Counting Down The Days…

For the past several days, an ice pack has been my “best friend.”  Ed bought it for me the day I had Moh’s surgery done, and it quickly became my constant companion after having the plastic surgery done, two days later.  I’m so thankful my daughter discovered this “soothing secret” and told me about it.  Although I did spend a couple of days lounging on the couch, since day three I’ve been up and going.  It’s Christmastime, and there are many places to go and things to see!  Unfortunately, I’ve had to go out and about looking like a battered woman…


On Saturday morning, Ed and I attended another  Christmas parade (in Pembroke), along with our daughter and her family.  The temperatures were in the upper 70’s and it’s the first time I ever remember being hot during a Christmas parade!   It was strange.  I decided to just relax and enjoy the parade, therefore, I didn’t take a single picture of the parade.  Thanks to the bright sunshine, I had a good excuse to wear sunglasses, too!

On Saturday evening, after resting a bit following the parade/festival, Ed and I loaded back up, along with our daughter’s family, and went on another Christmas outing.  I’m so glad Ed and I finally have a vehicle that’s large enough to accommodate lots of people, again, since we always have lots of fun when we go off with family!  They say “laughter is the best medicine”, and we sure laughed a lot!  I even took my ice pack along for the ride!

The first leg of our evening Christmas outing led us to the Cracker Barrel to eat.  This is something we always try to do every year, at Christmas.  My daughter and I love their food, as well as shopping in their store.  At the end of the meal, Ed and I received an extra treat when I discovered a Cracker Barrel gift card in my purse, still containing enough funds to pay for our meal 🙂

After a little, last-minute Christmas shopping, the last leg of our journey took us to a place called TMT Farms to see some Christmas lights.  This was our third annual visit to see their lights, and we’re never disappointed.  Although traffic was heavy, and the line to get in was long, it was well worth the wait. There’s no way to describe TMT Farms except to say they’ve built a “western style” replica of a town, in the middle of nowhere, and decorated it for Christmas. This year, they’ve added more lights, than ever, as well as several new “inflatables”–and they do all of this just to help feed hungry families in their community.  TMT Farms is Christmas spirit at its best.

Last night, we hit the road, again, to get in on a couple of Christmas sales.  When we arrived, it looked like “Black Friday” at the discount store, known as “Ollie’s”.  People were lined up down the sidewalk waiting to get in!  “Ollie’s” was having a 25% sale off all toys and Christmas items, plus 15% off everything else in the store.  It was crazy in there!  Thankfully, I wasn’t shopping for toys, so I avoided those aisles like the plague!  It took us nearly two hours to get out of “Ollie’s”, and much of that time was spent in the check out line, but we became acquainted with a very nice man from Jacksonville, Florida while we waited.

After leaving “Ollie’s”, we stopped at “Wendy’s” for a bowl of chili.  We’d eaten a sandwich before we left home, but all that shopping business made us hungry again.  We got lucky, once again, and received free drinks with our meal!

Our last stop was at “Big Lots”, and by the time we got there, we had the entire store to ourselves–quite a change from the previous store, thank goodness.  However, for some reason, their cash register wouldn’t read my personal check, so we ended up having to ‘pool’ our cash to pay for our purchases!  On that note, we went home.  It was almost our bedtime, anyway!

It’s cloudy and dreary-looking, outside, this morning.  It LOOKS like Christmas, but it doesn’t FEEL like Christmas.  The air conditioner is running, instead of the heater.  All of this is supposed to change by Thursday, so they say.  I’m hoping it gets cold enough to wear my new Christmas pj’s.

Ed has another doctor’s appointment, later this morning, and I have one, on Thursday morning as well.  At least this week’s schedule will be an improvement over last week’s schedule, when Ed spent time at a doctor’s office every single day!  (He was either the patient, or with someone else who was.) What a way to ‘count down’ Christmas, but, then, that’s the way this year has been!

Have a great Monday,

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  1. Kathy, I’m so glad to read that you are up and about and feeling so much better….that is quite a shiner you have, though! So glad they caught the cancer early! Praise God. I enjoyed the video of all the Christmas lights and what a great thing they do with the food collection! We love Wendy’s chili too – and the Frosty. Free senior drinks are always a plus, too! Good to catch up with you here!

  2. Yes, this weather is certainly strange but I am enjoying it. We went to an outdoor shopping mall yesterday and temps temperature was up to 66. People shopping in t-shirts isn’t a sight you see every day in NY! Loved how you found the Cracker Barrel card in your purse.
    Isn’t that a great feeling?

  3. Thank you for sharing the Christmas Farm Video. I really enjoyed it alot. It brought back memories of one that was about 2 hours away from where we lived, that we used to go to.

  4. Glad you doing okay. It does look like it would hurt a lot. Wow, you have been busy. Isn’t that what the holiday’s are all about??? Sounds like some fun times.

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