Just Another Monday…

I hesitated about blogging today, wondering if I really had anything ‘blog-worthy’.  This past weekend was a somewhat slow, ‘do-nothing’, kind of weekend at our house.  I suspect we’ll be having more and more of those as time goes on.  Times are changing…

On Friday, Ed and I went on a bit of a shopping outing.  My back is far from being normal, so my outings are still brief.  Ed drives me to the front door of the store, I quickly shop for what I need, then go back to the car to rest my back.  For now, two stores is my limit. The muscle spasms are subsiding, and I’m able to stay on my feet for longer periods of time, but I’m far from normal.  Recovering from this reminds me of recovering from surgery!  It’s slow going.

Anyway, Ed and I had a nice time on our ‘outing’–until we made our final stop at the drugstore.  Keep in mind, we both have different health insurance, now that Ed’s retired.  This month was the first month of having our prescriptions filled using our new (and separate) insurances.  Ed’s Medicare supplement seems to be pretty good.  He got his prescriptions filled, last week, through the mail order program with zero co-pay.  On the other hand, my insurance is not working out too well…

In the past, the co-pay for all of mine and Ed’s medications, combined, ran about $100.00 a month for eight prescriptions.  On Friday, the cost for  my medications, only, was $227.00!  Yes, that’s two hundred, twenty-seven dollars for five prescriptions!  I almost died!  One particular prescription isn’t covered by my insurance at all.  The cost?  $162, that’s one hundred, sixty-two dollars– for EIGHT  estrogen caplets known as Vagifem!  Lord,  help us!  I’ll be looking for an alternative for that one, ASAP!  Now I understand the plight of senior citizens who have to decide whether they will buy groceries or refill their medications 😦

In other news, our weekend weather was unseasonably cool.  Nights and early mornings required a light jacket of some kind.  This is very unusual for this time of the year.  We’re still trying to dry out from the six inches of rain we received last week, too.  Of course, the cool, wet weather makes perfect conditions for grass to grow, and our lawn has never looked better!  The garden?  No so good.  Some plants took a hard hit from too much water, and the grass and weeds are running rampant.  It’s still early, and it can recover–if we don’t get another flood!

I think our old desk top computer may be on its last legs.  It has Windows Vista so that tells you how old it is.  Ed and I are in the process of backing up all of my pictures and music.  I’ve already saved the data on an external hard drive, but wanted to put it on  jump drives, as well.  We used two 64 GB jump drives for pictures, alone!  I used to take lots of pictures, these days, not so much–which explains the lack of pictures on my blog.  I did, however, find some great older pictures that I’ll share here on the blog, sometime in the future.

Today, the exterminators are coming to treat our house for termites and lay down the moisture barrier. With all of the rain we’ve been having, we sure do need that moisture barrier!  Unfortunately, none of these things come cheap. We’re also trying to figure out what to do about new underpinning for the bottom of our house.  Goodbye money…

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Ouch! Those are some might expensive capsules! Glad Ed’s supplemental insurance is working out well. Glad your back’s getting better – even if it is taking baby steps!

  2. Well, I enjoyed your post. Medications are just ridiculously expensive. I have one that they are giving me for free, since my insurance company won’t cover it. You can always ask the doctor or pharmacist to check with the company. I will also tell my doctor to not prescribe something new…give me a generic. Good luck!! Happy to hear your back is feeling better. Prayers for continued healing!

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