A Non-Adventurous Hodgepodge…


Folks, can you believe it’s Wednesday, again?  Me either!  I’m struggling to get these questions answered, while watching for the stray salamander who’s playing peek-a-boo from under my couch!  I really hate those things, and have no idea how he got into the house.  If Ed doesn’t catch him, soon, I may hurt myself!  In the meantime, on with the Hodgepodge… and thanks to Joyce for hosting!

1. What pets did you have while growing up? Tell us a little something about them.

We had three dogs and a cat, that I can remember.  I’m partial to cats over dogs, so of course, I was most attached to the cat.  She was a crazy Siamese, that my older brother jokingly dubbed as “Cleopatra Fontane”, but we just called her “Cleo”.  We never knew where “Cleo” came from.  She just showed up one day, and never left.

2. What is one thing you absolutely must accomplish today?

I absolutely must get my hair trimmed, this morning, then I must cook supper for our Wednesday night Bible Study group, this afternoon, or we’ll all be hungry!  Chili and hot dogs are on tonight’s menu–and I’m looking forward to that haircut, by the way!

3. Where were you ten years ago? What were you doing there?

Ten years ago, we were still living in our former house, next door, while trying to finish building the house we currently live in, now.  We were about a month away from being able to move in, so I was probably taking stuff to the consignment shop, on a regular basis.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been living in this new home almost ten years.

4. September 26th is National Dumpling Day. Did you celebrate?  No, I didn’t celebrate.

Apple dumpling, xiao long bao (steamed Chinese dumpling), chicken and dumplings, pirogi, matzoh balls, or gnocchi…which dumpling on this list would be your dumpling of choice?  I’m going to go with chicken and dumplings because I’ve never tried any of the others.

Have you ever made homemade dumplings of any kind?  No, it’s too easy to use the pre-made, frozen brands, which actually taste pretty good, too!

5. ‘There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go truly hoping to find an adventure and those who go secretly hoping they don’t.’ William Trogdon

So which kind are you?  I’d be one of those who go secretly hoping I didn’t find an adventure.  I’m not an adventurous person!


Oh, so many random thoughts, so little time… 

For some strange reason, the Hodgepodge ‘linky’ suddenly disappears from my computer, sometime after lunch.  This makes it hard to visit because I can’t see who’s linked up anymore.  I hope this glitch clears up, soon.

Three doctor visits and two bottles of eye drops, and I’m still dealing with the chalazion on my eyelid.  It has gotten smaller, so the doctor says give it three more weeks to see if it will completely go away (it’s already been 8 weeks).  I’m growing a bit weary of hot compresses, eye drops, and $100 doctor visits.

My toe is still sore from last week’s incident when I stubbed it and fell onto the bed.  I even had to wear flip-flops to church, on Sunday.  I’m hoping to be able to wear actual shoes, this Sunday.

“Trouble”, the cat, is hanging in there.  Ed lets her outside, all day, but puts her back in the freezer room at night.  She’s eating and getting around okay, but seems to have lost bladder control.  At night she wets her blanket.  Hopefully, this issue will clear up.

As I prepare to end this post, we’re still playing hide-and-seek with that darn salamander!  He’s a sly one, and has now moved all around the living room without being captured. Life is never dull in our neck of the woods 🙂

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  1. A salamander in the house? No thank you! I’d have to move out until it was caught. LOL Chili dogs? Guess what I want now? Yep, chili dogs. 🙂 I cannot stand to stub my toes. It hurts and it hurts for a long time. The last time I did it I had 2 toes turn black and blue. Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy those chili dogs.

  2. Bless your heart! I’m really sorry about your eye and hope it clears up soon. And your toe. Gee, I’m glad you didn’t break it though. I’ve never owned a cat, but had given some thought to getting one this year. Instead, we ended up with another dog. The chili dogs sound good – enjoy your Bible study. I hope you can catch that salamander and get him out. We get little geckos around here. Salamanders are kind of creepy.

  3. We used to have salamanders in our house a lot when we lived in Florida. Hope your eye clears up and your toe gets better. Enjoy your week.

  4. About now I would be looking for other living arrangements if that creature had made it into my house. Oh dear me!
    Sore toes aren’t any fun. It seems if your feet hurt your whole body hurts. I hope it heels quickly for you.

  5. That salamander reminds me of how my brother bought a chameleon at the circus then when we got home, it got out of its carrier and disappeared. About a week later my dad was sitting in the living room and noticed the draperies were moving (not blowing, moving!) The chameleon had turned maroon and was hiding in the drapes.

  6. My youngest daughter had to have 2 chalazions surgically removed when she was about 2. Fortunately she’s never had any further problems with them and she’s now 23. Hope yours clears up soon.

    I hope you catch that salamander soon. I wouldn’t be able to rest with one of those in the house.

    Hope you have a great day.

  7. The other night we were out on the boat and I grabbed a blanket I’d picked up from a basket we keep in the garage and a lizard jumped out. I almost went overboard : ) Hubs managed to capture him, but they’re quick!!

  8. Hi Kathy! I enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge today and hope you catch your lizard soon! Keep us posted! I love dogs but am also partial to cats! Sure hope your eye problem clears up, as the doctor says.

  9. Hope your haircut came out nice! Hope your eye does improve soon, I understand your frustration. Ouch on the toe!! I had to laugh at myself, when I was reading about the cat I thought it said she went in the freezer at night…LOL.

  10. Just thinking about your salamander is giving me the shivers. I hope you caught it. It always amazes me how much pain something as small as a toe can cause. Hope yours is easing up and the eye is improving. You’re not having a very lucky time at the moment. Especially with a wayward cat. Hope the haircut made you feel better.

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