Springing Into Another Hodgepodge…

Happy Wednesday and Happy Hodgepodge, everybody!  The stars have aligned for me, today, and I’m able to see the ‘linky’, so I can ‘officially’ join in 🙂  As always, thank you to our kind and gracious hostess, Joyce, for keeping the Hodgepodge going.  Here are my answers to this week’s questions:

1. Has spring sprung in your little corner of the world? Other than the calendar how would I know? What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Yes, spring has definitely arrived in our little corner of the world!  The grass is green, has already been mowed once, and needs to be mowed again.  Our azaleas have been blooming for so long, I’m wondering if any blooms will be left for Easter.


My favorite thing about spring is seeing all of the trees sprouting new buds and leaves, plus enjoying all of the beautiful spring flowers. Then, of course, there’s all of those glorious, warm, sunny spring days to enjoy outside.

2. Besides the weather, what’s put a spring in your step recently?

Spring is a time for “sprucing up” around our house.  We’ve waxed floors, shampooed carpets, scrubbed porches, cleaned out flower beds, added some new garden decor to the yard, and even planted some of our vegetable garden.  “Sprucing up” makes me happy, and puts a little spring into my step 🙂


new decor for the hen house…because every hen needs a rooster!

3. How does Easter impact you?

On Easter I will be cooking lunch for our family of twelve.  Ed and I don’t attend Easter services,  we prepare lunch, then hide the eggs for an afternoon egg hunt.  Everything is ready when our family arrive from attending their church services.  That being said, as a Christian, I do understand and appreciate the day for what it is really all about.  It’s not about a big meal, new clothes, Easter baskets, or hunting for eggs.  It’s about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, through which he paid the penalty for our sins, so we can have everlasting life, if we believe in Him. I’m a believer.

4. I saw this somewhere on Facebook and thought it would make a fun Hodgepodge question. Which of the following would you find most disappointing…

a just stuffed taco shell breaking open and spilling out before you take the first bite? dropping a just-purchased Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts coffee? opening the peanut butter jar and finding it empty? upending onto the sidewalk a just-purchased ice cream cone? a burnt bagel popping up in your toaster when you’re rushing breakfast? or cutting into an avocado and finding out it’s rotten?

I think I’d be most disappointed if I upended my just-purchased ice cream cone onto the sidewalk!  We usually only buy ice cream cones when it’s hot and we’re on vacation somewhere.  Those cones are expensive, and my anticipation of eating the cold, creamy delight is quite high…so naturally, I’d be very disappointed if I dropped my ice cream cone!!!

5. What’s something held together with tape at your house? Or a paper clip? Or a wing and a prayer?

Ed has everything in good working order, since he retired, so I can’t think of a single thing at our house that needs repairing.  However, a while back, I noticed the drain pipes, under the kitchen sink, at Ed’s parents’ house, were being held together by duct tape!

6. Do you feel underappreciated? In what way?

These days, I can thankfully say, I don’t feel underappreciated, and what a blessing that is! There have been days, in the past, when this has not always been the case.  When you’re raising children, they never fully understand or appreciate the sacrifices you make for them. However, children grow up, and become parents themselves. These days, all of our grown children have expressed their appreciation to us, at one time or another, and we love it!

7. What’s something you’d build if you knew how?

Recently, I saw [on Facebook] where a friend and former co-worker of mine has learned how to build wooden porch swings.  If only I knew how, I’d love to build a comfortable, wooden swing for our porch!


Random:  A Funny story

Every year our family hides plastic eggs on Easter.  I’ve collected plastic eggs for several years, and we now have several hundred eggs.  I store the eggs in a large trash bag.

Recently, I brought the white trash bag full of eggs, out of storage, and placed the bag near Ed’s recliner until I could make time to stuff them.  I didn’t think anymore about them that day.

The following morning, when I got ready to stuff the eggs, I noticed the bag was gone!  I asked Ed, “What did you do with my eggs?”  to which he replied, “I haven’t bothered your eggs.”  Well, it turned out that Ed, being the dutiful husband he is, had picked up the bag, thinking it was trash.  He’d promptly taken the bag [of eggs] out and tossed it into the bed of his truck!  Thank goodness, the bag hadn’t been taken down to the trash dumpster, yet, or we might have had a crisis on our hands!  Scheduled egg hunt will go on, as planned 🙂

Below is an Easter memory from the past, that includes some of those plastic eggs.  That’s little Alex, whom our daughter used to babysit.

Easter 2012 035


May you all have a blessed and happy Easter!

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  1. Love that azalea bush! My goodness, you really get with it on the spring cleaning. I think I need to get my hustle on there. The egg story is cute. Sounds like something my DH would do. We are blessed they want to help.

  2. My brother-in-law built a beautiful swing for their porch. My daughter says we need one for ours, but I want to get everything completely built and then see what the space will hold. I’m glad the link worked for you today…happy Easter, happy Spring!

  3. Your azaleas are beautiful. They haven’t bloomed yet here. I would love a wooden bench swing like the one in the picture. When I store things in trash bags I am always scared that they will accidently end up out with the garbage. Glad your eggs were safe. Happy Easter!

  4. I have to agree with everyone else about the azaleas. Mine is in the stage of growing greener although do to our blessedly mild winter, never really went completely dormant.
    I’m completely with you on the new green leaves and buds being my favorite part of spring. However not on the dropped ice cream cone. I have to go with dropping the Starbucks. Although I’ve never dropped one. I have knocked mine over at the sugar/creamer table.

  5. Wow…your azalea is beautiful…wish mine looked that great! Problem is I feel I take excellent care of it, so not sure what I could improve. Happy Easter to you, as well!

  6. Yes the trees and bushes blooming is always awesome. Our lawns here in Southern CA are mowed all year long. Of course you do the biggest Easter Egg Hunt I’ve ever seen. Until my adult children have children they will never get it!!!! Glad the eggs were found and that is an adorable picture of Alex. Happy Easter and enjoy your day!

  7. Enjoyed reading your answers. I’m glad the stars aligned for you this week. I had to laugh at the egg story. Just the sort of thing my hubby would do. Happy Easter.

  8. I enjoyed your Hodgepodge answers and especially your random about the plastic eggs! I love the hen house decorations! Those are some lucky hens you have there! Happy Easter to you and your family! I know you will have a wonderful day!

  9. We were thinking alike when it came to the swing. I recently saw one out on the curb in our neighborhood to be picked up by the trash truck….before I got back to examine it, someone had beat me to it…..I think I’d hang it from a limb of the maple by the back porch, there is a limb there that goes out at just the correct angle…we used to have a patio swing in a frame but it got left behind in our last move….
    Mama Bear

  10. I could have written the same thing about the azaleas and the grass. I’d love to join in your Easter egg hunt, it sounds amazing!

  11. lovely post.

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