A Stereotypical Hodgepodge…

Hello there!  I’m back with another edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I don’t know about where you live, but it’s wet here!  We’ve received over 8 inches of rain in the past 24 hours, and there’s still more rain in the forecast!  Meanwhile, our gracious hostess, Joyce, has prepared another great set of questions for us, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy day, so here I go…

1. What color is prominent in your home? Are you glad about that or wishing you could cover it up or remove it?

All of the walls and ceilings of our home are lightly stained and sealed wood, so I guess that would fall under the color brown.  There was a reason for doing this–we like the ‘all-natural’ look, we were on a tight budget, and we also hate to paint!  Overall, I’ve been fairly happy with the ‘all-natural’ look, even on the ceilings, but the color of our wood is darkening a little, over time, and I’m not especially happy about that!

2. What’s something you’ll NEVER do again?

I will absolutely, positively NEVER jump off of anything again!  Two different times in my life, I’ve jumped off of high things and, both times, I thought my feet and ankles were broken!  I’ve finally figured out that I don’t know how to properly flex my knees upon landing, which helps absorb the impact.

3. Tell us a couple of ways you fit the stereotypes associated with your gender, and a couple of ways you don’t.

(1)I enjoy staying home and taking care of my family and household more than working outside of the home.  (2)I enjoy cooking, sewing, and other crafts, but I’m not mechanical.

(1)I’m the more talkative of the two of us, and will usually speak out before Ed does.  (2) I have a stubborn, independent streak, so being submissive doesn’t come naturally.

4. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Have you ever owned a motorcycle? Ever ridden a motorcycle? If the opportunity presented itself would you hop on a motorcycle and go for a ride?

Ed and I have owned three different motorcycles during our marriage.  We owned the first two during the early years of our marriage, before we had children.

Us, riding Ed’s 750 Honda


Yes, I rode with him and it was fun, but never really felt safe or at ease.  I worried too much about us having an accident. Ed bought a third motorcycle when he was in his 50’s, but I never would ride it with him. I declared my motorcycle riding days were over! After a while, he finally sold it, thank goodness.

5. If someone wanted to understand you, what should they read, watch, and listen to?

They should probably read a few Nicholas Sparks novels, or some celebrities’ autobiographies, and the Bible.  They should watch Hallmark movies, or television dramas (crime or medical shows are my favorites).  As far as music, they should listen to the country music of the 90’s, the pop music of the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, and some timeless good ole’ southern gospel.


To put it mildly, the 2017 gardening season has been challenging!  Our unseasonably warm temperatures, combined with a lack of rainfall has made it difficult.  Ed has moved the sprinkler, around in our garden, at least a couple of hundred times, over the past few weeks.  He has to move the sprinkler at least 12 times in order to water the entire garden, one time.

Ed working in the garden

Finally, early harvesting of our garden began.  Thank goodness, we were able to get our onions and potatoes harvested, along with some garden peas and squash.  Our yield has been below average, but, at least we’ve grown enough to share, so that’s good.

digging the potatoes, a family affair

Then the rain started on Monday night! Eight inches and counting, so far.  I’m not sure what all of this rain will mean for the future of our garden.  Only time will tell.  Like I said, gardening this year has been challenging!



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  1. Good grief, you’ve already harvested? We can’t even plant our tomatoes and peppers until next week, and it looks like rain. I think as we get older our love for motorcycles diminishes, at least for women. I’m with you on hating to paint, and I’ve got a lot of it that needs to be done.

  2. You’re harvesting potatoes already?! Wow! We are just getting our gardens planted now. We rely on short-season produce. Breaking your ankles when you jumped off of things sounds so painful. Hope you have a great week!

  3. We’ve had 4 inches since Saturday afternoon but we really needed it…I like it when I don’t have to water flowers….but the grass is getting high out back….the rabbits like it, though….
    Mama Bear

  4. We’ve barely gotten our garden planted at this time here in PA! I love that your family helped with the harvesting 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. We’ve had so much rain my weather alert app has been going nuts but only to tell me of a coastal flooding warning. No kidding. I’ve lived at the coast for 33 years I think I know to expect flooding during the slightest of rains much less a huge one. Stupid app. LOL I don’t bend my knees either so no jumping for me either. That garden! Wow! I have a southern gospel playlist on my Spotify and I love listening to it. It reminds me of my granddaddy. He loved gospel and old time country. And Lawrence Welk. 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness. Eight inches after needing rain so much, you got more than your share. That is so cool that your family harvests the potatoes and how cool that you share the crop. I think we ladies all agree on the motorcycle issue.

  7. Sounds like Ed won’t have to worry about sprinkler placement for awhile! Have a great week, Kathy.

  8. I have tomatoes in pots and we moved them under the covered deck yesterday. They were drowning! Cute picture of you on the bike : ) I will still jump off a dock or diving board, but someone mentioned riding roller coasters in their answer and I won’t be doing that anymore. I didn’t even like them when I was young-ha!

  9. I was sorry to hear how much rain you were getting but it sounds as if you needed some at least but maybe not 8 inches! You’re braver than me to get on a motorbike.

  10. Looking at the photo’s of your so called garden, it seems to me that you have a farm and not a garden. It’s huge! We have had significant rain this year which ended our drought. My grass is getting out of control, though because I have a phobia of mowing wet grass or in the rain. Hopefully this weekend we’ll have some Sun.
    Re: The 100 days I am pleasantly surprised that SWMBO hasn’t shot me. Just kidding…we really do like each other and enjoy being in each other’s company. I’m very blessed in this way.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

  11. Enjoyed reading all of your answers. I am and always will be in awe of your garden. Enjoy your crops! Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend.

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