An After The Storm Kind Of Hodgepodge…

1. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

Yes, I believe a picture is worth a thousand words, at least for me it is.    I think these pictures describe the way our yard looked [after tropical storm Irma] much better than my words can.


2. Have you ever driven any part of the Pacific Coast Highway?  No.  I’ve never been to that part of the country.

If not, is this sort of trip on your bucket list?  I know we’ll never do it, but I’m sure it would be a memorable trip!

3. How do the changing seasons affect you?  Spring makes me hopeful, happy, and filled with more energy!  I love the sight of tiny new buds on the trees and the first blooms of the spring flowers.  It’s a season of new beginnings.

I enjoy the cooler temperatures of fall, but I tend to get a bit sad watching the trees shed their leaves, and the flowers growing straggly as their growing season ends.  It’s a season of endings.

I don’t really care for summer because of the pesky gnats and mosquitoes, plus the intense sun/heat/humidity where we live. I only go outside when I have to.

Winter is special to me because of Christmas, but after that, winter tends to make me depressed.  Everything outside looks dead.  Blah.  Here we only get rain, none of that beautiful snow.

As the seasons change do you find yourself looking more forward or backward?  Spring causes me look forward, fall tends to make me more reflective.

Which season-season transition bothers you most?  I think summer to fall bothers me most.   Why do you suppose that is?  I don’t enjoy seeing everything die or go into a dormant state.

4. It’s your birthday and you get to pick the dinner menu. What are we having?  I’m not really picky. Food is food to me.  This year we had grilled hot dogs on my birthday, and that was fine with me.  Do you ever lie about your age?  No.  I lied about my age once, when I was a young teen, but not since then.

5. What’s a life lesson you’ve learned recently?  I didn’t just learn this, but it was recently reiterated to me:  “Be prepared.”

A few years ago, Ed and I decided we needed to be more prepared, in case of emergencies.  Since 2012 we always make sure we have plenty of canned goods, bottled water, fuel, medications, cash, etc., in case of hard times.  The one area we didn’t have covered was an emergency power source, but we’ve got that covered, now, too.  Thanks to our son Brad’s diligence and a tip from a lady at church, we now have two generators!  Thankfully, we were very blessed and didn’t need either one of them.


Sunday and Monday were stressful days here in southeastern Georgia!  Some of our little family gathered at our house, and we kept a watchful eye on hurricane Irma.  We tried to get ready for her visit, the best we knew how.  We have family and friends in Florida, which further added to the stress of the situation.

Thankfully, by the time Irma reached us she had been down-graded to a tropical storm, but she still packed a good punch!  I can’t even begin to imagine the wallop the Florida Keys, Naples, and other places must have felt!

When all was said and done, we were very, very fortunate.  We only lost tree limbs, not entire trees. (Neighbors weren’t so fortunate.)  A few of our trees now have a new ‘sway’, but they’re still standing–even if they are a bit crooked.  We received about nine inches of rain, so we’re a bit soggy, but we’ll dry out.  We were blessed not to lose power, while some in our area are still without power.

As for our family in Florida, my brother and his family are fine, praise the Lord!  However, like much of the state, they don’t have electricity. Fortunately, they have generators and know how to use them!  They tell me the gas shortage is causing some problems, but I hope that will soon be resolved.  I pray they get their power restored sooner than later, too!

After seeing the footage of so many other places, who were hit hard by Irma, I feel SO blessed.  Thank you, Lord, for protecting our family.  I will definitely be praying for those who have lost so much.

Here’s one last “after the storm” picture:

Almost every pear blew off our trees, but at least the trees are still standing!  Our pecan trees look pretty much the same.  Nuts will be in short supply for holiday baking…

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  1. So glad that you made it through the storm safely. I’ve experienced a few tropical storms in my lifetime and it was no picnic. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. That storm affected so many! And I too believe in being prepared. Always a good idea, for we never know when disaster might strike. Sorry about the pears and pecans. Did the pecans fall too early? Can juice be made of the pears? It’s so sad.

  3. Oh that water! We don’t have water issues but have been without power since Monday and they’re telling us it won’t be back until probably Friday night ugh! We got a lot more from Irma here than they predicted. We will likely get a small generator so we don’t have this experience again.

  4. This is such a great post. Love how you count every blessing! Inspiring! Am praying for those affected too…

  5. I am so relieved you only lost limbs from the trees, and that you all are safe. Did your tree that you rest under by the ocean survive?

  6. You sound as if you were definitely prepared but glad to hear you got off fairly lightly. I hope you can salvage some of those pears.

  7. I’m so glad Y’all weathered the storm well. I am so sorry for those who did not. I remember that nasty Hugo in ’89. I never want to experience another one. If one does come, I’m out for good. It’s just too much. I’m with you on summer. I do wish we had more defined seasons here. I miss that. I felt like we had them back when I first moved here 33 years ago but in the last 10-15, the seasons have become more alike than different.

  8. Yes, I, so thankful for you that it was not as bad as it could have been and that your family is all right. Scary storms and I can’t imagine what people are going through in those hard hit areas. We do have a generator, but I haven’t a clue about how to work it. I maybe should find the manual and read it.

  9. Giving thanks with you for protection and safety from the hurricane1 enjoyed the thoughts on the changing seasons, much like I feel! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Oh my, I didn’t realize that Irma hit you! Being prepared is a good life lesson. So glad you were safe. My family was too expect for power being out for awhile. My dad’s just came back on on Saturday. It was a 2 when it hit Palm Harbor.

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