Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Another week has gone by in a blur.  Time is passing so quickly, the days seem to all run together.  Lately, things are crazy, and it feels like life is running fast forward.  I’m pausing long enough to post and link up with Mrs. Fours at Half-Past Kissin’ Time.


On Monday, the exterminators came.  They were supposed to treat our house for termites, and put down a plastic moisture barrier underneath the house, afterward.  They stayed two hours, sprayed under our house, then left, saying they wouldn’t have time to finish putting the moisture barrier down, so they would come back.  We haven’t heard from them since.


The good news is we haven’t paid the exterminators yet, and they didn’t find any termites under the house (only one place where they’d been)!  The bad news is while they were under our house, they did find a broken drain line (apparently caused by the guy who sprayed insulation under our house, last week).  For over a week our bathroom sink had been draining underneath our house!  Ed had to crawl under the house and get the pipe hooked back into place.  We’re now running a fan and trying to dry things out before the exterminators return.


On Monday, I got a letter in the mail, from the insurance marketplace, telling me they’d received all of my financial information and everything had been approved.  I’d had to send via registered mail–twice.  On Wednesday, I got an email from them telling me they needed more information!  What’s up with that?


On Tuesday we had two different people come out to give us estimates for putting some ‘stucco’ underpinning around the bottom of our house.  One said he’d have to get back with us, the other told Ed, “It’s easy to do.  You could do it yourself”, then he left.  What the heck?  It’s Friday and we still haven’t heard back from either person.  Ed’s been watching ‘do it yourself’ videos on YouTube…


My back is getting better, but it’s been improving so slowly, it’s been hard to notice. Then, on Tuesday, I was able to actually cook a meal (standing up), make the bed, clean the bathroom, and dust the entire living room.  That’s more than I’ve been able to do in an entire month!  Three weeks ago I was using a walker to get around.


On Thursday, Ed got a bill from Medicare Part B for over $500!  They’re supposed to be taking a monthly premium out of his Social Security check–if and when he ever gets one.  Guess what?  We’ll be making another trip to the Social Security Administration office today!


I actually caught Ed singing Que Sera Sera this week. In case you don’t remember that oldie, but goody, by Doris Day, here’s part of the lyrics:

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

I guess that’s a good way to look at things.  Especially in these crazy times!


Our youngest son and his wife have had an interesting week concerning the showing of their house.  It’s been on the market a little over a week.  Of course, they are having to keep it ‘showcase ready’, which is no easy task with an 18 month old little boy in the house!  They’ve had several showings in the past few days, and the show times aren’t always convenient.  As if all of that’s not enough, this week,  a deranged woman suddenly started calling the realtor and harassing her about the sale of our son’s house–not once, but several times!


I can’t help but wonder if my readers get tired of hearing about our crazy lives.  It’s all true.  Nobody could make this stuff up!  When Ed and I planned for retirement, we didn’t plan for all of these complications.


After the crazy week we’ve had, I went outside, late Thursday afternoon.  I looked up, and immediately realized the Lord was sending us a sign– a beautiful rainbow directly over our house!  I quickly ran inside and grabbed my camera.


Things are about to get better.  I just know it in my heart!  Have a great weekend, y’all.

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Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

In an effort to get back into blogging on a more regular basis, I’m posting some Friday Fragments and linking them up @ Half-Past Kissin’ Time.  It feels good to get back into a ‘somewhat’ normal routine again.  Posting with a bad back and a retired hubby around is difficult, y’all!

I ventured out of the house on a short trip to the grocery store, with Ed, on Monday.  (I’ve been pretty much housebound since my back messed up.)  Never, in my wildest dreams, did I think I’d be so happy to visit the local grocery store!  Walking was still painful, so my visit was short, but it was great to get out and about a bit–and we have plenty of food in the house now!

I also helped cook supper on Monday night.  I had to sit in a kitchen chair to finish up, but, with Ed’s help, I made it. We cooked fresh squash from our garden, and, as always, they were so good!  Home-grown veggies always taste the best.

On Tuesday, we lost another one of our ‘original’ flock of six red hens.  Now we’re down to just two.  Sick sister, as I called her, had been ailing for a while. She’d get low, then she’d rally for a few days.  I’m not sure, but from what I’ve read, I think she may have been suffering from ovarian cancer, a disease her breed (Red Star) is known to have. I take comfort in knowing she had a good life.  She enjoyed the last several months of free ranging. We still have seven young hens in our new flock.  Our egg count topped 500, today–and that’s just since January!

On Tuesday night, we received some of the ‘typhoon-like’ weather that had been predicted for Wednesday.  The wind and rain woke me up during the night.  We woke up to find our house surrounded by water.  The garden was  surrounded, as well.  Fortunately, Ed had dug a long ditch at the end of the garden rows, so he was able to open up the rows, and drain the majority of the water out of the garden.  It’s too early to tell how much damage was done to the plants while they sat in water overnight.  We’ve gotten over six inches of rain during the past week!

On Wednesday, I drove my car for the first time in over three weeks.  I drove myself to the hair dresser’s.  It was time for a haircut, and I was more than ready!  I had over an inch cut off, in an effort to get rid of some of my old hair color, and to make my hair easier to take care of.  The salt and pepper look is quickly taking over my hair, but, you know, I kind of like it!

The weather turned unseasonably cool, on Wednesday.  I’d just thrown my flannel shirt in the dirty clothes hamper (I use it for a jacket when I do outside chores) because I thought I was finished with it until fall.  Surprise!  I had to dig it back out, on Wednesday morning–and turn the heat back on!  What is up with this weather???

After the crazy month of April, I’m more than happy to say hello to the month of May!  Hopefully, life here will soon settle back into a normal state–with no mold or termite issues, no dealing with government agencies, and no more back aches!  Normal sounds very good, right about now.

Happy May Day!



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‘Good Friday’ Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Here it is, the Friday before Easter again.  Didn’t we just celebrate Easter?  It certainly seems like it to me.  The days are passing so fast, they practically all run together, these days, but it certainly didn’t seem that way when I was a youngster! Ha!  Now I’m sounding old!

It’s been another busy week around our house.  We’ve done a little of everything–housework, gardening, painting, shopping–and all of this was done during a week when I haven’t even been feeling my best!  Imagine what I could have gotten done during a ‘good’ week!

Ed and I now have seven rows of our 2015  garden planted, but we still have about five more rows to plant.  You may recall that we plant each row by hand.  Ed pokes the holes with an old mop handle, and I go behind him dropping the seeds in the holes.  He then goes behind me and covers up the holes.  It’s quite a process, and each row is about 100 feet long!  I’m getting a ‘farmer’s tan’ 🙂

Our hens have gone crazy laying eggs!  Longer daylight hours, in addition to the warmer weather has ‘the girls’ workin’ overtime!  We’re averaging 7 to 9 eggs per day, out of 10 hens.  Three of those ten hens are over 3 years old, so we thought they’d be retired by now!  Only one of those three has retired.  She’s actually not retired, I think she may be sick with ovarian cancer, but that’s a story for another day.

Some of my readers have asked how long the eggs will keep.  The answer is “several weeks”, in the refrigerator, but if the eggs aren’t washed, and are simply rubbed with a coating of mineral oil, they supposedly will last up to a year, with NO refrigeration!  I’m afraid to try that trick though.

Other readers have asked what we do with all of these eggs. (There are several dozen in the refrigerator, at the moment.)  The answer is “We share some with our family and friends, and we EAT a lot of eggs!”  I’ve also read that you can crack eggs, scramble them up, and pour the raw egg mixture into ice trays to freeze the egg mixture for cooking.  I haven’t tried that trick either.  I’d be more likely to try this than the mineral oil trick though!

Speaking of eggs, are you ready for Easter yet?  I am not!  I usually bake a ham for Easter, but we’re having turkey this year.  Call me crazy!  The turkey is now in the refrigerator thawing.  That’s the extent of my Easter preparations, so far.

Today I’ll spend some time in the kitchen, preparing all of the ingredients for homemade stuffing–or dressing as we like to call it here in the south.  Fortunately, I will have some help with the rest of the meal.  My girls will be making some great desserts and side dishes to go along with the turkey and dressing.

On Saturday afternoon, the grandchildren will gather in my kitchen and color several dozen eggs.  Almost all of them are getting old enough to color eggs by themselves, so it should be exciting for them.  Afterward, we’ll feast on grilled hot dogs and potato chips, plus what ever desserts the girls bring.

Sunday, if the weather permits, while everyone else is gone to church, Ed and I will hide about 300 plastic eggs all over our yard.   After lunch, young and old, alike, can put their egg hunting skills to the test!  FYI: We NEVER find all of the eggs.  In fact, just the other day, I found an egg from last year–a prize egg, no less–buried in the straw of my flower bed.  Ed is one good egg hider!

That’s about it for this edition of ‘Good Friday’ Fragments.  I’ll be linking them up with Mrs. Fours @ Half-Past Kissin’ Time.

Just for fun, I’m re-posting a montage of some of my favorite Easter moments, but I really need to make a new montage, since this one is getting a bit out-dated.  We’ve added another little one to our family, since it was made, plus the baby at the end of this montage is now 3 1/2 years old!  Like I said, time is flying.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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Seven Weeks And Counting…

Today marks the seven week anniversary of Ed’s retirement.  It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  Thankfully, we had four beautiful days in a row, this week, with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s!  Unfortunately, all of that has changed now.  It’s a cloudy 46 degrees!

We’ve had lots of activities going on this week.  First of all, Ed began a new outdoor project.  He’s putting some extra electrical outlets near the places [in our yard] where we  normally place our outside Christmas decorations.  Now we won’t require the use of so many extension cords, and the decorations should be safer, too.  We tripped a few circuit breakers last Christmas!  This project is time-consuming, so I’m counting on it to keep Ed busy for a few more days.

Ed tackled another project, this week, too.  He built a removable partition for one end of the chicken coop.  This will give us a place to keep any hen, who isn’t feeling well, away from the other hens.  Putting up the partition will make an instant isolation coop.  Speaking of the chickens, we’ve had a little more ‘chicken drama’, this week.

For a while, we’ve been noticing our three older hens have what can only be described as a case of ‘the nasty butt’. (sorry if that’s TMI)  I kept thinking time would take care of this, but it kept getting worse.  Finally, I read when this happens, the solution is to wash their behinds, then put probiotic in their drinking water.  Well, I gave them the probiotic, but wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of washing their behinds!  I read if this condition goes unchecked, it can lead to more serious illness, and, sure enough, one of the three eventually got sick.  Unfortunately, there was nothing left to do, but wash some nasty chicken butts!

When it finally warmed up to 70 degrees, on Monday, I decided it would be a good day for tackling the nasty deed.  One by one, Ed and I caught the hens.  I held each hen in my lap, while Ed gently sprayed water on her bottom.  It took a while, but, eventually, Ed got every hen’s behind clean.  (By the way, he wore gloves, and I wore a trash bag, while tackling this nasty job!)  We sprayed the cleaned area with a wound treatment, and each one of the hens went merrily on their way.  I worried a bit about the sickly hen, because she really panted the entire time we cleaned her, but she survived intact.  By the next day, all three butts were fluffy and pretty again!  The sickly hen still isn’t feeling her best, but seems better than she was at the first of the week.  Who knew keeping chickens could be so ‘involved’?!


a blanket nest

In other chicken drama, our rebel hen continues to lay her eggs on the dog’s blankets, under our car port.  Not only that, but she’s fashioned herself a little nest out of part of the blankets and some straw!  It’s quite a sight to see a chicken sitting beside our dog, but neither seems to mind.  Rebellion is contagious, because, on Thursday, a second hen started laying in the blanket nest, too!  Oh, my!  This might be a problem.

Chicken drama wasn’t the only drama going on around our house, this week.  ‘Jo Jo’, the formerly feral tom cat got into a nasty fight with something, and came home with one eye all messed up!  Since he’s formerly feral, he won’t let us do much of anything for his eye, and it looks bad.  We’ll be surprised if he doesn’t lose sight in it.  Hormones are raging, and being one-eyed hasn’t stopped ‘Jo Jo’ from trying to mate with our cat, ‘Baby’!  Thank goodness, ‘Baby’ has been spayed, and just thinks ‘Jo Jo’ has lost his mind, as well as his eye!


squash, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage

Those warm, sunny days, this week, have done wonders for my plants!  The garden peas have begun to sprout in the garden, and the plants I’m keeping in the laundry room have benefited greatly from spending some time outdoors in the sunshine!  I do believe some of them have grown an inch!  Only four more weeks until I can transplant them!

One would think that spring has officially sprung, by some of our activities, this week. First of all, I wore shorts!  Then,  I opened the windows and aired out the entire house! Finally, I had to actually turn on the air conditioner for two whole days! We dusted off the grill, and had bar-b-que chicken for supper one night.  On Thursday, Ed dusted off the lawnmower and cut our grass, too!  It’s too bad  the warm temps didn’t last.  Our high for today is predicted to be 46 degrees!  I’ve put away the shorts, and brought my sweat pants back out. 😦

I hate to end this post on a sad note, but the entire week hasn’t been a happy one.  My long-time readers may remember the little boy named Alex, that my daughter kept in her home, a while back.  Alex stayed with our daughter, Brandy, while his mom worked.  He was with her from just before his first birthday, until about three months before his third birthday.

Alex was born very premature and had a lot of problems because of it.  He was developmentally delayed, had an eating disorder, and was totally deaf.  Eventually, Alex learned to walk, and was able to get cochlear implants so he could hear.  Alex never conquered his eating disorder while he stayed with Brandy, and would often throw up while eating or immediately afterward. Eventually, it became too difficult for Brandy to continue to keep Alex, in addition to home schooling her daughter.  The picture, below, was taken about the time Alex stopped coming.


Late Summer, Fall 2013 523Alex with his mom, October 2013

About a year ago,  little Alex’s mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  We were devastated when we heard the news!  Sadly, she lost her battle with this horrible disease, yesterday.  She was just 30 years old.  I am so distraught for little Alex, who has already had to conquer so much during his short life.  You know, sometimes life doesn’t seem fair.

Alex’s mama will be laid to rest on Sunday.  Meanwhile, Alex just celebrated his fourth birthday.  So sad!




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Some Soggy Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I almost hate to post anything today, since I’m still in the midst of a case of ‘cabin fever’. However, in reading everyone’s blogs and Facebook posts, I can see that I’m not alone in this!    Some folks are dealing with ice and snow, others with cold and rain, but everyone seems to be dealing with something!  We’ll get through this winter of 2015, I know we all will!

Ed and I planted the first of our garden, on Monday, in between showers of rain.  It’s rained every day since!  If the potatoes, onions, carrots, and garden peas don’t rot, it will be a miracle because we’ve gotten 3 1/2 inches of rain in just two days… The fact that we plant our garden on raised beds of dirt [because of the way our tractor works] could be a saving factor, but it’s too early to tell.  Meanwhile, we have tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers growing in cups in our laundry room!  What a pain it is to wash clothes, these days 🙂  Thankfully, these seedlings will be soon be spending warmer days on the back porch, until it’s time to transplant them!

Everything is soggy outside, and our chickens appear to be bored.  Apparently, chickens must lay more eggs when they’re bored!  I picked up seven eggs, yesterday.  Seven eggs from ten chickens is pretty good, especially when three of the ten are older hens.  Our egg count is almost up to 100, in less than six weeks time!

Since the weather has been wet and cold, this week, I’ve been watching a lot of television.  I’ve watched several movies, some recorded weekly shows, and even caught the rerun of the 40th anniversary special of Saturday Night Live.  Watching the original cast members of SNL brought back some very old memories!  I was only 21 when the show debuted–and that seems like almost a lifetime ago. (It was!)  Chevy Chase has gotten old…

It’s been a l-o-n-g week for Ed.  He doesn’t do well when he’s cooped up in the house!  He tried to go outside, in between rain showers, but he wasn’t able to stay outside long.  He’s been restless, and has been in and out a lot this week. (which drives me crazy)  Some retirement days can be challenging.

Speaking of Ed, he’s started a new hobby.  He’s been trying to learn how to play the guitar.  Ed already knows how to play the piano, but it’s been years since he’s played.  Ed says playing the guitar is more difficult than playing the piano because (a) his fingers are short, and (b) the tips of his fingers are soft and tender!  Time will tell if he rises to the challenge.

I’m thankful the end of the month is finally here!  February has been our first month of living on our new budget.  Even though Ed’s still getting paid every two weeks, from his previous job, we went ahead and put ourselves on a ‘paid once a month’ budget, in preparation for the days ahead.  Let me just say, this has taken some getting used to!  I bought one of those coupon organizers and separated our monthly money into categories.  Now that the end of the month is here, we have $9.00 left in the ‘extras category’, and $26.00 left in the gas/oil category.  All other categories are empty!  I couldn’t help but wonder what the cashiers thought when I pulled out my handy coupon organizer to pay 🙂

That’s it for this edition of Friday Fragments.  As usual, I’m linking up with Mrs. Fours, @ Half-Past Kissin’ Time.  If you haven’t already done so, why not hop  on over and join her party!  Enjoy your weekend.


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A Few Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Week five of retirement has been a wet and cold one!  Of course, after watching the evening news, I’ve realized it’s not really cold here, compared to most places.  Still, for us, it’s been cold enough to keep us indoors.  All of that is due to change tomorrow, thank goodness!  Temps are supposed to reach 72, by Sunday.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

We met with an insurance agent, on Monday, to purchase future healthcare coverage, for after the insurance, from Ed’s previous job, runs out.  Between the two of us, the process took about two hours, so that took care of a big portion of the day!  Ed got one kind of policy, while I got another.  After all of that, Ed’s previous employer now says, “We could have covered you through the end of May.” (If this is true, why did they first state the end of March on the form?)  Grrr….  Speaking of Ed’s previous employer, why is it they had no problem disabling our ‘Flex Pay’ medical expense card, but are having so much trouble discontinuing taking the payments for it out of Ed’s check?!

Ed had to go and have blood work done, this week.  He’s always had his blood drawn at the hospital where he used to work, so he went back there, on Wednesday, to have it done.  As usual, anytime he goes back to the hospital, his blood pressure goes up.  Things are still crazy there, and dealing with them makes us crazy, too!

I took down all of the Valentine’s Day decorations, yesterday, and put out the St. Patrick’s Day decorations.  My St. Patrick’s Day decorations are my least favorite decorations, since I’m not a fan of green (except for money, of course!).  It’s sort of fruitless to decorate a green tree with green decorations anyway.  In just over three weeks, it will be time to decorate for Easter!  This year is passing quickly.

You know, I’ve had nothing but trouble with the temporary crown I had put on three weeks ago.  Well, last night, while eating a piece of Valentine’s Day candy (my first and only piece!), the crown actually came off!  Fortunately, I realized it was off before I actually swallowed it.  Hopefully, I’ll be going back to the dentist today!  (If not, it will be a long weekend!)  This will be visit #4, since receiving this crown!  I’m hoping and praying the permanent one works better than the temporary one has!  Of course, the problems in my life are small, compared to the problems of some people in my life, so I shouldn’t complain.

Speaking of the problems of people in my life, I’d like to end this edition of Friday Fragments by asking for your prayers.  Not for me, but for some people who are very close to me.  My sister-in-law ( my brother’s wife) is going through some tough times, at the moment.  Her mom is currently under the care of Hospice, and is living out her final days.  As if that’s not enough to deal with, my brother and his wife are dealing with other serious family problems [concerning their oldest grandson], as well.  Please pray for God’s strength and guidance for them, as they travel the road that lies ahead.

I’m linking today’s fragments up over @ Half-Past Kissin’ Time.  Thanks for hosting, Mrs. Fours!

Stay warm, and enjoy your weekend!  God willing, I’ll see you back here, on Monday.





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Friday Fragments…

Today marks the end of week #3 since Ed lost his job  and went into retirement.  It’s been the most difficult week, so far, at least for me.  I chalk this up to the fact that I haven’t been feeling well all week.  Nothing else has really changed.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I had a temporary crown put on a tooth, on Monday.  I’ve had a lot of discomfort, since then, and will be returning to the dentist again, today.  The problem is not the dentist, it’s my teeth and how they fit together, which isn’t normal.  Hopefully, “the third time will be the charm”, and the dentist can get my crown down a little lower today.  My gums are already feeling much better.

This week also marks the second week I’ve been reducing my HRT (hormone replacement therapy).  I’ve been gradually working toward stopping HRT, for over a year, by going down to a lower dosage, last January.  I recently began the process of skipping one capsule every third day, another step in weaning off hormone therapy slowly. No hot flashes, so far, but I can tell a change in my mood.  I’m hoping my mood will change, for the better, once my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore!

It rained again this week, and we discovered Ed wasn’t successful in fixing the leak in our roof.  He got on top of the house again, yesterday, and added more silicone.  I’m hoping “the third time will be the charm” for the roof, as well as my tooth. When Ed built our house, several years ago, he put a tin roof on it.  It’s been nothing but a problem for the past two years!  If money wasn’t an object, I’d have that tin replaced with shingles, in a heartbeat.

Ed and I are still working on getting our business affairs transitioned, in the wake of his involuntary retirement.  He was finally able to get the final date that our insurance coverage will end, so we can move forward with shopping for new insurance coverage.  For the first time in our lives, we’ll have separate health insurance policies, because Ed’s on Medicare.

Ed and I took a trip to town, yesterday, to have our prescriptions filled and to stop by the grocery store.  We ran into a former co-worker of Ed’s, and he told us that three people, at the hospital, had gotten their jobs back, this week. The management company discovered they’d “cut too deep”, so they had to back-track and re-hire some personnel. Hearing this has me wondering about this management company…

The big project for this week, for Ed, turned out to be re-doing our grapevines.  We have several vines, and Ed hasn’t had much time to properly take care of any of them.  He started with the two vines closest to our house, this week.  He took down the old strands of wire the vines were running on, and replaced that with new fence wire.  It will take a year or two for the vines to recover, and get properly trained, but the vines should grow much better and yield more grapes, in the end.

My projects for the week consisted of starting a new book and painting some Valentine’s Day sun catchers.  I wasn’t thrilled with the way the sun catchers turned out, but, at least, the book is good.  I’m reading American Sniper.  I wanted to see the movie, but figured the book would be much better.

That’s about it for this edition of Friday Fragments, and I’ll be linking up with Mrs. Fours @ Half-Past Kissin’ Time. Enjoy your weekend!


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A Few Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It’s been a while since I’ve joined Mrs. Fours for Friday Fragments, but I’m finally attempting to get back into a normal blogging routine.  That means I should be posting and visiting a little bit more in the future–I hope!

Finally! I am free from the Christmas clutter that has been plaguing me, and am getting back to normal life.  As of last Friday, the last of the Christmas decorations were taken down and safely packed away in their storage containers.  What did we ever do before the invention of those neat plastic storage boxes?!

I have decorated the ‘year round’ tree for January, by covering it with snowmen, snowballs, and snowflakes.  I bought several new ornaments for the tree, for half price, or less.  I also bought a box of old-fashioned icicles (for 75% off) and draped them over the limbs.  Putting those icicles on the tree brought back some old memories from my childhood.  Remember when everybody used to put icicles on their Christmas trees?  Remember how the icicles would cling to your clothing when you got close to the tree?  They still do!  Ha!


January tree (and partial snowman collection)

Everyone’s been busy, plus I’ve had an after-Christmas cold, so Ed and I haven’t seen much of the kids and their families, lately.  Last Friday night, just like old times, the children who live closest to us stopped in for a visit.  Everyone brought their own supper, and we all had a great time catching up with each other.  I jokingly told them I thought they didn’t love us anymore, since we hadn’t seen much of them since Christmas!

Of course, we missed Brad, Jennifer, and Evan’s presence, last Friday night, like we always do when they’re not with us.  It just so happened that Brad called while the others were here, so he did manage to get in on a little of our conversation, too!

Speaking of our grandson, Evan, apparently, he’s learned how to climb since Christmas!  His daddy reported that he’s climbing on EVERYTHING, including the stairs, if given the opportunity!  Evan’s also had his first haircut since we’ve seen him.  Our youngest ‘grand’ is growing up–and we’re missing out on most of it because he’s not here much.


Evan, our youngest ‘grand’

Unfortunately, Ed’s has had a minor health issue that’s been making him miserable, for a little over a week.  He visited the doctor, on Monday, and has slowly been getting better, since then. It’s been a long week for Ed, and I know, without a doubt, he’s glad it’s Friday!

It’s been rainy and cold here for the entire week!  I haven’t seen the sun in so long, I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Judging from the comments on Facebook, I’m not alone!  Hopefully, the sun will find its way through the clouds soon!  I can live with the cold temperatures, as long as the sun is shining!

I’ve been busy doing odd jobs around the house, such as cleaning out and organizing the pantry, sorting and organizing old pictures and mementos, and, of course, packing away the last of the Christmas decorations.   I still need to do some serious decluttering!

In closing, today, January 16th, is a special day for someone who’s near and dear to my heart.


 It’s my ‘oldest‘, ‘bestest’, and only brother’s birthday!  S-M-I-L-E!

 David, I hope your day is just as special as you are!  Happy Birthday!  Wishing you many, many more!


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Friday Fragments From My Neck Of The Woods…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Another week has come and gone again.  I haven’t been able to concentrate long enough to write a themed post, this week, so how about a few fragments about life in our neck of the woods?


Ed almost didn’t plant any sweet potatoes, this year.  However, in June, just as we were about to throw away the remnants of last year’s yams, we discovered that some of the potatoes had begun to sprout–at lot!  So, we cut off the sprouts, and planted them, even though most of them had no roots yet. (usually we break off the sprouts and let them grow roots in water first)  To our surprise, the sprouts lived, and soon began growing sweet potato vines.  Last week, Ed plowed up the plants, and dug the potatoes.  He was pleased with his crop!



The chickens are driving me crazy! Trying to teach them to sleep on the perches in the chicken coop has been frustrating, to put it mildly. I never know what I’m going to find when I go outside to close them up for the evening.  At first, none of the chicks were on perches, but this is what I found on Monday evening, so perhaps there’s hope…


Three chicks on the perches, four on the shelf!  (We don’t want them to sleep on the shelf.)  In spite of the fact that we stood some of the shelving board upright, some of the pullets insisted on continuing to sleep on it!  I’m sure ‘uncomfortable’ would be an understatement for how they slept!  On Tuesday, Ed moved the shelf around a bit more, then added a large piece of pvc pipe to the top of it, to discourage perching.  By last night, all but two chicks were sleeping on the perches. Wouldn’t you know, ‘Dixie’ (the white chick) was still one of the ‘hold outs’?!  I think ‘Dixie’ fancies herself to be a rooster, as well as the leader of the flock.  I can tell this, not only by her actions, but by the fact that she chose to sleep at the highest point in the coop!


I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s ‘Red Ribbon Week’ in our neck of the woods. Red Ribbon Week is an anti-drug campaign, which lets students participate in a variety of activities all week, including dressing in different ways each day. I’ve really enjoyed some of the pictures on Facebook, this week! Our daughter-in-law rose to the challenge, when our grandson, Caden, decided he wanted to be a garbage man for ‘Dress Up Day’:

10354181_10152360580141428_3150331942852162744_n Caden

and our daughter, also, rose to the challenge, when her daughter had to dress as a ‘Super Hero’ for AWANA night.  May I present to you, ‘Super Girl’…

1794788_10204920108383910_6253811428338851948_n Madison


It’s been many years since Ed had to go (in person) to get his driver’s license renewed, but 2014 was Ed’s year to go.  All of the rules have changed, and now a person has to bring a certified copy of their birth certificate, their social security card, and two proofs of their residence when renewing their license.  Tuesday night, Ed gathered all of the required documents (he thought) and put them in his car. Imagine his surprise, the next day, when he handed the lady all of his documentation, and she informed him that he’d brought his wife’s birth certificate instead of his!  Ha!  (He’d kill me if he knew I told this.)  I tell you, old age ain’t for sissies! The license lady, upon noticing Ed also has a motorcycle license, told Ed, “You can ride your bike back to the patrol office, on the return trip, and get some fresh air.”  Ha!  Ed hasn’t owned (or ridden) a motorcycle in quite a few years!  I’m thinking the license lady was probably amused by Ed…


Last, but not least, our town held trick-or-treat last evening.  Ed and I had four trick-or-treaters. Three of them were our grandchildren, while the ‘Minnie Mouse’ is like an ‘honorary grand’ because our daughter-in-law keeps her every afternoon, and she calls us “Mimi” and “E”, too.  All were adorable!


Halloween 2014 –  Chase, Caden, Madison, and Rylan

Ed’s off again today, so I’m going to end this post now.  Those ‘mandatory’ vacation days sure do roll around often!  Ed doesn’t seem to mind having every other Friday off, so I guess that’s good. Nothing else has happened with the hospital (yet), but I suspect some changes are just over the horizon…  Stay tuned–and have a good weekend–even if we do have to change over to Daylight Savings Time! (Ugh!)  Sunday morning’s temperatures are also supposed to dip down to 40 degrees… Brrrrr!


Oh, one last thing, a shout out to my brother and sister-in-law, who live in Florida, and usually read this blog– I’ll be thinking of y’all tomorrow during the GA/FLA game.  Go ‘Dawgs’! 🙂

I’m linking this post up @ Half-Past Kissing Time.  Thanks, Mrs. Fours, for hosting Friday Fragments!

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Friday Fragments #324…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Wow, what a busy week this has been!  During a normal week, I only go to town once.  This week,  I’ve been to town every day!  It’s all good though.  Next week I can stay home the entire week, if I want to 🙂  Yay for retirement, and being able to stay home!

On Tuesday, I had my hair cut and colored–again.  I’m seriously thinking about phasing out having my hair colored, in the near future.  I’ve always said I didn’t want to become the little old lady with black hair, and I feel like that’s where I’m headed!  I think it’s about time for a change.  It’s beginning to feel awkward with my hair being dark, while Ed’s is so white.  (Maybe I can meet him halfway? Ha!)

On Wednesday, I went to the doctor for my six month’s checkup.  I got a good report.  According to all of my lab results, I’m doing fine.  I guess that means my total lack of energy and inability to sleep is due to ‘old age’. It figures!  I’ll just have to deal with it. (my words, not the doctor’s)

Thursday was our granddaughter, Madison’s, eighth birthday.  It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since our first grandchild arrived.  I remember that day like it was just yesterday.  (It was one of the most stressful days of our lives–and it ended with an unscheduled c-section!)

Since it was her birthday, I offered to take Madison and her mama out for lunch–to any place Madison wanted to go.  She chose The Huddle House, so that’s where we went!  Later in the day, after Ed came home from work, Madison’s other grandma came over, and we shared cake and ice cream with Madison and her mama. (Madison’s daddy had to work late.)


Madison posing with the doll cake her mama made for her

I’ve really been enjoying these cooler days and nights!  It finally feels like fall 🙂  I think the highs may reach near 80 over the weekend, but it’s okay since two different grandchildren have outside birthday parties planned!  We’ll be celebrating birthdays all weekend long.  Evan’s first birthday party will be on Saturday, and Madison’s party will be on Sunday!

Last night, some of my young chickens finally tried roosting on the perches in their chicken coop! Not all of them,  but some did.  Yay!  We’re finally making progress!  The chicks who refused to get on the perches, were huddled underneath the ones who were on the roosts.  Those chicks may have gotten pooped on during the night!  That should teach ’em!

Since I brought up the chickens, today, I’m going to leave you with a couple of pictures.  I know I’ve told you that my chicks are friendly and lovable, and spoiled. Well, I finally have some pictures to prove it!


One of the older girls, named ‘Bossy,’sharing a moment with me on the back steps


Speckles, Freckles, Dottie, Ebony, and Dixie vying for my attention 

I can’t believe how big the new young chicks have gotten already!  They are growing up quickly!  Six weeks ago, they would fit in the palm of my hand.  I tell you, these girls are convinced they’re my lap chickens.  After all, I ordered them from a site called My Pet  Friendly chicks–gotta’ love ’em!

Just so you know, right after the picture above was taken, someone pooped in my lap! Ha!  It’s one of the hazards of having ‘lap chickens’.  The other hazard is getting scratched, which is why I’m wearing Ed’s long-sleeved shirt over my dress!

I’m linking up my Friday Fragments over at Half-Past Kissin’ Tiime.  Have a great weekend, y’all!  I’ll see ya’ on Monday.

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