This-N-That On Friday…

This week has absolutely flown by…but then they all do, these days!  As I mentioned once before, I’m constantly reminded how fast time goes by, when I’m constantly having to refill my weekly “medication minder” (pill box).  It’s scary!

The feeling of fall was in the air, just a little, this morning!  It felt so good to feel a slight coolness in the air, especially after Wednesday’s ridiculous temperatures. (mid 90’s with heat index of 107)  It’s a little breezy outside, which should keep the temperatures down a bit today.

I’m continuing to take walks, twice a day.  Ed always joins me in the mornings, and sometimes in the evenings, as well.  On some days our granddaughter, Madison, joins us, too.  It was sweet, this morning, when I noticed three sets of footprints in the dirt, from our walk, last evening.

Ed and I had a special mid-week treat, this week, when we took our daughter and granddaughter to St. Simon’s Island with us.  Imagine our surprise when my daughter and I realized we had dressed alike, without knowing what the other was wearing!  (sort of like when we picked out the same mailboxes and posts)


great minds must think alike…

This time, we actually went down to the sand and surf, instead of taking shelter under our favorite tree.  It wasn’t long before we realized we’d made a mistake, but we wanted Madison to have the opportunity to play in the sand and sea.


Even though we had umbrellas, it was so hot we could only tolerate the heat/sun for an hour and a half! (Granddaughter, Madison, was the first to ask to leave.)  Let me tell you, we were all happy to get to the shade and breeze of those oak trees!  We ate lunch beside the water, (Southern Soul Bar-b-que) and spent the rest of the day in our usual spot, under the oak trees.

I had another special ‘mid-week’ treat of my own, too.  On the day we went to St. Simon’s Island, I experienced a “pain-free” day!  Even with all of the riding and sitting on the beach, I experienced absolutely no back pain!  This gives me some hope that there may be some light at the end of this tunnel I’ve been in for so long…  I hope so.  I’ve had some pain, since Wednesday, but it’s tolerable.

Most of the seeds I planted (for a fall garden) have sprouted.  The lettuce plants seem to be lagging behind, but the cabbage plants are growing by leaps and bounds.  It’s been less than two weeks since they were planted.  I don’t know why, but cabbage plants always start out tall and skinny (and fall over)


Fall garden 2015

We have no plans for the weekend, but that’s okay.  I know most of our grandchildren have parties to attend, so their parents will be busy with those things. Ed and I may take a day trip, somewhere, just to get out of the house again.

We haven’t seen our son, Brad, and his family in almost three weeks.  We don’t see them any more, now, than we did before they moved back to town, which is sort of sad.  They haven’t sold their house, so their weekend time has to be divided between two places, for now.  Their new jobs require more of their time, as well.  Perhaps it won’t always be this way.

Ed bought himself a pair of headphones for the television, this week.  That’s the best money he’s spent in quite a while!   Now we can watch television without having to turn the volume up so loud that it rattles the pictures on the walls–and he can actually hear what the people are talking about!  I figure if I can’t convince him to get hearing aids, headphones are the next best thing:)  On that note, I’ll just say–

Have a nice weekend!






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  1. I fill three pill cases so I don’t have to do it every week and boy do those 3 weeks fly by…..
    Sounds like you had a great week and I’m glad you had a pain free day. I wish my husband would get those headphones!!! Have a nice weekend.

  2. My husband had headphones for our old TV but when we had to replace it, they wouldn’t work with the new TV. I was so thankful when he upgraded his hearing aids to ones that will stream the TV’s audio directly into his hearing aids (even with the volume turned down to zero). Whew! Although sometimes when I’m home, he just turns the volume up instead of streaming the audio. Not sure why.

    I am so, so glad that you had a pain-free day … and am praying that you will have more!

  3. I love your planter! As for Ed’s earphones, a friend of mine just did the same and his wife is a happy woman!

  4. i have been out of touch for so long but have been wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear about your pain-free day, and prayers continue.

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