A Mid-Winter Hodgepodge…

1. ASAP typically stands for ‘as soon as possible’. What else could it stand for in your life right now?

A Simple Answered Prayer. (see random)

2. Are you the last person to speak up in a group or the first to have an idea? Why do you suppose that is? Is it a good thing or no?

It depends on who else is in that group. If family members are in the group, there’s a good chance I might be one of the first to speak up or have an idea.  Otherwise, not so much.  Family is more important to me than anything in the world, so I’d likely speak up, if I thought I could help.

3. What do you remember best about being 12?

I remember feeling more independent at age 12, because I was in the seventh grade, which meant I was now attending classes at the local high school.  It was also the year I discovered boys.  I experienced several ‘crushes’ when I was 12, including one on the guy who would eventually become my husband. 🙂  The thing I remember most about being 12 was the absolute horror of experiencing the start of my first “monthly cycle”, during my 7th grade math class! Think of it this way: a personal crisis, a mean teacher, and me being afraid to ask permission to leave class.  Fortunately, I finally got up my nerve to ask to go to the  bathroom, and she said yes.  Thank God for those “little machines” in girls’ restrooms and for a pair of shorts I had in my locker.

4. January 18th is National Winnie the Pooh Day. Which character do you relate to the most, and why? If you’re stumped go here for inspiration.

I’m often like Eeyore,  who’s a bit on the slow-moving, pessimistic side, while Ed tends to be more like Tigger, who’s eager and usually happy. I guess we balance each other out, who knows?

5. What’s an app you use that helps simplify or make life easier for you in some way?

I don’t use any apps.  And, yes, I’m still living in the dark ages.

6. San Francisco (CA), San Diego (CA), San Juan (PR) San Antonio (TX) Sanibel (FL)…you have an all expenses paid long weekend to one of these destinations. Which one do you choose and why?

I’d choose Sanibel because it’s in Florida, and it’s also located along the Gulf of Mexico.  What more can I say?  Also, it wouldn’t be too far to travel, and, perhaps, I’d get a chance to see my brother and sister-in-law, too. (They live in Florida)

7. Share with us a song that makes you feel nostalgic? For what?

I always feel nostalgic (and sad) when I hear the song “Rainy Night In Georgia” (by Brook Benton) which was popular while Ed was in army basic training. Hearing this song takes me right back to the fall of 1969, and I still recall those feelings from long ago…

Ed and I were young, in love, and we were separated.  The song is sort of sad, which is how we both felt about being apart.  I think the words of the last verse accurately describe our feelings at the time:

Late at night when it’s hard to rest
I hold your picture to my chest
And I’m all right
A rainy night in Georgia
A rainy night in Georgia
I believe it’s rainin’ all over the world
Earlier in the week, I wrote a post entitled Always Expect the Unexpected, about some of the things have been going on in our lives, lately, and how we never know what’s around the bend.
On Monday, Ed and I were just about to get in the car to drive to a doctor’s appointment.  We were supposed to consult with the doctor about some recent biopsy results.  The phone rang, and, believe it or not, it was the doctor, himself, calling.  He called to let us know that the biopsy results were negative, and there was no need to make that trip to his office.  There is no sign of cancer, at this time.  Thank you, God, for answered prayers!
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  1. Hi Kathy-I added your link so you’re all set. So strange how that happens? I’m so glad for the good doctor report! I like your acronym : )

  2. Wonderful news. Now take a deep breath and get the most out of every moment life presents to you.

  3. Praise the lord for answered prayers! Love your song choice and the story behind it, thanks for sharing. Have a good week.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  4. Wonderful, wonderful answer to prayer and saving that trip due to negative results. Bless your heart for that very embarrassing moment when you were twelve. Your answer about nostalgia made me sad, but I bet you were doing the happy dance together when he came back.

  5. You and Ed sound like Suzanne and me. She is Eeyore to my Tigger. We balance out. Have a great week.

  6. What a wonderful answer to prayer. Praise God! I remember all the girls having sweatshirts tied around their waists waiting for their cycle to start. We all feared what happened to you! How neat that your husband was a crush when you were 12.

  7. Oh how embarrassing! Did anyone notice that “it” had happened to you? My first time came at church. I didn’t know what was happening, although my mama had given me the talk. I was expecting red blood, but that isn’t what I got so I didn’t know what was happening. It was three days before I said anything to my mama because it just wasn’t going away. I was prepared the next time. Thank goodness I was like a clock from the get-go and didn’t have anymore embarrassing moments like that! I hope you didn’t either.

    We are Eeyore and Tigger, too. David is way more optimistic than I am. I tend to be a realist, or, as some say, a pessimist. Or maybe they said “pest”. haha

    There’s nothing wrong with living in the Dark Ages. Things were cooler back then. 🙂

    Praise the Lord for that negative report! I am so happy to hear this and will continue to pray for you and Ed to be fine. Have a blessed evening!

  8. I had to race down to your #8 and was SO happy to read your news! Praise God!!! Kathy, you are the second person who mentioned what you did in #3. Gosh, I was 13 before I started and I guess I was lucky it happened in the summer. This was a fun Hodgepodge! I enjoyed reading yours!

  9. I’m so thankful for the negative results on the biopsy. God is so good. I enjoyed reading about your song choice. That must have been so hard to be separated.

  10. Praise God for those test results! And imagine a doctor calling you! I’ll have to look up that song. I think I know very little popular music. What an experience when you were 12. That must have been a bit on the horrific side. :-((. Enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge. – Judy

  11. There’s not a thing wrong with living in the dark ages. These days of digital technology is something worth avoiding. 🙂 I remember my ‘monthly cycle’ when I was 12, too. Luckily, it was during the summer and I was outside playing all by myself. Whew. Dodged a bullet there. I’m so happy about the negative results! That’s just wonderful!

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