put their home up for sale.  (They want to move back ‘home’.  Yay!)  They had their first showing yesterday.  Unfortunately, on Sunday morning, the couple woke up to find water leaking from the bedroom ceiling!  It turns out the air conditioner drain pipe [in the attic] had stopped up and caused an over-flow. Talk about poor timing!  The realtor showed their home anyway.  No word on how things went.  Actually, their home doesn’t ‘officially’ go on the market until Tuesday.  Sunday was just a ‘sneak peek’ of things to come.

Speaking of leaks, since I last wrote, Ed discovered a new one in our own attic.  You may recall we’ve been battling leaks, off and on, for a while.  We get one fixed and another pops up.  I tell you, when it rains, it pours, doesn’t it?  Our problem is the front half of our tin roof was put on with nails instead of screws.  After ten years, the nails have begun working their way out of their holes, , thus letting water come in.  I guess Ed will be back on top of our house, before long, if this trend continues.

By the way, Ed just stepped into the room to tell me that ‘typhoon-like’ weather has been predicted for our area, on Wednesday.  Oh, joy! Of course, things could always be worse, so I’ll give thanks, in all things, and press on.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Thanks for the update. It sounds like things are going a bit better since your last post. As for “the girls” it reminds me of the children’s book “Give a Mouse a Cookie”. in your case it’s give a hen and porch and she’ll want a chair!

  2. I hope they typhoon passes you by, for goodness sake! I had to chuckle at the hen sitting in your porch chair! Have you seen the commercial about free-ranging hens? I always think of you! 🙂

  3. Oh my, what a time you’ve been having. You are more patient than I am … I would have been to the doctor long before now. 😉 Hope the “typhoon” passes you and that things get better – SOON.

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