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Ed and I are in the process of getting ready to go on a quick trip to Florida, but I hated not to participate in the Hodgepodge, today, so here I am!  I figure if Joyce can host it, with her house filled with company, I can answer five questions!

As always, thanks to our gracious hostess, Joyce.  I really appreciate everything you do, Joyce.  And to all of the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

1. What are your ingredients for a perfect Saturday?

Now that Ed and I are retired, Saturday is the same as any other day. Therefore, as long as Ed is beside me,  any Saturday is pretty much perfect.

2. What skill do you wish more people took the time to learn?

I wish [some] people would take the time to learn how to be courteous and respectful.  There are also a few folks on the road who could use a little more driver’s education, if you know what I mean.

3. What’s something you ate as a child you can’t stand now as an adult?

Fried fish with the bones still in it.

4. Something parenting has taught you? If you’re not a parent tell us one important lesson you learned from your own parents.

Parenting taught me lots of things–like patience, perseverance, and to expect the unexpected!

5. Share a favorite quote or saying about mothers or motherhood.

 Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.



“Trouble” the cat (from my “Man With the Can” stories) is missing!  She disappeared eight days ago, when our son had someone to pressure wash his house.  Apparently, “Trouble” became frightened, and left home.  Ed has searched for her, but had no luck finding her.  “Trouble’s” never stayed gone this long before, so we’re thinking ‘the worst’ may have happened to her.

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  1. I do hope you find “Trouble!” Have a great time in Florida.

  2. One summer my husband and I lived in West Berlin, Germany. A friend moved into our house to care for our pets. There were many as we lived on a farm. Our 15-year-old cat, Dottie disappeared. I also felt like something must have happened to her. Once we returned in October, we had opened the den window one night in the heat, while watching TV and talking. Suddenly, I heard a meow at the window! I pushed up the screen, and in jumped Dottie. Apparently, she did not like our friend and had stayed away until we returned. She was a great mouser, so she was still healthy and fat!

  3. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Trouble! I would hate losing one of our cats, but it’s not likely because we keep them indoors. We have eagles who would love a cat snack. And I don’t think I could have eaten fish with bones at any point in my life.

  4. I absolutely know what you mean : ) Safe travels and enjoy your trip to Florida!

  5. Expect the unexpected…this is so true to parenting! Hope you have a wonderful trip to Florida!

  6. Oh I’m so sorry. It’s so hard not knowing what happened out our pets. Hope Trouble is found safe.

    • Boy I messed that comment up. I meant to say, it is so hard not know what’s happened to our pets when they are missing. I hope Trouble is found safe very soon.

  7. I’m sorry about your Trouble. That is worrisome. Have a wonderful trip. The days do seem to be pretty much alike when you retire.

  8. Oh no! Poor Trouble. Keep us posted, please! I enjoyed your Hodgepodge! I don’t suppose you will be anywhere close to Lakeland, Florida? Enjoy your trip!!

  9. First of all, enjoy your trip! Love your answer for number one with Ed by your side. I think our answers are the same for #2 with manners and driving! That’s a beautiful quote. Sorry to hear about Trouble.
    Have a lovely Mother’s Day!

  10. Sorry to hear about “Trouble”. Horrible not knowing what’s happened to them. Lovely quote. Enjoy your trip.

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