Gardening Memories…

Ed and I began our first real attempt at growing a garden back in 2012. (We’d briefly made one other attempt at gardening, back in the early 80’s, without any success.)  Up to that point, we’d had very little interest, and even less knowledge, about growing anything.  It didn’t take long before we discovered we were hooked on gardening!

garden 001Garden 2012 

Our first garden was moderately successful, especially considering we didn’t have a clue about what we were doing.  (Back then, we didn’t have a clue what a squash bug was, or that they could wipe out a crop almost overnight!)  We were able to grow more fresh vegetables than we could eat, so we rediscovered the art of ‘canning’, too.  Best of all, Ed and I discovered that gardening brought us closer together, as we toiled over the seeds, and watched the tiny emerging plants mature.  Finally, we had a hobby that we both enjoyed together!

Most recent pics-Spring '13 165

Garden 2013

Both 2013 and 2014 brought more gardening success, as we learned a little more with each passing year.  We learned that we needed to make our garden rows shorter, so our water hoses would reach all the way to the end.  We learned that our rows needed to run vertical instead of horizontal, so we could pull the hoses up and down the rows, instead of across them.

May-Oct 2014 041

Garden 2014

We learned what squash bugs were, and how to get rid of them.  We also learned that, sometimes, tomato plants need some calcium added to their soil, or their tomatoes will develop ‘bottom rot’ before they ripen.  We learned that onions grow at night, and require lots of water.  Best of all, we learned that putting chicken compost into the rows, before planting the corn seeds, makes the corn grow much better!

When Ed retired, in January of this year, I was excited that he’d be able to help ‘full-time’ in the garden.  I was looking forward to spending lots of mornings and afternoons together, toiling among the plants, and watching them grow. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out quite like I’d planned, this year.

Ed and I were able to plant the garden together, then my back flared up the day after we finished planting the last of the seeds.  At one point, I wasn’t even able to walk outside to see how the garden was growing.  Ed took pictures of it for me, and actually drove me out to see it (in the car), once, because our garden isn’t visible from our house.  Eventually, I became able to walk outside again, but haven’t been able to do any gardening, other than picking a squash or an occasional pepper.  Poor Ed’s had to do all of the gardening alone–the watering, the weeding, and the harvesting.  He may need some back therapy of his own, by the end of the summer.

Gardening has been a challenge in several other ways, this year, too.  At first, the soil was so wet, we couldn’t plant.  When we finally planted, we experienced a late freeze, and had to cover our plants.  We lost all of our cucumber plants, even though we covered them up.  Next, came the torrential rains.  Our garden stood under water until Ed dug a drainage ditch at the end of it.  Once the water eventually receded, it never rained anymore–for real!  We’ve barely received an inch of rain in well over five weeks.  I don’t know how anything is surviving in that powder house that’s serving as our garden!  We’ve been watering daily, for weeks, just to keep things alive, and the plants are surviving, although not thriving.


Garden 2015

2015 won’t go down in the history books as one of our best gardening years, but it will probably go down as our most memorable gardening year.  Sometimes, I feel like Ed and I have been caught up in a never-ending nightmare of floods and drought, insects and ‘bottom rot’, termites and house mold, and now, my back issues, too!  Imagine dealing with all of this, while trying to grow a garden!  Hopefully, all of these things shall pass…

In the meantime, with any luck at all, Ed will be picking a few peas, very soon, and, hopefully, he’ll be able to harvest some fresh corn, too!  I hope his back will hold out longer than mine did.  As for me?  I guess I’m nominated as ‘the garden supervisor’, at least for now.

Looking ahead to gardening in 2016?  Only time (and the condition of our aging backs) will tell. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the coming year.  I have a feeling we’ll plant a ‘little something’, just because it just makes us feel good to watch things grow.  Any fresh vegetables we harvested would just be an added benefit!

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  1. So glad to see another blog from you! Guess gardening is an inspiring subject for you. Your efforts certainly inspired me!

  2. I think your garden looks beautiful. I hope you get some really good veggies. I also hope your back will heal soon and you’ll be out there working alongside Ed.

  3. I miss having a garden, but having one in Florida is next to impossible. I have considered a box garden, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. We have wonderful farmers’ markets and they make it so easy to just buy what we need. I do miss having a garden though. The last one I had was in Maryland in the late 70s and early 80s. A long, long time ago. Keep us posted!! I love hearing about your crops!

  4. So sorry for your back problems and weather woes. I planted three tomato plants late this spring and haven’t even been out to see them. Travel, weather, and life seems to be sending me in other directions. My computer has finally been fixed, so I hope to be checking in often and reading that your back is improving and Ed’s is in good shape!

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