Making My Way Back To The Hodgepodge…

After a two month hiatus, I’ve finally made my way back to blogging!  Sometimes, a person needs to just take a step back, so that’s what I did.  Before I knew it, one week had turned into two, then a month, and so forth. I’m back blogging, for now, and there’s no place I’d rather start than with The Hodgepodge.  As always, thanks to our hostess, Joyce, for keeping this fun meme going!

1. What title would you give this current chapter of your life?

One Day At A Time

Just like the title of that old song I love.  The lyrics of this song seem to fit my life, these days.

2. December 6 is National Microwave Oven Day. Who knew? Besides popcorn and coffee reheats, what’s the most common thing you microwave? Could you get along without a microwave?

The things I use my microwave most often for are baking potatoes or defrosting ground beef.  Yes, I could get along without it, and I did for many years, but a microwave sure makes life [in the kitchen] easier.

3. If you could insert yourself into any Christmas carol and experience the lyrics in real life, which Christmas carol lyric would you choose and why?

I’m going to choose Sleigh Ride.

I’ve never been on an actual sleigh ride, but it looks like so much fun in those Hallmark movies!  I imagine myself snuggled under a blanket, holding Ed’s hand, while a horse (or two) pulls us through the snow in a sleigh…  There’s a scene like that near the end of one of my favorite Hallmark movies entitled The Christmas Card.  Has anybody else seen it?

4. Describe the most beautiful drive you’ve ever taken.

The most beautiful drive I’ve ever taken was through the Great Smokey Mountains.  It was beautiful, but also a little bit scary, with its steep mountains and sharp curves!

5. What’s something on your Christmas list this year? (an actual list or figuratively speaking, either one)

I’ve been so blessed, I can’t  think of a thing that I truly want or need, this Christmas.  Our family drew names, this year, and I had a hard time even thinking of some “hints” to put on my list.  So…

The main thing on my Christmas list, this year, is going to be staying focused on the real reason for the season–celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  It’s easy to get caught up in all the ‘hoopla’ of Christmas, and forget what’s really important.  I don’t want to be guilty of that!


Ed and I haven’t been idle during my blogging hiatus.

As of November 5, we changed churches (again).  Sadly, it became painfully apparent that things weren’t going to work out in the church we’d been attending for the past nine months.  We had to leave some great new friends behind, but ended up going back to worship with some great old friends at a previous church we’d attended.  I hope and pray this will be our last move!

Ed celebrated his 68th birthday on November 13, with family and a birthday cake.  I didn’t bake his German Chocolate cake until the day before Thanksgiving, though.  It took us that long to finish off his birthday cake!

Ed with two of our grandchildren

In November, I bought a Christmas comforter set, and wanted some window treatments to match.  So, what did I do?  I bought a couple of matching shower curtains and turned them into valances!  I even made a matching throw pillow for the bed, and a pair of curtains for the bathroom, too!

Christmas comforter and matching valances

Thanksgiving came and went.  Our family spent Thanksgiving at our daughter’s house, this year, which was nice for a change, plus it gave me a break.  The only glitch was our grandson, Evan, got sick, so he and his family weren’t able to be with us for Thanksgiving.  After lunch, the girls did some browsing on the internet while the guys watched football.

On the day after Thanksgiving Ed and I pulled out the boxes of Christmas decorations!  We’ve been decorating, outside and inside, ever since.  As of Monday evening we are ‘officially’ finished and all boxes are put away…and it only took eleven days!!!  Whew, this task gets more difficult every year!

a not-so-great picture of our living room tree

Would you believe, after almost six years of raising chickens, we’ve suddenly been plagued by several visits from two different chicken hawks?!  I’d often wondered if a chicken hawk could actually kill a grown chicken, and I recently learned they can–they start with the head.  We’re now down to seven very nervous hens, who are wondering who’s next.

“Trouble”, the cat, is still living at Ed’s parents’ house.  I swear this cat has nine lives…  Ed feeds her twice daily and still closes her up in the freezer room at the end of each day.  Since the time change, we have to time our outings so we can be home by 4, to put the cat to bed each evening!  I tell you, it’s like having children again.

It will be late this evening or tomorrow, before I get around to visiting everyone’s blogs.  Ed and I will be accompanying our daughter into the city, today.  She has a doctor’s appointment and we’re planning to do a little Christmas shopping, as well.  See y’all when we get back!



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  1. Ohhh! A sleigh ride! I would like to do that too! It sounds so fun and romantic! 🙂

  2. I never thought of a sleigh ride, but it sure sounds romantic.

  3. Yes, I’ve seen that movie. It is very good. I’ve never taken a sleigh ride either. I think I would enjoy that too.

    Glad you’re back. I’ve been in and out for quite a while now. Sometimes you just gotta have a break.

  4. I like the idea of a sleigh ride too until I think of the poor horse having to pull it. I hate the carriage rides here in Charleston for that very reason. I have seen that Christmas movie and it was always one of my favorites but they all seem to have the same plot and I’m getting tired of that. How’s your weather? We’re supposed to get cold tonight and stay that way for a while. Fingers crossed. What a great job you did with the Christmas bedroom set. You are so clever and talented! I agree getting the house decorated is getting more difficult with each passing year. Ed makes 68 look pretty darn good, doesn’t he? 🙂 So glad you’re back!

  5. That is so sad about the chickens. Several years ago when we were on a ski trip in Colorado, we decided to do a sleigh ride and it was so much fun. We traveled through the woods and ended up in a big teepee where they cooked a steak dinner for us. It was very cozy in that teepee, but a great memory. So glad we did it. Your decorations look very nice.

  6. So glad you are back! Really missed reading your blog! Glad everyone is okay including Trouble! I have three cats that just appeared one day so I feed them twice a day and put them in my greenhouse at night for safety. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
    Think of you and your family whenever I make your lasagna recipe.

  7. Welcome Back! I don’t think I’ve ever been on a sleigh ride either. I’m watching all 4 movies on Hallmark every weekend. The bedroom looks so cute. Your tree looks lovely. I have a new tree this year and finished it. Have done some other decorating but haven’t finished yet. So sorry to hear about the chicken hawks. ((Hugs)) Amazing that Trouble is still around. Hope you had fun shopping.

  8. I picked driving through the Smokies too, and I am glad someone else chose a fun Christmas song instead of a hymn. I was starting to feel bad for picking SIlver Bells! I enjoyed your HP, but am sorry about the chicken hawks. I would be nervous too!

  9. I’m still decorating too, but think I’m about through as of today. So nice to see you back in the HP and back on your blog. We love the Smoky Mountains too, and I agree it’s one of the prettiest. Enjoy relaxing in front of your tree. I would love to invest in some Christmas bedding too, maybe next year.

  10. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Sounds like you had a busy time away from writing. We all need a break from time to time. I hope that you and Ed continue in good health. I laughed at your description of taking car of the cat still.
    I hope you and your family have a very Merry and God blessed Christmas.

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