This-N-That On Monday…

I’ve missed blogging, so I’ll make an attempt to do a little catching up today.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get inspired to start back blogging on a more regular basis, one of these days.  We’ll see.

Our weekends have been very busy for the past couple of months.  Ed’s been helping our son-in-law put our daughter’s kitchen back together after their flooding mishap, back in October of 2016.  They finally finished the kitchen project a week or so ago.  Their new kitchen looks great, so all’s well that ends well.

Gardening season has begun in earnest, and we have twenty rows planted.  That’s a lot of rows to pick and hoe!  I hope Ed’s up to the task.  Everything seems to be growing, in spite of our ridiculously hot and dry weather, thanks to our trusty water sprinkler.  We should be eating fresh potatoes, soon, and the squash are just about to start blooming.

In other news, we lost one of our younger hens a couple of weeks ago.  She’d been sick for a while.  Even though I’d isolated her and treated her with medication, she didn’t improve.  Now there are eight…but those eight hens still keep us in more eggs than we can use, so we share with family and friends.

Ed and I, along with our daughter and granddaughter, managed to take another little trip to St. Simon’s Island, last week.  I needed to return some things to J C Penny, and there’s one located in Brunswick.  We decided to combine business with pleasure, once again.  However, once we got to St. Simon’s, the wind was blowing so hard, sitting outside wasn’t really enjoyable.  We toughed it out for a while, then went shopping, instead.

Ed and I threw caution to the wind and went to play Bingo, on Friday night.  Let me tell you, there are some serious Bingo players out there!  We joined about twenty other folks for an evening of Bingo, a church program that helps keep their food pantry filled. (must bring canned food [for the pantry] and a wrapped prize [for Bingo], in order to play) We played two cards at once, and the caller went fast!  Ed won two games, and I won one.  Let me tell you, I was tired, afterward, but we had fun–and I liked the prizes Ed won!

I can’t believe it’s May 1.  Time just keeps rolling on by.  I still have Easter decorations all over the house, but I suppose it’s  about time to put those away.  Did I mention that we’re still finding missing eggs out in the yard?  We’ve found them all except for one.

Our local elementary school had a little mishap, on Friday, when one of their air conditioning units caught on fire.  There were no injuries, and everyone made it out, safely, but I’m sure that was a scary time.  I never liked the practice fire drills when I worked there, so I can only imagine what it was like during the real thing.  The school is closed today, so smoke damage can be addressed.

Satan was busy at work, yesterday.  Ed and I went to church, only to discover there was no pastor for the service.  The deacon in charge of lining up ‘supply pastors’ mistakenly thought he had somebody lined up to preach, when he didn’t.  Things didn’t go a whole lot better for the evening service, which was supposed to be a 5th Sunday night ‘sing’.  One of the musicians got sick, immediately before the sing began, and another one never showed up at all.  However, the show went on, as planned.  One elderly lady, in a wheelchair, just blew us away with her gospel tunes on the harmonica!  Another elderly gentleman, blew us away again playing “How Great Thou Art” on the piano.  Several other folks sang, and it was an enjoyable evening, in spite of the ‘snafu’.

As I mentioned, earlier, time is rolling on by, so I guess I’ll get up out of this chair and do some laundry, or some other equally exciting household task 😦  Until next time…




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  1. I like the recaps and catch up posts about everyday life. Glad your impromptu sing along went on in spite of the snafus!

  2. Sorry to read you lost one of your hens. I still remember when you got the little chicks! Your garden sounds like it will be amazing once again! What a blessing, but I know the work gets harder each year. Those Bingo ‘ladies’ can be possessed! Whewie!! Glad you had fun!

  3. Congrats on getting a blog out. I too blogging but no lo ger have the time.

  4. Glad that their kitchen is back in order. Yum on the garden, what a special treat for you. Sorry to hear about the hen you lost. Glad you played Bingo. I’ve played a few times at my dad’s clubhouse and they go way to fast for me! Glad no one was hurt at the school. Glad the sing night ending up working out at church.

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