Monday, Monday…Friends And Answered Prayers…

The beginning of this week finds me quietly giving thanks, again, for another answered prayer–and for having the opportunity to re-connect with an old friend–in the strangest place! 

Six months ago, when I had my yearly mammogram, the radiologist found a  calcification( spot) on my left breast.  He recommended more films–with a closer view of that specific area.  I had “spot magnification” films done, and the radiologist dictated his finding as a “probable benign calcification”.  He recommended a 6 month follow-up repeat mammogram on that breast.  After a personal  call to the radiologist by my hubby, a visit to my OB/GYN, and the surgeon for a second opinion, it was decided that the “spot” was indeed a benign calcification.  Instead of having a biopsy, I would wait 6 months, then have a repeat mammogram on that breast only.  Some women panic, and request an immediate biopsy, I chose to wait it out. 

On Thursday, I had my repeat mammogram done.  I had to have more of those “spot magnification” films done–which means they squeeze the breast a little flatter than normal!  If you think a regular mammogram is fun–you should try having the deluxe treatment done!   The technician didn’t have to tell me “not to breathe”…because I literally couldn’t!  When somebody has your boob in a grip like that, it’s an automatic reflex to hold your breath and not move!

As if the  “deluxe boob squeeze test” wasn’t enough, I also had to have blood work, and a urinalysis done for my rheumatologist.  Nothing like being totally degraded three times in a row…Too bad they didn’t have a two-for-one special at the hospital!  I shudder to think what that little hour of testing will end up costing…

The good news is…I found out on Friday afternoon that there hasn’t been any change in the spot on my left breast–which means it’s okay!  I am relieved.  I still have to go back to the surgeon in May for one final examination, before being released.  It’s just a formality.  I’d been told that 95% of the time these calcification are “nothing”, but the  5%  chance that it could be “something” has been lurking in the back of my mind for the past 6 months.

While I was at the hospital having all of my tests done, I ran into my old friend and former co-worker, Mary.  She was having 6 month follow-up tests done, too.  I didn’t know it, but at the same time I was having my mammogram ” cancer scare”, she was having a much larger, very real “cancer scare”…

She told me she had been sick with the stomach virus, and had become dehydrated, which she sought treatment for.  Somehow, in the process of her treatment for the virus/dehydration, a test was done that revealed a spot on one of her kidneys.  Long story short, she ended up having that kidney removed because it had a tumor inside of it.  Her doctor told her that she was very fortunate the cancer was found when it was,  because the cancer was still “encapsulated” and had not spread anywhere else.  What a miracle…”just by accident” a tumor was found, and removed before it had a chance to “explode” and spread cancer everywhere. 

Mary and I had a great talk about “old times” and work.  She used to be the school secretary.  Sometimes it was part of my job to help Mary in the school supply store.  She sold pencils, and gave out daily medications to the students each morning–before beginning her regular duties!  Just like me, she was drawn into circumstances which forced her to leave a job that she loved…a job that she’d spent 18 years doing–3 years longer than I’d spent doing mine.  We spoke of how painful it was to leave those jobs behind, and we had a mutual understanding of each other’s pain. 

It was great reconnecting with Mary again.  I hope she gets a good report from her scan, that she will fully recover, and can carry on with life as usual for many years to come.  I neglected to mention that Mary has also had recent knee surgery, too… 

As for me, thank you, Lord, for yet another answered prayer, for keeping me healthy, and for blessing my day with the presence of a dear old friend…

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Not Me Monday Continued…(Easter Weekend…)


If this post pulls up first…please make sure to read the preceeding post before this one…You have to read them together to get the whole vision of my week leading up to Easter!  Trust me, it’s a “doozie”! 

On Saturday…I got up, took a couple more of those Excedrin, and began to color Easter eggs at 8 o’clock in the morning…Our church had an egg hunt planned for 11 o’clock.  While coloring those eggs, and making some baked beans to go with the hot dogs at church, we received bad news…Our son-in-law’s uncle had been found dead.  Not the kind of news that you want to hear at any time, but especially at holiday time.  Apparently, the uncle had suffered a heart attack and died sometime during the night. 

We went to the church, watched the grandkids search for eggs, ate lunch,  and upon returning home found our old, sick, dog “Hobbs” laying on our walkway at the base of the front steps.  He was obviously in very bad shape.  He’d stopped eating– for the second time– 3 days before, and was now swollen and having trouble breathing.  I rubbed his head, and talked to him, thinking that darn dog is going to wait and die on Easter Sunday.  I just knew in my heart that this situation wasn’t going to end well… 

Meanwhile…our family had planned to get-together later on Saturday afternoon to color eggs for Sunday, and to eat pizza together. 

Christina, Jennifer, Brandy, Madison coloring eggs...

  I also had to make the stuffing to go with the turkey.  In addition, I baked and decorated a rabbit cake for Easter.  Thank goodness,  my daughter helped me get the cake finished when I “pooped out”. 

Our bunny cake

Our family had a great time eating pizza, coloring eggs, and playing a game called “Catch Phrase”.  I was busy cooking and didn’t participate in the game, but I have never laughed so much in my life!  Some of the clues and answers being given were hilarious!  I highly recommend that game for some great family fun!

Pizza time for everyone...

  The last of the children left after 11 o’clock that evening…and my hubby and I were planning to attend the sunrise services at church at 7:30…It was another sleepless evening for me…I saw the clock at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30…then finally got up at 6:20–to get the turkey started!

our small, beautiful sunrise service in the country...

Our sunrise service at church was beautiful.  Some chairs were gathered under some large oaks beside the church–facing the east, ofcourse….the morning was cool and a little foggy at first.  A cock was crowing in the distance as the pastor gave his message…the pastor gently accompanied the congregation on his dulcimer as we sang.  We listened to the pastor’s message of new beginnings and new hope…how we should be joyful and positive!  It was absolutely wonderful…. 

I was uplifted by the service, and afterward, I stopped by to see what the Easter Bunny had left our granddaughter, Madison.  She was sitting at the table admiring the contents of her basket.  In a few minutes I left to head for the kitchen to get Easter lunch started….  It was just about that time that things went down hill… 

My husband had been out looking for “Hobbs” the dog, and had found him–he’d crawled under the wooden steps leading to our front porch–and died there.  Not a good thing!  First of all, my faithful companion had indeed died on Easter, just as I’d feared.  Next, he’d died under the steps leading to the front porch!  No way to ignore the fact that he was there! 

Time was of the essence, for my husband and I that Easter morning.  We had 160 filled plastic eggs to hide in our yard while the others were at Sunday School and church.  I had dinner to prepare, and now Ed had a dog to retrieve and bury.  We had to prioritize, then get busy! 

We began by hiding those eggs–all one-hundred and sixty of them…By the time we were finished, Ed was holding his head and feeling faint from all of the getting up and down…I was trying to ignore the fact that there was a dead animal under the steps while I hid eggs all around him.  It was hard…finally I gave up and went inside.  Ed finished hiding the eggs for me. 

peace at last...

“Hobbs” was a large dog, and he’d crawled into a small space to die…but he did look peaceful curled up in that hole in the dark privacy of the steps.  I found some comfort in that.  I refused to be outside while my hubby removed the body since it involved tying a rope around him and dragging him out from under the steps, then loading him into the wheelbarrow…Instead I busied myself in the kitchen, and cried over the loss of my friend… 

My husband is now 60 years old, and isn’t really able to dig a hole large enough to bury “Hobbs”.  We’d discussed what to do, but hadn’t really decided.  My husband has a dirt scoop for his tractor, so he decided to try to use it to help dig a hole.  He dug a few scoops,  and somehow the scoop got stuck under the tractor.  Ed had to jack up the tractor to retrieve his scoop…it was quite an ordeal, and took nearly two hours to get “Hobbs” buried.  

In the meantime, I was in the kitchen, cooking, crying, and getting a “sick headache”.  By the time Ed returned to the house I was nearly hysterical.  He shooed me out of the kitchen to calm down, and he finished up lunch.  What a day!  Needless to say, we didn’t make our traditional family Easter photograph this year–everyone had pictures made except for Ed and me! 

Thankfully, lunch turned out good, and the adult egg hunt was a  huge success.  Our grown children had a wonderful time hunting for eggs…in fact they left the grandchildren “in the dust”and ran off to find the eggs…Ed hid those eggs so well that there are eggs hidden somewhere–despite the fact that everyone searched and searched!  Grandson, Caden, only found three eggs(he preferred to pick up rocks and sticks), while his mother found over forty–I tell you, his parents left him behind to fend for himself!  Son-in-law, Clint, found the golden prize egg–with 5 dollars tucked inside, while Brad’s girlfriend, Jennifer, found the silver prize egg with 5 dollars  tucked inside.  At one point Brad stole Jennifer’s egg and ran off with it… 

I will never forget the Easter of 2010 for a lot of reasons…it was the best of times…it was the worst of times…The cycle of life continues…I hope we have a little less drama next year though.

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Not Me Monday…(after the week of Easter)

Not Me Monday is a fun blog hop held by Mckmama at It’s been a while since I did a Not Me post, but this past week–leading up to Easter,  was such a “doozie” that I couldn’t resist telling you about it!  Adjust your chair, and get comfortable, whileI recap my last few days for you!

Let me begin by saying that my fibromyalgia has flared up, and been working overtime making my life a living hell.  I haven’t had a whole night’s sleep in over two weeks.  Three hours a night has been the average lately.  I’m not a person who can function on small amounts of sleep, so this has not been a good thing! 

If you read my blog regularly, you know that last weekend, my favorite old canine companion, Hobbs, was sick and dying (heartworm disease) .  In fact I didn’t think he’d last through the weekend…  He didn’t eat for two days…but then on Monday he rallied and ate a hotdog when my husband offered it to him!  He layed around sick every day this week, eating exactly two hotdogs each day–but nothing else– until Thursday…I’ll get back to his story in a minute.

Well…as  if the fibro and the dying dog wasn’t enough, on Tuesday night I was squatting in the floor looking through a photo album…when I went to stand up I turned at an “odd” angle and pulled a muscle on the left side of my back!  I felt the  muscle when it pulled, and it nearly brought me to my knees!  If you’ve ever hurt your back, you know what I mean!  This was my second time messing my back up within the past few months… 

On Wednesday, I kicked myself in the butt to get  my body moving– walking with a bit of a sway due to my sore back–  and went with my daughter and granddaughter to the mall so my granddaughter, Madison, could see the Easter bunny.  My back didn’t hurt as long as I was walking–it was going from standing to sitting that nearly caused me to faint!  

The first mishap of the Easter Bunny trip was when I forgot what time that we were supposed  to leave, and I showed up at my daughter’s house a whole hour early…I tell you, sleep deprivation works on the mind…the next disaster was arriving at the mall– to discover that the Easter Bunny is only at the mall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday–and we were there on Wednesday!!!  We figured there was no use in wasting a trip to the mall, so we made a few pictures of our own of the Easter Bunny’s lovely garden scenery, then  we shopped…unfortunately we should’ve waited…I’ll tell you why in a moment.

everything in our photo except for the elusive Easter Bunny...

On Thursday I was still hobbling around in pain with my back, but Easter was quickly approaching and my house was a disaster.  Unfortunately, in addition to my back pain, my spring allergies kicked in making me hoarse, and a horrid headache had kicked in…I popped Excedrin all day, did laundry, and proceeded to clean the house–while wearing sunglasses!  I couldn’t stand the light from the windows!  My  husband arrived home from work and helped me finish up the last of the mopping and vacuuming, thank goodness!  Unfortunately, Thursday was the day that Hobbs stopped eating again… 

On Friday morning I was too sick to attend a scheduled egg hunt with the grandkids, and also had to cancel my dentist appointment.  I rallied by lunch and forced myself to get out and go to the bank, post office, and grocery store–errands must get done!  My daughter mentioned that she wanted to take Madison back to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, and I needed to exchange some shirts that I’d bought on Wednesday, so I hitched a ride with her on Friday afternoon.

We arrived at the mall to find the Easter Bunny there, but Madison was unwilling to have anything to do with him!  We offered every bribe in the book, and a few extras!  Her mother tried everything!  No luck there!   I think Madison’s view of the Easter Bunny must’ve looked somewhat like this…

View of Easter Bunny through Madison's eyes...

 So after two 60 mile trips to the mall–we didn’t get an Easter Bunny picture–but we discovered that the things which we had purchased on Wednesday were much cheaper on Friday!  Just our luck!  It worked out okay for me because I was returning some things anyway…Whoo Hoo…Love a good sale!

Saturday came and went, and was a bit better–still no sleep, but my back was better, and my allergies were settling down a bit,  but Easter Sunday was a doozie!  In fact, Easter deserves a blog post all of its own.  Stay tuned…to be continued…

Hey now, don’t forget to leave a comment, and be sure to tell me in your comment that you would like to win this twenty dollar bill…I’m celebrating my “blogiversary” this month by giving some lucky commenter/contestant twenty dollars on April 30 at high noon…Good luck!

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Not Me Monday…The Day After!

Happy Monday everyone! Time to begin the week with a few “not me” moments from the weekend.  If you enjoy my post, hop on over to Mckmama’s blog hop at and join in the fun.

We did not begin our Valentine’s Day weekend here in southeastern Georgia with snow!  On Friday evening it did not look like a blizzard outside because the snow was falling so hard.  We hadn’t seen snow in these parts in 20 years!  My grown sons and son-in-law did not play outside in the dark–in the snow–for nearly two hours!  They did not remind me of little boys.

Brandy and Brett posing with the "Southern Snowman"

On the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, I did not send my husband out into the wild frenzy of Wal-mart shoppers to do some grocery shopping for me…I would never do that, especially since he brought roses to me on Friday–to “avoid the crowd”…I would never do that!

While my husband was fighting the frenzy at  Wal-mart, I was at home baking and decorating Valentine’s Day cupcakes with my daughter, Brandy, and granddaughter, Madison.   Brandy did not volunteer her husband to go with my husband to Wal-mart…to get him out-of-the-way…

By the time my husband returned from fighting the shoppers at Wal-mart, I was tired from all the baking– since I haven’t been feeling well lately…He offered to take me out to eat, but I did not tell him that I’d rather just lay on the couch!  My sweet husband then went into the kitchen and made a supper of spaghetti and french bread for us…I am so blessed…

I volunteered to cook lunch for our entire family on Valentine’s Day, so I decided to skip church and cook. The last time I cooked, then went to church, I could barely hold my eyes open… My daughter came home from church to tell me that the entire family was on our “family pew” except for hubby and me.  Ahhh…I did not feel guilty.

the girls enjoying some humor during lunch

My youngest son, Brad, and his new girlfriend did not have the most interesting Valentine’s Day story about their gifts to each other…She gave him a box of candy–which he accidentally dropped and spilled outside in the dirt…she also gave him a Georgia Bulldog mug, which they kicked off the table and broke during some “horseplay”!  He  gave her some chocolates, which she left in the car during church–and returned to the car to find them melted…I hope this is not an omen….

After our family enjoyed a Valentine’s Day meal of baked ham with all the trimmings–including a heart-shaped ice cream cake, we retired to the living room to play the Newlywed Game.  When the game ended,  Brad and Jennifer came in only 3  points behind Ed and me…Pretty impressive!  A couple of 4 months versus a couple of nearly 38 years–either they were very good, or Ed and I are pretty bad…

grandkids opening Valentine's Day gifts...

Being the southern, a bit “red-necky” family that we are…we did not settle down to watch the Daytona 500 Nascar race for entertainment!  The race was not stopped with 78 laps still left to go…because there was a pot hole in the track!  Give me a break!!!  After only an hour and a half delay to repair the hole in the asphalt, the race resumed.  By then, everyone had lost interest, and gone home.  As for me?  I stretched out on the couch and took a nap…complete with snoring… I never snore, not me!

It was not the best Valentine’s Day weekend that I’ve ever had…one that I will never forget!  Have a great Monday everyone!  

***Now to announce the winner of the weekend giveaway….the winner is Tabitha!  Tabitha was commenter # 14–the winning number chosen.  Congratulations, Tabitha, and thanks to everyone for visiting and leaving a comment.  Your prize will be in the mail as soon as I get your address!  There will be a new giveaway on Friday…

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Not Me, Monday…After Christmas Edition


 After you finish reading, don’t forget to leave a comment.  All commenters will be entered for a chance to win a ten dollar Wal-mart gift card.  Drawing will be held on New Year’s Day.

The Christmas of 2009…It was a different kind of Christmas…I was really beginning to feel my age…

Although I am usually finished with my Christmas shopping at least a month before Christmas, this Christmas did not find me wrapping gifts until 1:00 am on Christmas morning!  I would never postpone wrapping my gifts until the last possible minute–not me!

I put my Christmas turkey in the refrigerator to thaw about 3 days prior to Christmas, only to discover on Christmas Eve that the turkey was still somewhat frozen.  I did not have to work to get that turkey thawed on Christmas Eve night!  I would never put a turkey in the refrigerator to thaw and not check it until the last-minute!  Not me!

As of Christmas Eve, I still had not planned what I was cooking on Christmas Day.  I would never wait until the last-minute to plan a large family meal…not me!  Luckily for my family, I had what I needed for the meal and got it all cooked!

Just for fun on Christmas Eve, the family took turns playing the Siamese Gift Wrap Game.  A couple would link their arms and  only use one arm each to wrap a gift together.  We were wrapping boxes of Christmas lights that I had bought for next year.  A box of those wrapped lights did not make it’s way under the tree and get opened for a gift by my husband in the gift exchange!  The look on his face was priceless when he realized that he had received a box of Christmas lights!

My hubby’s gift luck didn’t get any better, as the next time we played the gift swapping game he ended up with a pair of hot pink ladies cozy socks!  It was not Ed’s year for useful gifts!

It did not begin to rain on Christmas Eve and continue to rain through most of Christmas Day.  My son’s girlfriend, Jennifer,  received a neat folding umbrella during our gift swap game on Christmas Eve.  My daughter got the chance to trade gifts with  Jennifer–and stole her umbrella–just before the rain started!  I, on the other hand, got a rain poncho in the gift exchange–and I was the only one who didn’t have to go out in the rain!

After an entire week of cool, chilly weather, the weather did not warm up on Christmas Eve.  I had to run the air conditioner–and a fan–the entire day of Christmas Eve,  that night, and all of Christmas Day!  I do not like warm Christmas weather…It was rather warm in the kitchen baking that ham and turkey!!!

I was so exhausted the day after Christmas, I slept until 12:00 pm.  I stayed up for 3 hours,  then took a 3 hour nap!  I woke up at 6:30 pm, ate supper, watched tv until 10:00 pm, then went back to bed!  I’m not sure that I’ve caught up on my rest yet! 

That does it for my Not Me, Monday.  Christmas has come and gone.   Everyone  has gone back to work, and I am left to deal with all of  the left over ribbons, papers, food and mess…Have a great day, I know I will!

Hubby and me playing Siamese Gift Wrap

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Not Me, Monday…Dashing Through the Rain In Our Old White Mini Van

My Not Me, Monday post today is about a recent shopping trip that I went on.  If you enjoy my story, you may want to hop over to Mckmama’s place at  and check out more Not Me posts.

The other day my daughter and I did not go on the shopping trip from hell…Sorry about that word, but no other word would accurately describe the trip!  It was truly one of those days!

First of all, let me say that we don’t plan trips in the rain.  Both my husband and I have been involved in accidents during rain storms, so we only go out in the rain if we have to.  Next, we were going on our shopping trip in the  Mercury Villager Mini Van that used to mine, but was passed down to Brandy when she became a parent and really  needed a van….that’s how the old white mini van fits in the title.   Now!  On with the story… 

My daughter, Brandy, and I planned a shopping trip for one day last week after checking the weather to make sure it wasn’t going to rain.  It  begin to rain about the time we arrived in Hinesville–about 40 minutes from where we live.  You just can’t trust those lying weathermen!

After shopping around in Big Lots, we did not come out of the store to find that it was pouring rain!  Brandy did not develop a headache about this time, but I still asked her if she minded if I went in Bath and Body Works quickly.  She agreed to wait in the car with granddaughter, Madison.

While I was quickly trying to shop in Bath and Body Works I did not also develop a headache due to the very loud Christmas music that was playing in the store…I did not want to yell “Turn the music down!”  I made my purchases as quickly as I could– considering I couldn’t think– because of that darn loud music!

Brandy, Madison, and I decided to head home immediately after the Bath and BodyWorks trip…One the way home Brandy did not get so sick that she had to pull over and let me drive…About this time, Madison did not decide that she was hungry, tired, and cranky!  Her DVD player wouldn’t play and she kept crying and whinning in the backseat.  I did not finally unplug the stupid DVD player out of aggravation!  I would never do such a thing!!!  Unplugging the DVD player increased the intensity of the wails coming from the backseat–and the intensity of our headaches!

When we finally arrived home from our not-so-fun shopping trip, I did not send Brandy to her house to rest, while I brought Madison home with me.  I  feed her lunch, then put on the DVD of The Nutcracker Ballet, get on one couch myself, and tell Madison not to move off the other couch!  I would never resort to a video of The Nutcracker for a babysitter–not me…but, yet I did and I enjoyed the calming music.

Well, that was our last shopping trip…hum, I am about to get ready to go on one last outing four days before Christmas…Do we dare try it again???  Sure, why not, nothing ventured–nothing gained!   I might even have another Not Me, Monday to write about next week!!!   Have a great day, ya’ll….Kathy

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Not Me Monday…

Okay, so it’s been a few weeks since I did a Not Me, Monday post, but confession is good for the soul, so here goes nothing…

I did not spend almost the entire weekend wearing my pajamas except for taking them off twice–long enough to go to church and to the store!  I would never wear my pajamas for two days, not me!  It looked like a “pajama wearing weekend” to me!

I did not spend practically the entire day on Friday gathering more pecans, only to find out that the market was not going to open on Saturday…My car was filled with pecans and nowhere to sell them…My husband did not have to unload all of them until next week!

I did not buy a turkey so large that it would barely fit in my freezer…said turkey does not weigh nearly 20 pounds…this will not be the largest bird that I have ever attempted to bake!  I may be up all night on Thanksgiving eve tending to this bird…

My husband did not learn how to “brine a bird” on television and ask me to “brine” our turkey.  I did not tell my dear hubby that I did not own a container large enough to soak this year’s turkey in!  The particular brine solution that he saw included bourbon, which might make for an interesting Thanksgiving…whoever eats the most turkey feels the best???LOL

I will not begin my four-day adventure decorating my house for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving…I will not have 4 decorated trees when I finish decorating…I am not just a little bit of a Christmas “nut”…My husband does not grumble and complain when the day after Thanksgiving arrives, because he knows that the house is about to become a “total wreck” until I finish decorating…

My husband and I have not been turning the television back and forth between Fox News and QVC all week.  My husband is not obsessed with the news and I am not obsessed with watching QVC!  I do not love to watch QVC at Christmas time…

I did not break a tooth while eating a starburst the other night!  You know you are getting old when you break a tooth eating soft candy!  I did not have to go to the dentist the following day–to be drilled and refilled.  One half of my face was not very dead for about 3 hours…this did not happen to be on the same afternoon as our Thanksgiving supper at church!

That’s it for me on this Monday.  If you would like to read more Not Me, Monday posts, hop on over to Mckmama’s place at  Have a great week everyone!  Scroll on down to find out the winner of my weekend giveaway.

***First of all, let me tell you how much I enjoyed all of your comments!  It was the best weekend that I’ve ever had for comments.  So many of you shared about your fabulous trips to places like Maui, St. Louis, Williamsburg, California, Lake Tahoe, Washington, DC and even a cruise!  I enjoyed reading about every trip!  Thanks so much to everyone for sharing.

Now for the moment we’ve waited all weekend for…the winner, chosen by, is……Sierra!  Congratulations!  I’ll be sending your prize as soon as I get your address.  There will be a new giveaway this Friday–for those of you who aren’t out fighting those Black Friday crowds!!!

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Not Me, Monday! Another After the Party Edition…

Not_Me_Monday_SIDEBAR_180_x_180Happy Monday, ya’ll!  It’s time to announce the winner of the weekend giveaway!  The winner will receive a Thanksgiving dish towel, and a set of Pilgrim shelf sitters.  Let’s get ready for Thanksgiving!   The lucky winner today is…Julie(who doesn’t have a blog)!  I will be contacting her by email.  Thanks to all who took the time to comment.  Apparently, there are a few more folks who like to save “stuff”, other than Ed and me. 

Believe it or not, this is the second Monday in a row that finds me recovering from a party…Not that kind of party though!  Last weekend was our grandaughter, Madison’s, third birthday party.  This weekend was a family costume party!  Our family is living proof that you can get together, have no drinking or such stuff, and have a great time!  The following post is an account of what did not happen!


Just one big happy family dressed in costume for the party!

We did not have an assortment of guests at our costume party ranging in age from 87 years to 10 1/2 months!  Everyone seemed excited and I believe all who came had a good time.  The picture above is of everyone attending.  Thank goodness for timers on cameras.  It only took 4 tries to get a good picture!

We did not all just about faint when our oldest son walked in the door dressed as President Obama!  He had the white shirt, the tie, the face…  he even had a medal around his neck  saying “Nobel Peace Prize”.   No offense to any readers, but our family does not care for President Obama or his politics….Needless to say, our son dressed as the President went home with the Best Costume Award!  You had to be there to appreciate it!   The look on 3 year old Madison’s face was priceless…  This surprise from the son who threatened to come as the invisible man!

The most interesting fact about this party was that our youngest son chose this opportunity to bring his new girlfriend to meet his family for the first time.  I can only imagine what she was thinking the entire evening!  Ed and I met her at the door dressed as bottles of mustard and ketchup!  We did not probably make a lasting impression…The girlfriend is the one dressed as a nurse in the photo…she’s next to our son, Dr. Strangelove.

Following the awarding of the Best Costume Trophy, we did not all eat so much that we were miserable!  There was an assortment of party foods, including witches hats cookies, witches brooms, bat cookies, ghost cookies, toombstone cupcakes, hot dogs, chili, sandwiches, punch, coke, tea, chips, dip, and more.  The table was absolutely full!  For some reason, my son-in-law, Clint, and his daddy decided to eat outside on the front porch.  Both were sort of dressed as rednecks, so perhaps they were acting the parts!  While Clint’s daddy left his bowl of chili unattended outside,  to get more food and drink…a cat did not get into his chili bowl!  It was so funny!  I do not have 17 very nosy cats!!!  We do not eat outside for that reason!!!

One of the party games was not a game invented by me!  I had hidden various fake, but real looking body parts in a box of shredded paper.  I began the “Legend of Boonie Jack” by pulling out a small skull and telling a little tale about Boonie Jack.  The next person continued the story after they pulled out the next body part…poor Boonie Jack had  two noses because he lived near a nuclear plant according to our legend…. Boonie Jack also had two tongues!  The most fun part about this game was not watching everyone’s face when they felt around in that box.  The expressions on people’s faces were priceless.

The next game that we played was The Seven Cents Auction.  Another game that was not created by me.  Everyone had seven cents to begin with.  I would bring out a wrapped item, give one or two clues about it, then let the bidding begin.  Some gifts were small, others were larger.  The trick was to figure out when was the best time to bid…if you wait too long, the auction ends.  Greed has a price!

The last game that we did not play was a mummy making contest!  I purchased 12 rolls of cheap toilet paper.  My husband and our son, “Barack Obama”, volunteered to be the mummies.  They chose team members.  The team had approximately 5 mintues to wrap their mummy.  We put the teams in seperate rooms and I timed them and took photos.  This was the end result!


Father and son mummies...son is on the left

After the mummy decorating contest, the children did not have a fantastic time playing on the floor in all of the toilet paper.  I’ve never heard our grandson, Cade laugh so much before.  Our son “Dr. Strangelove” and his nurse girlfriend kept covering the children up with all of the loose toilet paper.  They loved it! 

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about what we did not do at our family costume party.  It had been 25 years since our last one…Hopefully we will  wait 25 years to do it again, otherwise Ed and I may come as corpses–real ones!…Thanks for hopping by…and have a great Monday!

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Not Me, Monday!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  The winner of Friday’s Giveaway is…”justanarmywifejustamommy”  I hope that you enjoy your prize. I will get it  in the mail as soon as I get your mailing address.  Thanks to all who participated, and especially for the advice that you all gave me about seeing the surgeon…it was unanimous…  One comment , in particular , told me everything I needed to hear to make my decision final.  I’ll be seeing a surgeon on Nov. 2.   I’ll let you know what happens.

I also appreciate the nice notes of thanks that I have been receiving from those readers who have received their prizes.  I always enjoy hearing that they arrived and that you like them.  I sent some socks to Malaysia a couple of weeks ago,  and they arrived safely!  Now, here’s today’s post:

Hello, readers!  It’s that time again…Monday!  Time for the weekly session of being brutally honest..this fun blog carnival was created by mckmama at

I feel stressed!

I feel stressed!

I can not be brutally honest about this past week because I can’t remember what happened!  Do you ever have weeks like that?  The whole week went by in one big blur…

I do remember that I did not get my house cleaned all week, and actually had to resort to asking my husband to clean the kitchen and living room on Saturday morning while I helped my daughter with party preparations…I did not feel terrible that he worked all week, then had to do my house cleaning for me.

I did not go and pick up my new prescription eyeglasses last week.  They are my first “real glasses”, although I have been wearing over the counter readers for years.  Boy!  I can see everything now as long as I wear those glasses, but I am blind as a bat when I take them off!   I can actually see the eye of a sewing needle again–as long as I keep those glasses on.  Unfortunately, the glasses give me a headache–someone please tell me this will get better…

My daughter did not take Madison for a wellness checkup, only to find out that Madison isn’t well after all.  She discovered that Madison has low hemoglobin.  My daughter has not been trying since last Wednesday to get a prescription for an iron supplement filled…the first prescription was for liquid, which Madison will not take.  The second prescription was for a supplement that is no longer available, the third prescription is available, but the pharmacy had to order it…Hopefully, Madison will get to start taking her iron supplement tomorrow night!

My daughter did not take me for my annual GYN checkup the following day, after Madison’s checkup.  I did not learn at this visit that I was not “home free” after my recent suspicious mammogram, and have been referred to a surgeon for a consultation.  I was not caught totally by surprise at this news…it will be another week before my consultation…now you know why the week is a blur…(for any new readers-my mammogram showed what was referred to as a probable benign calcification)

I did not dream last night that I was pregnant(I’m 55) AND dying of breast cancer!  I have been having some weird dreams this month.  I did not tell my husband that I thought that the pharmacy had “slipped ” a little something extra in my compounded hormone capsules…perhaps a little too much progesterone.

Speaking of hormone capsules–those are what make me a happy and pleasant person to live with since my hysterectomy 9 years ago… My doctor is not cutting my dosage nearly in half due to that suspicious mammogram…Lord, please be with my husband!  It’s going to be a rocky road around here for a couple of months until I get adjusted…did I mention how much I hate hot flashes and night sweats???  Then there’s those mood swings–crying spells…I only lasted a week with no hormones after my hysterectomy!

That’s it for my “Not Me, Monday”.  I hope that you have a great week–and I hope that I have a great week also! LOL  Thanks for stopping by, do come again…

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Not Me, Monday…A Weekend of Wii

NotMeMondayButtonV6copy[1]Thanks so much for all of your comments about my year round tree on Friday’s post.  I have drawn a winner from all of the comments.  The lucky winner is…aik-friendsnfamily.blogspot.  I will be mailing your Halloween socks as soon as I get your address.  Congratulations, and thanks for participating.  I hope you enjoy those socks, I just loved them!  If you entered, and didn’t win, there will be another giveaway on Friday.

Now for the Not Me, Monday post….Last weekend my husband, Ed, did not tell me about a Wii game that he saw on the news that is a form of exercise that looked like a lot of fun.  We did not discuss that it might be nice to look into buying one to use as exercise for me.  I did not check on eBay and find a really good deal and buy one on Wednesday night!  The Wii  did not arrive just after lunch on Friday!  That was not fast shipping!!!

We were not getting ready to have supper, then open up and try out the Wii when our oldest son and his family came to visit.  Nobody has ever loved video games better than my oldest son!  He goes way back to the first Nintendo…However, he had not ever seen or played a Wii .  He soon had the game hooked up and ready to play!

Our oldest son and his wife did not start out with the bowling game…she did not beat him!  Oldest son hates to lose!  She did not brag about winning on Facebook!

Our youngest son did not soon come over and join in playing the Wii  on Friday night.  He and oldest son did not get into some heated tennis matches.  They did notcomplain about how hot it was in our house and begin to shed their clothes!  They did not play Wii until late Friday night…

Saturday, family was not back over at our house late in the afternoon…Both sons returned, as well as our daughter and her family!  We did not have an action packed evening of bowling, golf, and tennis.  My son-in-law did not get so “into” his bowling game that he slipped down and rolled around in the floor!!!  We did not sound like we were having a party!

Sunday, after church and lunch, Wii activities continued between our two sons…I did not hear one son say that his shoulder was sore today…from playing Wii tennis! 

Our daughter decided to try out Mario Kart.  It was not hilarious to watch people play Mario Kart because they were holding a steering wheel up in the air and driving it.  It did not look like they were driving an invisible car…

daughter and oldest son playing Mario Kart

daughter and oldest son playing Mario Kart

We did not have a seriously good time creating our individual characters for the Wii game.  That may have been the most fun of all!  My hubby does not look like a Wii “thug” complete with a black stocking hat!  My daughter’s character does not have on glasses exactly like hers and has a facial mole–we do notcall her character “Moley”.  My character does not resemble Sally Jesse Raphael…with dark hair!

I am notthe worst player of all times on Wii…I never have been able to play video games, except for the old game of Duck Hunt.  I could shoot those ducks with that little video gun!  It does not help my bowling game since I am a left-handed bowler…Perhaps I will try bowling right-handed next time…

The whole weekend did not pass without me getting a chance to  try out the balance board and the exercise games that I bought the Wii for, but we did have some seriously good family fun time and apparently some of us got some exercise!  We all got a lot of facial exercise, because we sure did smile and laugh a lot!

me and my left-handed bowling

me and my left-handed bowling

You might want to hop on over to Mckmama’s place at and check out some other Not Me, Monday posts.  I guarantee it’ll give you some facial exercise!  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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