Wednesday Hodgepodge # 333…

There are only twelve more days until Christmas!  Can you believe it?!  Me either.  I’m NOT ready…  but I don’t suppose a few more hours of procrastinating is going to make much difference, so I’m participating in The Hodgepodge–or at least I’m going to try.  Last week, the ‘Linky’ mysteriously disappeared after a few hours, so I wasn’t able to read everyone’s posts:(  Hopefully, this week will go better!  As always, thanks to our gracious hostess, Joyce, for everything she does.  Here we go:

1. ‘Hurry less, worry less’…what’s your strategy for making that happen this holiday season? How’s it going so far?

“Hurry less, worry less” is my strategy, this year, along with making it a point to always keep in mind the real reason for the season.  For the most part, it’s going good.  This year, I’ve hurried and worried less than usual, and I’m trying hard to stay focused on Jesus rather than Santa.

2. Do you have a list of to-dos that need accomplishing in order to prepare your home and/or property for the winter season?  We don’t make a list, but there are a few things we do.

What are some of the jobs on your list?  The outside faucets need wrapping and the flowers need protecting, so the greenhouse has to be put back up.  We also drain/cover our large fountain, and cover the plants [at night] that won’t fit inside of the greenhouse.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you hire someone to accomplish these tasks?  Ed takes care of everything, thankfully, and spent most of last Saturday doing just that!

3. According to dietitians surveyed, the most popular health foods for 2018 will be -turmeric, sprouted foods (bean sprouts, breads with sprouted grains, etc), veggies in place of grains, dairy free milk, and pulses (lentils, chickpeas, etc). What’s the first thought that ran through your head when you read this list?  My first thought was “YUK”.

Of the foods listed which one might you add to your regular diet? None of the above.

Also, can milk really be dairy free?  Not to me!  I hate almond milk, and won’t even try soy milk.

Is it still milk?  Again, no, not as far as I’m concerned.  Give me the real thing, please!

4. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. According to the Pantone site ‘Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking pointing us to the future.’ What say you?  I say, it doesn’t communicate those things to me.

Do you like the color purple?  No, I’m not really a fan of it.

Did you see the movie or read the book-ha!?  Yes, I watched the movie twice.

Is purple a color you wear often?  No, it isn’t.

Describe for us one purple item in your home without using the word purple.  It’s knee-length and has a jacket that goes with it.  I’ve had it for over a year and only worn it once.  I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought it.

If you were in charge of such things what color would you select for 2018?  I’d select candy apple red!

5. Favorite book read this year?  I’m going to say the devotional entitled,  Every Day in His Presence by Charles Stanley.  I received this book as a gift, last Christmas, and it’s been such a blessing to me all year.


Yesterday was our oldest grandson, Caden’s, birthday.  He turned nine!

It scares me to death when I think about nine being half-way to eighteen!!!  Oh, be still my heart, where is time going?!  Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was getting a bath in the kitchen sink?

Apparently not!   And wasn’t it only a week or two ago when we celebrated his third birthday in my kitchen?

I guess not.  Time has a way of slipping by…

Happy Birthday, again, Caden.  I hope the next nine years don’t pass as quickly as the first ones did–and I hope Mimi and E are here to experience every one of them with you.

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  1. Time does, indeed, go by so quickly. Adorable pictures of the kitchen-sink bath and beautifully-decorated birthday cake. You are lucky to have such a handy and hard-working husband given the size and diversity of your gardens during the warmer months of the year. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Merry Christmas Kathy! Caden is such a cutey. I had to laugh when I saw him in the sink. When my son was that age he was too big for a sink bath. I had to bathe him in the real tub. Talk about scary. I think your dress sounds very pretty. You should wear it on Christmas.

  3. Happy birthday to your grandson! I sometimes listen to Charles Stanley on the radio. He has a real gift for preaching. Enjoy your holiday prepping and procrastinating : )

  4. Happy Birthday to Caden! He is adorable at all those ages pictured. Yes, they grow up way to fast, but grandkids are just the best!!

  5. That was my first thought, too. I don’t really do healthy food. I’m just trying to drink more water, let’s not start anything too drastic.
    I’ve decided my new favorite color is seafoam, though I don’t think it’s that great of a color to wear. I’m a big fan of black.

  6. My granddaughter just turned one and that first year flew! I didn’t get to see her as much as I wanted. They live 2 hours away and with bad, weather, poor finances and an untrustworthy car, I just didn’t get there. 😦 Hopefully they will make it up so I can see her face on Christmas morning.

  7. I read Every Day in His Presence by Charles Stanley each day too! I really love it. I found your other blog, I guess, and thought I lost you here. I did enjoy the post about the grands!

  8. Welcome back to the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Happy Birthday, Caden. Grandsons are special as are granddaughters. Like my children, my grandchildren are growing up way too fast. I suspect it is the same with you and Ed.
    SWMBO loves the color purple. Our bedroom is purple. I love SWMBO and frankly, I let SWMBO decorate as she pleases.
    SWMBO and I hope that you and Ed have a blessed Christmas and all the best that the New Year has to offer.

  9. I’m with you on the color purple. Happy Birthday Caden. If I don’t get back here I want to make sure that you and your family have a Merry Christmas and that you may be abundantly blessed by God in the New Year!

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