Celebrating The End Of 2015…

I don’t think anybody in the world was more ready to say “farewell” to 2015 than me.  2015 threw more challenges at Ed and me than any other year of our marriage, but, as Ed says, “We lived through it.”  Praise the Lord for that, but I was still ready to bid the year a fond farewell!

Wouldn’t you know, 2015 continued to present challenges for us, right up until the end.  After taking down our outside decorations, on New Year’s Eve, we noticed how “shaggy” our grass had gotten.  Ed decided to mow over the lawn, after I suggested it.  He made exactly three passes around the outside of our house when I heard the unusual noise… and, just like that, a pulley on our fairly new riding lawn mower broke!  Ed says he should’ve known better than to mow on New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve isn’t usually a big deal at our house, but this year our daughter decided to include the entire family in her New Year’s Eve festivities.  Everybody pitched in, and before we knew it, we’d planned a party.  I’m so glad Brandy invited everyone, because I think everybody had a great time!  I know we sure did!

Different games and activities were spaced thirty minutes apart, which kept everybody busy and entertained the entire evening.  Young and old, alike, enjoyed themselves.

Every thirty minutes, one of the grandchildren would open a wrapped box, that would tell us what activity we’d be doing.  Of course, the children loved getting to open those wrapped boxes, in addition to doing the activities.

We did a little of everything from playing a rousing game of “pass the present”, to taking silly New Year’s Eve photos with props. Check out the New Year’s Eve hats Ed made from wrapping paper, below.

100_5627 (2)

Happy New Year from the oldest “grands”

We played a few games of Bingo, played “candy cane pick up”, dropped a few balloons from the ceiling, and burned some sparklers, too.  The one game that got the best of me was the one where we had to suck up an M&M through a straw, and drop one on each of the twelve numbers on the face of a paper clock!


I just couldn’t get that M&M to stick to my straw!

Oh, my!  Every time I attempted this, my straw made a “squealing” noise, and I’d get tickled–very tickled.  I’m not saying for sure, but I may have had to go home and change my clothes in the middle of this game 🙂


soggy sparkler fun

It started to rain about the time the party started, and continued to rain most of the night, but about 10:00, the rain stopped for a few minutes. We let the children go outside and light a few sparklers, then.  It was a challenge to get those sparklers to light in the damp weather, but we were finally successful.  Once they got over their fear of them, the “grands” enjoyed the sparklers.


 Happy New Year! (a little early)

After the sparklers, we released balloons from a cloth holding them up on the ceiling fan, and declared the party officially over.  By then, some of us were getting ready for bed :), but seeing those balloons gave the children a new bust of energy!  What is it about balloons and children?

As I was crawling into bed, the clock struck midnight.  Hello, 2016!  I thought you’d never get here!

Today is the fourth day of the new year.  So far, so good, other than the couple of days I just spent on the couch, recuperating from the holidays. Now it’s on with the business of taking down inside Christmas decorations, which will take most of the week.

By the way, our family ate lots of black-eyed peas and greens on New Year’s Day!  We figured it couldn’t hurt.  I’m hoping an upward trend continues well into the New Year!

Happy Monday!

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  1. It certainly looks like a good time was had by all. I hope 2016 gives you nothing but positive experiences to blog about. Wouldn’t that be great?

  2. Your party sounds like so much fun. Here’s to hoping 2015 will be a better year for you

  3. We had our pork and black-eyed peas too. You are right, it can’t hurt! I left a message responding your your comment on my blog…I looked for you, hoping to spot you and Ed for a surprise visit on St. Simon’s. I hope we can plan to connect on our next visit there!! Here’s to a bright, healthy and happy 2016!

  4. Sorry about the mower. What a fun party you guys had, so creative! I will start on my decorations this weekend. Happy New Year filled with abundant blessings from God.

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