Miscellaneous Monday…

Today makes four weeks since I had my back surgery.  Each day has gotten better, with the exception of three days [a little over a week ago] when things seemed to take a giant step backward.  I don’t know what happened, but I could barely walk for those three days. Once again, the pain became excruciating. Thankfully, by the end of the day, the pain would subside, but it would return the following morning. Now, that pain has disappeared, as mysteriously as it appeared.

Fortunately, I seem to be back on track, and headed in the right direction with my recovery, at the moment 🙂  I’m able to walk short distances (nearly 1/2 mile) without discomfort!  Yay for being able to walk again without pain!  I’ve also been able to resume taking care of my chickens.  Yay for being able to bend over again without pain!  It’s still a bit of a chore to stand up straight, especially after sitting for very long, and sometimes a backache wakes me up at night, but, overall, things are a lot better than before I had the surgery.

I haven’t gotten my ‘blogging mojo’ back, yet.  In fact, most days I’m running on empty by the end of the day, just doing the bare necessities around the house.  I baked a cake, on Thursday morning, and was exhausted by the time I got it frosted!  My brain even feels tired on some days.  Sometimes, I think some of my brain cells are still asleep from the anesthesia!

My brother and his wife came for a quick visit, last week.  In fact they’re the reason I baked a German Chocolate cake on Thursday.  We hadn’t seen each other in eight months, and I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a visit more.  Speaking of my brother and his wife, they are celebrating their 52nd wedding anniversary today!


Happy Anniversary, guys!

In addition to our fall decorations, Ed and I put out some Halloween decorations, last week.  We live in the country and don’t have any trick-or-treaters, other than our grandchildren, but I like to decorate for the grandchildren.  Has anyone else noticed that it’s getting more difficult to find Halloween decorations that aren’t very ghoulish and scary?

Ed and I have also begun visiting a few local car lots, lately.  We’ve done a couple of test drives, but can’t quite make up our minds if the time is right to purchase another vehicle.  I think we’ve almost decided what kind of vehicle we want, we’re just not sure if we’re ready to make the move yet.  There’s no hurry.  Although all of our vehicles would be considered “senior citizens” of the automotive world, they’re all still good vehicles.

Meanwhile, the autumn days are passing quickly.  Last week went by in a blur, as we watched the leaves continue to fall from the trees.  The nights have become cooler, and I love that.  I’m envious of the folks who are traveling through the mountains enjoying the rich colors of the fall foliage, at this time.  Their Facebook photos are beautiful!  How I’d love to pick a basket of fresh apples in an orchard somewhere…

I’m never going to get my bed made or the laundry done if I keep sitting here day dreaming about traveling through the mountains, so I’d better wrap this blog post up for today.  Have a happy Monday, everyone!



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  1. You and your brother certainly bear a strong family resemblance.
    As for your returning mobility, do be careful not to overdo. That’s something I’m watching in myself right now
    Up here our colors aren’t as vibrant as other years due to the extremely dry summer we had.

  2. So glad to hear you’re feeling better. Walking 1/2 mile and feeding the chickens are very good things.

    Happy 52nd to your brother and his wife. Isn’t fun visitinf with family.

  3. I really miss the apple orchards in October. Sigh. But that’s really all I miss about the Fall “up north”. So glad you are back on the healing track!! Congrats to your brother and his wife on 52 years! So good to catch up on your news, Kathy!!

  4. I’m so glad to hear that you’re continuing to improve, even if more slowly than you might wish.. Praying that you’ll continue to improve. I have to admit that a drive through the mountains this time of year would be wonderful, wouldn’t it … especially if it was on the way to the beach. ha!

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