Christmas Decorating Mishaps…


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Christmas Day is getting near…

I’m not quite finished with my Christmas decorating, but I’m getting very close.  I have one last tree to decorate, then I have to put away the last of the boxes.  I’ve scaled back on decorating, this year, but I think I need to scale back some more in the future.  I spent eight long hours just hanging ornaments (on one tree), last Thursday.  (Of course, that’s counting unwrapping them, too.)  I may be just a tad bit picky about my ornaments and decorating Christmas trees.

For some reason, I can’t seem to hold onto anything this year.  Usually, I never drop anything, but, this year, I’m having the opposite problem.  I’ve dropped no less than a dozen of my prized ornaments, but, thankfully, none broke. Did I mention how flimsy new ornament hooks are made, these days?  They bear some of the responsibility for part of my ornament mishaps.

It seems, we’ve had more than a few “Christmas Mishaps” this year.  The first one came when I was decorating the kitchen tree [for the second time], and discovered a limb had broken off.  It couldn’t be repaired, so I ended up throwing out the tree, and starting over with a new one.  My old tree was only three feet tall, but the new one was four.  Ed had to cut several inches off the trunk of the new tree to make it fit my space.  He also had to move a shelf on the wall higher.  Have I mentioned that Ed’s a good man?


new kitchen tree, with raised shelf of Christmas salt/pepper shakers

When we put our net lights on the ground, outside, for a “snow effect”, we discovered part of them didn’t work. Strange, because we tested them before putting them out! We replaced those, then put a second set of net lights on another spot on the ground.  Would you believe after a week, a section of those died, too?  They’re still out.

Then there’s the problem we’re having with our inflatable snowman.  He worked fine until it rained on him a few days ago.  Now he won’t inflate as firm as he needs to, so I have him propped with a shepherd’s hook and some fishing line!  If “Frosty” makes it till Christmas, he’s going in the trash can, afterward!


our “drooping snowman” and lights that partially work

We also have two strings of multi colored miniature lights, in which all of the red bulbs refuse to light, so we’ve settled for green and blue lights on that particular shrub. It was easier than trying to trouble shoot two strings of lights.  Those lights will probably go in the trash after Christmas, too.


Note the green/blue lights, to the left of the snowman

Then there’s the miniature Bayberry Village that used to belong to Ed’s mama.  When I plug the houses in, they all light up…for a while.  Then, after a while, the “General Store” goes dark, and stays that way until I plug the village back in the next night, then it all lights up again.  Every night it’s the same scenario.  I put this same village out, last year, and had the same problem with random houses going dark at various times. Haunted, perhaps?

Last, but not least, there’s the problem of the “decorative toilet seat cover”.  Oh my, where to begin?  My problem all started when I bought a new padded toilet seat, this year.   Actually, I bought two, but that’s a different story! Anyway, I’ve discovered that padded toilet seats and “decorative seat covers” don’t work well together!

I started out with a “Santa head” lid cover, but Santa’s hat was padded so thick, I could barely get the lid to raise, much less stay up. How’s a person supposed to use the toilet??? Needless to say, Ed said, “Thank you” when I removed “Santa’s head” from our toilet.

In addition to all of this “seat drama”, imagine my surprise, this morning, when I discovered our new padded seat has developed a “pink glow” on it, thanks to the dye from the red fuzzy toilet seat cover I was using before switching to the “Santa” one.  Sigh.


Last, I tried a “Rudolph head” seat cover, which works better, but is still somewhat bothersome. Only time will tell how long “Rudolph” gets to stay on top of the lid!   Have I mentioned that Ed’s a good man?  Only eighteen more days until Christmas…





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  1. Wow! You really do a lot of decorating! Me, I haven’t even gotten my one tree done, nor hung the wreath on the front door. lol

    Have a great day.

  2. Your entire house must look like a Christmas wonderland!! I grudgingly put up the tree yesterday – in a corner and only decorated the front of it. If there are a dozen ornaments on it, I’d be surprised. I just could not get into a decorating mood this year. Most of the boxes that came down from the attic didn’t even get opened. Your kitchen tree is lovely and what a great idea to display your Christmas s&p shakers behind the tree. Can’t wait to see photos of the rest of your trees…please!

  3. I’ve scaled back too and I feel good about it plus the clean up will be easier.
    Mama Bear

  4. Eighteen days?!?!?! I hadn’t realized. The good news is I only have one more gift to buy. The bad news is I haven’t even brought the Christmas tree up from the basement yet!

  5. I’m with you on the hooks! They’re not like the ones my parents had, which I think my mom still uses. Definitely doing much less here this year. It’s cozy, so not a lot of places to decorate besides the tree : )

  6. I haven’t scaled back yet but this year has been really difficult for me. I don’t have it in my anymore! Sorry about the mishaps. I buy Hallmark hooks, I really like them a lot. You house is looking festive!

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