Goodbye April ~ Hello Hodgepodge…

The month of April has passed in a hurry, but it’s been an awesome month!  Such a stark contrast to last April, when I was dealing with termites, mold, and sciatica, all at the same time!  Thank goodness for new beginnings, and thank goodness for The Hodgepodge!  As always, I’m  thankful for our hostess, Joyce, too, who faithfully provides us with seven thought-provoking questions and a place to link up each week.

1. This is the last Hodgepodge in April. Share something you learned this month.

I learned that our oldest son has been preaching on the first Sunday night of every month, since January of this year!  Ed and I had no idea, and found out, quite by accident, when we visited our son’s church on the morning of April 3.  I sat down, opened the church bulletin, and there was our son’s name, listed to bring the evening’s message!  It was a most unexpected, but very pleasant surprise!

2. It’s National Poetry Month, and we all know you can’t escape an April Hodgepodge without a little poetry. Keeping the first line as is, change the rest of the wording in this familiar rhyme to make it your own – ‘Hickory Dickory Dock…

Hickory Dickory Dock.  We have too many clocks.  At least one on each wall, and it’s a pain to reset them all!  Hickory Dickory Dock!

3. What were one or two rules in the home you grew up in? Growing up, did you feel your parents were strict? Looking back do you still see it that way?

Rule 1: I had to be home from a date by 11:30.  Rule 2:  I was responsible for cleaning up the kitchen after supper every night.  Growing up, I knew my parents weren’t very strict.  After all, they let me start dating at the tender age of fourteen!   I had very few rules, but I was a well-behaved, mature, and trustworthy teenager (most of the time).  I met my husband-to-be, Ed, just three weeks before my fifteenth birthday, and the rest is history.  We got married three weeks after I graduated from high school.

4. Tell us about a kitchen or cooking disaster or mishap you’ve experienced. Do you have many from which to choose?

I remember cooking a “baking hen”, and making dressing for the first time, a few months after Ed and I were married.  Both things turned out awful!  Nobody ever told me how tough a “baking hen” can be, and a fork wouldn’t even pierce the skin when we tried to carve the thing.  I didn’t have a recipe for dressing, either, so I improvised.  My dressing tasted like twice baked cornbread, because that’s mostly what it was.

5. Plant a kiss, plant doubt, plant a tree, plant yourself somewhere…which on the list have you most recently planted?

My answer is a toss-up between “planting a kiss” or “planting myself somewhere”.  I do both of these on a daily basis!

6. What’s your most worn item of clothing this time of year? Are you tired of it?

My most worn item of clothing, this time of the year, would be three polyester sundresses I’ve worn for the past four or five years.  I’m tired of them, but I still love them because they are so comfortable!  I wish I could find some new ones like them, but I haven’t been able to, so far.


one of those well-worn polyester sundresses (and a pet chicken)

7. I’m wrapping up the A-Z Blog Challenge this month and our Hodgepodge lands on letter W. What’s one word beginning with W that describes you in some way? How about a word to describe your home, also beginning with W?

An adjective, beginning with “W”, that best describes me would be “worrier”.  Although, I try not to worry about things, I just don’t seem to be able to help myself most of the time.  I’m working on it, though.

An adjective beginning with “W” that best describes our home is “worthwhile”, which means: worth the time, money, or effort spent; of value or importance.  Our home may not be the grandest of homes, and it’s certainly not the most expensive, because we were on a shoestring budget while building, but Ed and I designed and built the entire structure, inside and out, from the ground up, with a lot of hard work, sweat, and even a few tears.  Our little home is very worthwhile to us.


our humble home


Mary, Mary quite contrary!  How does your garden grow?  I don’t know how Mary’s garden grows, but here’s how Kathy and Ed’s garden is growing.  (This is only the first 5 of 17 rows we’ve planted)




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  1. Your garden is always so impressive! My in laws have loads of clocks. We joke sleeping there is like sleeping in a shop : ) Enjoy your day!

  2. What a fabulous garden! You must have great soil. I enjoyed all your answers, especially the ones about your son, your home, and your being together all these years!

  3. I lovve how your home looks!!! And you’re garden, even if I am jealous of you for having so much space.

  4. Your home looks so welcoming and what beautiful land you have as well as your garden. I love that you met your husband when you were so young and married right after high school, what a love story!

  5. Your house looks lovely to me and to have designed and built it yourself is defiitely worthwhile. As for all that garden space…..must keep you busy!

  6. I love your home and know that it was built on a foundation of love which makes it all the more special. I can’t believe how your garden has grown already! Wow!! You guys do have green thumbs. Your sundress does not look worn or old!! Enjoyed your HP!!

  7. Sorry, I laughed at your kitchen disaster. 🙂 I did forget to tell about the time I had to throw out an entire wonderful salad because at the very end, just before guests arrived, I was snipping the peapods into it and snipped an end off my fingernail. Couldn’t find the fingernail and had to throw the entire salad OUT! I love the photo of you and your chicken. I want chickens and sheep, but I’ll admit that they do tie one down, so whenever I bring up the subject, Mr. C. asks me if I ever want to travel again.

  8. I am impressed with your garden. I envy your abilities at growing your own food. I take your point with respect to birthdays. I want to collect as many as I can, its just that they’re just not that significant to me. I’m glad you and Ed are doing okay. I like the picture with your pet hen. Take care!

  9. Enjoyed your poem. That is such a sweet photo of you. I wish we could learn to stop worrying!!! Your garden is looking awesome.

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