The Wednesday Hodgepodge…

1. What’s something you’re looking forward to in the month of June?

I’m looking forward to celebrating another wedding anniversary with my husband of forty-three years.  Hopefully, Ed and I will get to spend the day under our favorite oak tree, on St. Simon’s Island, then stop by KFC for our traditional anniversary meal on the way home.

2. In what way have you come full circle?

When Ed and I first got married, way back in 1972, it was just the two of us for the first six years of our marriage.  Now we’ve raised a daughter and two sons, and it’s just the two of us again.  I guess you could say I’ve come full circle in that respect–it’s just me and my hubby again.

3. Lonely Planet lists 10 spots in America you should see in 2015 and the reasons why. How many on the list have you seen? Which one on the list would you most like to see?

Queens NY, Western South Dakota, New Orleans, Colorado River Region, North Conway NH, Indianapolis IN, Greenville SC, Oakland CA, Duluth MN, and the Mount Shasta Region CA

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of these places.  I’m not sure which I’d most like to see, but I’d probably be most likely to see Greenville, SC because it’s closest to where I live.

4. A song that describes your mood right now?

The old church hymn I Know Who Holds Tomorrow is running through my head at the moment.  If you read yesterday’s post, then you know that many things in my life are unsettled at the moment.  I don’t know how everything is going to turn out, but I do know who holds tomorrow, so I know it’ll be okay.

5. Strawberry ice cream, strawberry short cake, strawberry pie, or strawberries right off the vine…your favorite?


I love strawberry pie, especially Shoney’s strawberry pie.  I haven’t eaten at a Shoney’s in years, so I don’t even know if they still serve strawberry pie, but it used to be delicious.

6. Aesop‘s birthday is celebrated on June 4th, although there is some disagreement as to whether or not that’s accurate, or if he was even a real person. Regardless, the name Aesop is associated to this day with many well known fables. Which of the following best applies to something in your life right now? The Tortoise and the Hare(Slow and Steady wins the race), The Ant and the Grasshopper (Be prepared), The Fox and the Goat (Look before you leap) or The Crow and the Pitcher (Necessity is the mother of invention)?

I’m going to say The Tortoise and the Hare best applies to my life, at this particular time.  Ed and I’ve had so many life challenges since his retirement, surely, if we keep forging ahead, we’ll win this race!

7. The answer is yes…what’s the question?

Do I wish I had better health insurance coverage?  YES!


I had an MRI of my spine done yesterday.  Since my insurance does not cover such tests, we had to pay for it out-of-pocket.

The MRI was not a pleasant experience because I’m a bit claustrophobic, and that round tube was awfully small.  Nineteen minutes passes very slowly when you have to lie perfectly still inside of a small, very noisy tube, but I survived.

The report isn’t ‘official’ yet, but my MRI showed not one, but two, bulging discs in my lower spine.  There seems to be no rest for the weary!  Back saga to be continued… Eight weeks and counting.


On a happier note, yesterday, I picked my first bouquet of zinnias out of the garden.  (You may recall that I always plant a row of zinnias, each year, in honor of my grandmother, who was my role model.)  Ironically, these flowers were the last thing I planted before my back went out.  I’ll have to make sure I really enjoy them, this year, won’t I?


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  1. Well I’m glad you found out what is causing the pain. My hubs had a bulging disc and had physical therapy for it. That really helped a lot as did exercise to strengthen his core muscles. It flares up if he overdoes certain types of physical labor, but it’s so much better. He avoided surgery which was what we were hoping. Hope life settles down there! Hugs xo

  2. I’m so sorry for all the turmoil in your life. (I quickly read your previous post for understanding.) Nothing like feeling structural supports going bag (spine, marriage, house). I’ll say a prayer for you today. And so happy your son is moving back. That would make me happy happy.

  3. Ha! My zinneas have just been planted! I should see blossoms sometime in July. LOL Aren’t they the cheeriest of flowers, though. Love them. I would also love to go to St. Simon’s Island. I’ve never even been on the coast except for in New England. Happy upcoming wedding anniversary! It only gets better, doesn’t it.

  4. Sorry to hear about the bulging discs. Hoping some therapy will improve them for you so you can start living again! This was another fun Hodgepodge and I enjoyed your answers!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I read your post and also the turmoil described yesterday. You are certainly in a season of faith-testing. However, I know the Lord will honor your trust in Him through these trials. He is so faithful. Love the hymn you chose. You are honoring Him and He has a purpose in all of this. Blessings to you. I have stopped to pray for you today.

  6. Back pain is horrible 😦 Happy Anniversary!

  7. Great song choice. Sorry about your back. I have the same problems with MRIs but thankfully I was able to get mine open and I think I was sitting up and standing (it’s been a while). Hope you feel better soon.
    You were married the month before I was born, isn’t that neat?! Congrats 🙂

  8. So sorry to hear about your back trouble. Congrats on 43 years of wedded bliss. SWMBO and I celebrate 43 years also, in July. Welcome to the “Empty Nesters” club.

  9. You definitely have a lot on your plate at present. I hope things start to improve, especially your back. Congratulations on your anniversary.

  10. Happy Anniversary, enjoy your day! Since I try to be with my father for his birthday’s we can’t always be together for ours which is June too and the day before my Dad’s birthday. We were ’72 also and were alone for 7 years. We are not on Medicare yet but was looking through a book over the weekend and I don’t know how we will afford my prescriptions on Plan D. Scary stuff!!! I can’t live without them. Sorry about your back, I hope there is help for that. Happy Anniversary!

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