The Twelve Questions Of Christmas…


Since there’s no Wednesday Hodgepodge today, I thought I’d do something different.  I borrowed this “12 Questions of Christmas” tag from Cathy’s (Tales of the TCKK Family) blog, and decided to answer the questions myself. Feel free to copy and answer the questions yourself, if you like.

Here goes:

1.  What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

I have two favorites.  The first one is the passing around of the “Christmas Panties”, each year, which I’ve blogged about recently.  The second one is playing the “Dirty Santa Game” with our family, on Christmas Day.

2. Where do you spend Christmas?

Ed and I always spend Christmas at our house, with our grown children and their families.

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?

My favorite old Christmas song is probably “Sleigh Ride”, but some more recent songs I like are: “Let It Be Christmas” by Alan Jackson, “Merry Christmas From the Family”, by Montgomery Gentry, “Hairy Christmas” by Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan, and “Mary Did You Know?” by Winona Judd and Kenny Rogers.

4. Do you decorate before or after Thanksgiving?

I always wait until the day after Thanksgiving to begin decorating.

5. Tinsel or garland?

I have used both, but, I prefer garland because it’s easier to work with–most of the time.

6. Who are you most excited to see this Christmas season?

I’ll say all of the grandchildren, because it’s fun to watch their excitement at Christmas.

7. Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater?

It doesn’t get cold enough here for Christmas sweaters, but I still have a couple of old Christmas vests, from back in the day when I worked at school…  By the way, I don’t think they’re ugly.  “tastefully tacky” perhaps?

8. What is one Christmas food you cannot live without?

I can (and do) live without Christmas candy, but it doesn’t seem like Christmas without some kind of homemade candy– fudge, buckeyes, or peanut brittle.  I usually make it and give it away.

9. Peppermint or gingerbread?


10. Have you ever tried a fruit cake?

Yes, I’ve tried fruit cake.  After all, I do live just a few miles from Claxton, Georgia, known as “the fruit cake capital of the world”.  Ha!  I’ll eat fruit cake, but, not much, and not very often.  I actually prefer fruit cake cookies over fruit cake.

11. What is one thing you asked for this Christmas?

I haven’t asked for anything, this year.  When asked what I wanted,  told my husband, Ed, “All I want for Christmas is you.”

12. If you could be any Christmas movie character, who would you be?

I have no idea, unless it would be one of the characters off “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.  I’m a bit like Clark Griswold when it comes to decorating for Christmas 🙂


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  1. I enjoyed reading your answers. I’ve never heard of fruitcake cookies before or the Dirty Santa Game.

  2. I loved your answers!! I am so looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about your Christmas with all the little ones. They do make Christmas fun! Merry Christmas to you and Ed!! Love & hugs!

  3. I’ve seen some ugly sweaters in the stores but I only buy tasteful ones…you’re right, this year, it has been too warm to wear a lot of my Christmas apparel. I have to say that the fruit cakes I ate before I began making my own, were not very good…I don’t like the citrus peel and only use candied cherries, pineapple, dates and raisins in mine. This year I omitted the raisins and I always have 3 kinds of nuts. I made fruitcake mini muffins this year because they don’t dry out as fast.
    Merry Christmas

  4. Glad you at least eat fruitcake even if it’s not a lot. I personally love it but I thought I was the only one in the world to do so. Merry Christmas to you and Ed and all the young’uns.

  5. May you, Ed and your family have a blessed Christmas!

  6. That’s a great list of questions. Enjoyed reading your answers. Hope your Christmas was perfect! Blessing to you and your family in the New Year.

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