A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post…


For Today…

It is still very early in the morning, so the sun isn’t shinning , yet.  It’s still cool (43 degrees) outside but our temperatures are supposed to reach the high 70’s.  It’s almost time to go outside and feed our cats and chickens.

Outside my window…

our chickens are gathered by the door of the chicken coop.  They’re impatiently waiting for someone to feed them!  We also have several cardinals and sparrows taking advantage of the food in our bird feeder. The plants [from last fall] in my hanging baskets look pitiful!  I’m ready to buy (or plant) some new baskets for spring!

I am wearing…

a nightgown, housecoat, and socks because I haven’t been out of bed for very long.

I am creating…

some Easter decorations around the house.  I decorated the ‘year round’ tree, on Friday, and I plan to put an egg tree and some other Easter decorations in the yard, this week.

I am going…

to visit my dermatologist, next Monday morning.  It’s time for my 3 months checkup, for the basal cell carcinoma I had removed from my face, in December.  The doctor is planning to do another biopsy, as well.  I’m praying this new biopsy [of a second spot on my nose] comes back benign!

I am wondering…

how Rory, the male half of the country duo, “Joey + Rory”, is doing since his wife, Joey, passed away, on Friday.  I’ve been following the story of Joey’s battle with terminal cancer, for the past four months, through Rory’s blog.  The internet has been flooded with stories about her death all weekend.

I am reading…

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks.  Believe it or not, I began reading this book a year ago, but never got around to finishing it.  The book is good, but I got distracted by other things.

I am hoping…

to feel better in the coming days ahead.  I haven’t been sleeping well for a while (even with the help of sleep aids), and, as a result, I have very little energy during the day.  My rheumatoid arthritis has been active, as well.  I’ve been relying on Ed to open jars for me.

I am learning…

how to adapt when things don’t go according to plan.  Change doesn’t come easy for me.  It never has, but I’m learning, as I grow older.

In my garden…

we have planted onions, garden peas, and new potatoes.  The peas and potatoes haven’t sprouted yet.  We also have 80 seedlings of various kinds growing in cups in our laundry room.  I will be happy when we can transplant them because my laundry room is very crowded at the moment!

In my kitchen…
we have some of last night’s Taco Soup.  I used Paula Deen’s recipe, and it’s very good.

One of my favorite things…

is spending time with our chickens.  We have nine hens, and they are so funny to watch!  Some of them are quite friendly, and will sit on our laps, occasionally.  The old picture, below, is our newest flock of chickens, who are currently 18 months old.  The two remaining hens, from our first flock, just turned four.


A peek into one of my days…

since the weather has been milder, I’ve been trying to split my time between cleaning house, and doing a few things outside.  I’ve been preparing for an upcoming ‘yard sale’, as well.  It seems a shame to waste a warm sunny day inside.

A favorite quote for today…

In honor of the passing of Joey Feek– “God rest high on that mountain…your work on earth is done… Go to heaven a-shoutin’ love for the Father and the Son” (Vince Gill)

Plans for the rest of the week…

Scrubbing the floor of the front porch, wiping down the white banisters surrounding the porch, and putting up some Easter decorations outside.  Ed and I will also take our weekly shopping trip, at some point during the week.  I refer to these shopping trips as ‘road trips’ because it’s, at least, a 30 mile trip to get to a Wal-mart.

The weekend…

Our weekend was nice, weather-wise. As mentioned, earlier, I wasn’t feeling my best, so we never left the house, all weekend, but I enjoyed myself the best I could.  I spent most of Saturday in the front porch swing, reading. I was tickled when my nine-year-old granddaughter walked over and joined me, with her book in hand.

We spent some time with family, and were entertained by the new things our youngest grandson, Evan, had learned in the two weeks since we’d seen him. I was tickled pink when he finally said “Mimi”, as plain as day 🙂

I’m linking my daybook post, with others, at The Simple Woman’s Blog.  Thanks to Peggy Hostetler for being such a gracious hostess.



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  1. Those chickens are amazing. They might as well be cats – sitting on your lap, pacing for food. Who knew!?

  2. You are inspiring! Like the energizer bunny, you keep on going and going through challenges. May abundant blessings, energy and health fill your week.

  3. What a enjoyable visit to your blog today. My first time visit. Enjoyed your post and the photo of you with your sweet chickens.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead …


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