A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post…


It’s been a while, but, today, I’m writing a ‘Daybook Post’ and joining Peggy Hostetler, and friends, over at The Simple Woman’s Blog.  Thanks to Peggy for hosting!

For Today… Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Outside my window… the wind keeps blowing in gusts, and the sun is playing  peek-a-boo behind the clouds.  I hear a hen cackling, announcing the arrival of another egg. 

I am thinking… I wish it hadn’t rained, last night, so Ed could till the soil in the garden and  make a couple of rows for some potatoes and garden peas.

I am thankful… I was able to get a halfway decent night’s sleep, last night.  I went to sleep listening to guitar music, with ocean sounds in the background.  The sounds reminded me of my “happy place”.

I am wearing… purple Capri pants, with a matching lavender shirt.  It seems strange to be wearing Capri pants in February, but it’s 70 degrees.

I am creating… silk floral arrangements for the cemetery, for our parents’ graves  I make them myself because it’s much cheaper.

I am going… to take these pots of flowers to the cemetery as soon as I get a chance.

I am wondering… what the rest of the week will bring.  We have no special plans.

I am reading… an AARP magazine.  How sad!  I’ve been neglecting my reading materials for quite a while, except for the audio version of the bible, which Ed and I listen to each morning.  We usually listen to three chapters at a time.

I am hoping… the weather won’t stay cold much longer.

I am learning… to have a lot more patience than I used to have when I was younger, which is a good thing.

In my garden…  so far, we only have one row of onions is growing.  We have 50 ‘Texas onions’ and 50 ‘Georgia onions’ growing on that one row.  As I mentioned earlier, we’re hoping to plant some potatoes and peas, soon.

In my kitchen… I cooked fresh shrimp, last night.  Ed and I aren’t supposed to eat those very often, so it had been quite a while (two months) since we’ve had any.  

In the homeschool room… my two oldest grandchildren are busy at work, today.  I’m thankful both of their mothers are dedicated enough to undertake the task of teaching them at home.  The cousins recently celebrated their 100th day of school…


A favorite quote for today…

A peek into one of my days… most days are pretty much the same.  Feed the cats and chickens, listen to the bible, eat breakfast, get dressed, then do some household chores.  Once a week Ed and I usually take a ‘road trip’ and go shopping.  I always look forward to ‘road trip’ days.

One of my favorite things… taking a ‘road trip’ to St. Simon’s Island, and sitting under the shade of my favorite oak tree.  I’m already looking forward to the first trip of 2016, and seeing this view again…P1010199

Favorite new recipe… courtesy of Crystal on Facebook

Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles

4 to 6 chicken breasts (I used boneless)

1 bag of egg noodles

2 cans of cream of chicken soup

1 can of chicken broth

salt and pepper to taste

Place chicken breasts in crock pot.  It’s okay if they’re frozen.  Pour the two cans of soup over them. Place the lid on the crock pot, and cook the breasts for 4-6 hours on high or 8-10 hours on low.  Once the chicken is done, boil the egg noodles in a large pot of water on the stove.  While the noodles are boiling, remove the chicken breasts from the crock pot and dice or shred them.  Add the chicken broth to the soup that’s left in the crock pot and stir well.  Now add the diced or shredded chicken back to the crock pot.  Drain the egg noodles, once they’re done, and add them to the crock pot, too.  Stir until noodles are well coated, season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

This meal is great when served with salad and rolls.


Random thought for the  day… I was thrilled, this morning, to read that [husband and wife country duo] Joey + Rory’s new cd, Hymns That Are Important To Us, is debuting at #1 on Billboards country and contemporary charts, and #4 on the top 200 chart!joey-feek-02-600

 I knew the cd’s were selling well, because Cracker Barrel hasn’t been able to keep them in stock.  I’m so happy for the couple, especially Joey, who continued working hard on these recordings, even while going through treatments for [terminal] cancer, last year.  I’m thankful Joey is still alive to enjoy the fruits of that labor!


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  1. I enjoyed your Daybook post. Shrimp is a favorite and I’m glad I’m not restricted. I could eat it a couple of times a week! Looking forward to seeing you at St. Simons one of these days!

  2. I enjoy these Daybook posts. So homey : ) I haven’t cooked any fish at home since we moved into the apartment. Hubs cannot handle the smell, although he loves fish. Cooking smells linger in this space. Just one more reason I’m looking forward to the house!

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