A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post…


For Today…

It is still very early in the morning, so the sun isn’t shinning , yet.  It’s still cool (43 degrees) outside but our temperatures are supposed to reach the high 70’s.  It’s almost time to go outside and feed our cats and chickens.

Outside my window…

our chickens are gathered by the door of the chicken coop.  They’re impatiently waiting for someone to feed them!  We also have several cardinals and sparrows taking advantage of the food in our bird feeder. The plants [from last fall] in my hanging baskets look pitiful!  I’m ready to buy (or plant) some new baskets for spring!

I am wearing…

a nightgown, housecoat, and socks because I haven’t been out of bed for very long.

I am creating…

some Easter decorations around the house.  I decorated the ‘year round’ tree, on Friday, and I plan to put an egg tree and some other Easter decorations in the yard, this week.

I am going…

to visit my dermatologist, next Monday morning.  It’s time for my 3 months checkup, for the basal cell carcinoma I had removed from my face, in December.  The doctor is planning to do another biopsy, as well.  I’m praying this new biopsy [of a second spot on my nose] comes back benign!

I am wondering…

how Rory, the male half of the country duo, “Joey + Rory”, is doing since his wife, Joey, passed away, on Friday.  I’ve been following the story of Joey’s battle with terminal cancer, for the past four months, through Rory’s blog.  The internet has been flooded with stories about her death all weekend.

I am reading…

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks.  Believe it or not, I began reading this book a year ago, but never got around to finishing it.  The book is good, but I got distracted by other things.

I am hoping…

to feel better in the coming days ahead.  I haven’t been sleeping well for a while (even with the help of sleep aids), and, as a result, I have very little energy during the day.  My rheumatoid arthritis has been active, as well.  I’ve been relying on Ed to open jars for me.

I am learning…

how to adapt when things don’t go according to plan.  Change doesn’t come easy for me.  It never has, but I’m learning, as I grow older.

In my garden…

we have planted onions, garden peas, and new potatoes.  The peas and potatoes haven’t sprouted yet.  We also have 80 seedlings of various kinds growing in cups in our laundry room.  I will be happy when we can transplant them because my laundry room is very crowded at the moment!

In my kitchen…
we have some of last night’s Taco Soup.  I used Paula Deen’s recipe, and it’s very good.

One of my favorite things…

is spending time with our chickens.  We have nine hens, and they are so funny to watch!  Some of them are quite friendly, and will sit on our laps, occasionally.  The old picture, below, is our newest flock of chickens, who are currently 18 months old.  The two remaining hens, from our first flock, just turned four.


A peek into one of my days…

since the weather has been milder, I’ve been trying to split my time between cleaning house, and doing a few things outside.  I’ve been preparing for an upcoming ‘yard sale’, as well.  It seems a shame to waste a warm sunny day inside.

A favorite quote for today…

In honor of the passing of Joey Feek– “God rest high on that mountain…your work on earth is done… Go to heaven a-shoutin’ love for the Father and the Son” (Vince Gill)

Plans for the rest of the week…

Scrubbing the floor of the front porch, wiping down the white banisters surrounding the porch, and putting up some Easter decorations outside.  Ed and I will also take our weekly shopping trip, at some point during the week.  I refer to these shopping trips as ‘road trips’ because it’s, at least, a 30 mile trip to get to a Wal-mart.

The weekend…

Our weekend was nice, weather-wise. As mentioned, earlier, I wasn’t feeling my best, so we never left the house, all weekend, but I enjoyed myself the best I could.  I spent most of Saturday in the front porch swing, reading. I was tickled when my nine-year-old granddaughter walked over and joined me, with her book in hand.

We spent some time with family, and were entertained by the new things our youngest grandson, Evan, had learned in the two weeks since we’d seen him. I was tickled pink when he finally said “Mimi”, as plain as day 🙂

I’m linking my daybook post, with others, at The Simple Woman’s Blog.  Thanks to Peggy Hostetler for being such a gracious hostess.



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A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post…


It’s been a while, but, today, I’m writing a ‘Daybook Post’ and joining Peggy Hostetler, and friends, over at The Simple Woman’s Blog.  Thanks to Peggy for hosting!

For Today… Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Outside my window… the wind keeps blowing in gusts, and the sun is playing  peek-a-boo behind the clouds.  I hear a hen cackling, announcing the arrival of another egg. 

I am thinking… I wish it hadn’t rained, last night, so Ed could till the soil in the garden and  make a couple of rows for some potatoes and garden peas.

I am thankful… I was able to get a halfway decent night’s sleep, last night.  I went to sleep listening to guitar music, with ocean sounds in the background.  The sounds reminded me of my “happy place”.

I am wearing… purple Capri pants, with a matching lavender shirt.  It seems strange to be wearing Capri pants in February, but it’s 70 degrees.

I am creating… silk floral arrangements for the cemetery, for our parents’ graves  I make them myself because it’s much cheaper.

I am going… to take these pots of flowers to the cemetery as soon as I get a chance.

I am wondering… what the rest of the week will bring.  We have no special plans.

I am reading… an AARP magazine.  How sad!  I’ve been neglecting my reading materials for quite a while, except for the audio version of the bible, which Ed and I listen to each morning.  We usually listen to three chapters at a time.

I am hoping… the weather won’t stay cold much longer.

I am learning… to have a lot more patience than I used to have when I was younger, which is a good thing.

In my garden…  so far, we only have one row of onions is growing.  We have 50 ‘Texas onions’ and 50 ‘Georgia onions’ growing on that one row.  As I mentioned earlier, we’re hoping to plant some potatoes and peas, soon.

In my kitchen… I cooked fresh shrimp, last night.  Ed and I aren’t supposed to eat those very often, so it had been quite a while (two months) since we’ve had any.  

In the homeschool room… my two oldest grandchildren are busy at work, today.  I’m thankful both of their mothers are dedicated enough to undertake the task of teaching them at home.  The cousins recently celebrated their 100th day of school…


A favorite quote for today…

A peek into one of my days… most days are pretty much the same.  Feed the cats and chickens, listen to the bible, eat breakfast, get dressed, then do some household chores.  Once a week Ed and I usually take a ‘road trip’ and go shopping.  I always look forward to ‘road trip’ days.

One of my favorite things… taking a ‘road trip’ to St. Simon’s Island, and sitting under the shade of my favorite oak tree.  I’m already looking forward to the first trip of 2016, and seeing this view again…P1010199

Favorite new recipe… courtesy of Crystal on Facebook

Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles

4 to 6 chicken breasts (I used boneless)

1 bag of egg noodles

2 cans of cream of chicken soup

1 can of chicken broth

salt and pepper to taste

Place chicken breasts in crock pot.  It’s okay if they’re frozen.  Pour the two cans of soup over them. Place the lid on the crock pot, and cook the breasts for 4-6 hours on high or 8-10 hours on low.  Once the chicken is done, boil the egg noodles in a large pot of water on the stove.  While the noodles are boiling, remove the chicken breasts from the crock pot and dice or shred them.  Add the chicken broth to the soup that’s left in the crock pot and stir well.  Now add the diced or shredded chicken back to the crock pot.  Drain the egg noodles, once they’re done, and add them to the crock pot, too.  Stir until noodles are well coated, season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

This meal is great when served with salad and rolls.


Random thought for the  day… I was thrilled, this morning, to read that [husband and wife country duo] Joey + Rory’s new cd, Hymns That Are Important To Us, is debuting at #1 on Billboards country and contemporary charts, and #4 on the top 200 chart!joey-feek-02-600

 I knew the cd’s were selling well, because Cracker Barrel hasn’t been able to keep them in stock.  I’m so happy for the couple, especially Joey, who continued working hard on these recordings, even while going through treatments for [terminal] cancer, last year.  I’m thankful Joey is still alive to enjoy the fruits of that labor!


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A Simple Woman’s Day Book Post…

Today I’m joining Peggy Hostetler, and friends, for another edition of The Simple Woman’s Daybook.  If you’d like to join in the fun, hop over HERE. to find out how.


For Today… August 10, 2015

August 10 is mine and Ed’s only nephew’s birthday.  His name is Jeremy, and he turned 41 today.  We rode our motorcycle to the hospital, on the night he was born.  To say a lot of things have changed in the last 41 years would be an understatement!

Outside my window… the sun has played ‘peek-a-boo’ all day.  I see my two red hens walking around the yard, while my seven other hens are wishing they could join them.  I will let them out, too, as soon as they have finished laying eggs for the day.

I am thinking… about the television show,  The Astronauts’ Wives Club (ABC).  I’ve been wondering if this show is based on true facts, and I’ve recently discovered it is.  As a child of the sixties, I’ve been enjoying this weekly trip down memory lane– seeing the furniture, household items, the clothes, cars, etc.   I’m also enjoying learning more about the space program, back then.

I am thankful… for a lot of things, but, most recently, I’m thankful for the ‘Audio Bible’  that our oldest son, Brett, presented [as a gift] to us.  Ed and I listen to several chapters each morning, and are thoroughly enjoying hearing the Bible come to life for us.

I am wearing… a sleeveless [snake print] house dress, as usual.  After three years, I’m still not able to wear shorts, comfortably, during most of the summer months, so I continue to wear house dresses on most days.

I am creating…nothing, at the moment, but I recently hemmed a pair of slacks for Ed.  Does that count?

I am going…to visit St. Simon’s Island, again, sometime in the next few days.  Yay!

I am wondering…about a lot of things– what my back is going to do, the weather, when our son’s house is going to sell.

I am reading… a funny book entitled Old Age Ain’t For Sissies/Retirement Is For the Birds
I read this book, years ago, but I am enjoying reading it for the second time. It makes me smile.

I am hoping… the worst of the hot weather is behind us, but I doubt it is.

I am learning... how to live on a ‘fixed income’ since Ed’s retirement.  It’s been quite a challenge, so far.

In my garden… nothing is growing except a few sweet potato plants and a lot of grass! However, all of that will soon change since we recently planted some cabbage, collards, and lettuce seeds in starter pots.  By the end of September, those plants will have found a new home in the garden.

Most of my hanging baskets are beginning to look bad.  The summer heat has taken quite a toll on some of them.

In my kitchen… I am cooking pinkeye peas, rice & gravy, cabbage, cornbread, and fried pork chops for supper.

In the homeschool room… the grandchildren are getting ready to begin their classes, next week–in their homes, not mine.  I hope both have a successful year, and learn many new things.

A favorite quote for today…“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”  (Mark 10:25)  

A peek into one of my days… My day usually begins with a morning walk, then the feeding/watering of our hens and pets, followed by listening to the Audio Bible for 20 minutes, then eating breakfast.  The rest of the day varies.

One of my favorite things… right now, it’s watching Madmen on Netflix.  (It’s another show, about a group of Madison Avenue advertising executives, and it’s also set back in the sixties.)  Ed seems to have gotten caught up in the show, as well, and we usually watch an episode every day after lunch.

From my photo files… a photo taken on St. Simon’s Island, about 4 weeks ago.  This pelican and seagull sat on these posts the entire time we were there.  A bit of an ‘odd couple’, don’t you think?


Thanks for hosting, Peggy!

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A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post…


Monday, March 10, 2014
Outside my window…
It is still dark!  This time change really sucks.  The weather is predicted to be warm and sunny, though.  We had two glorious warm and sunny days over the weekend, thank goodness!
I am thinking...
I’m not ready for the weekend to be over, yet.  Yesterday seemed like a really short day.
I am thankful…
for many things, but, today, I’m especially thankful we’re almost debt-free (we still owe a bit for Ed’s eye surgery), because beginning today, we’ll be living on less income.  Ed’s reduction in pay kicks in today.
In the kitchen...
I have a mess.  The kitchen table is covered with groceries that need to be put away, then there’s the box of china sitting on the kitchen floor, waiting for me to find a place to put it!  As for food, I’m going to have to cook ‘from scratch’, today, because Ed and I ate the last of the ‘left-overs’ for supper, last night.
I am wearing…
my night-gown, a house coat, and some socks.  It’s a bit cool in the house, this morning.
I am creating…
more clutter in our house every time I bring something home from my MIL’s house!   It’s so hard for me to let go of things, sometimes.  There are over sixty years worth of memories in that house, and were having a really hard time deciding what to keep and what to let go of.  Hence, the box of china sitting on the kitchen floor, as well as a shoe box full of ‘treasures’ sitting in the living room.
I am going…
to do some serious house cleaning today.  When the weather is warm and sunny, I become inspired to do ‘spring cleaning’!
I am wondering...
when my cousin’s husband’s funeral is going to be.  Charles passed away early yesterday morning.  My heart is heavy for his wife of fifty-something years.
I am reading...
I Got a Name, the biography of singer, Jim Croce.  It’s quite an interesting story, so far.  So much talent, gone much too soon!  I think the saddest part of Jim’s story, other than his untimely death,  is how he never really reaped any of the financial benefits of his amazing talents before he died.
I am hoping…
my son’s household gets well soon!  Brad, called last evening to say that he is still sick, and, now, baby Evan, is sick with congestion and fever, too.  It seems to be a never-ending cycle at their house, lately.
I am looking forward to…
having some family time, again.  Our family once spent so much time together, but lately, everyone has been busy doing other things.  You could say, life’s been getting in the way of getting together.
I am learning…
how amazing it is to have ‘Google’ at my fingertips!  Anything I ever need to know can be found through Google, such as–how to fertilize pecan trees!
Around the house…
everything looks nice.  Ed mowed all of the grass, for the first time in 2014, on Saturday.  Let springtime begin!
I am pondering…
how time managed to slip away so quickly.  It seems like, just yesterday, when Ed and I were newlyweds.  We’ll celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary, in June.
A favorite quote for today…
“But there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, once you find them” (from the song Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce)
One of my favorite things…is listening to good music, and reading a good book.  I know that’s two, but who’s counting?
A few plans for the rest of the week…
planning to do a little ‘deep cleaning’ inside of the house, but, also, plan to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather outside, while it lasts.  I’ll spent the week trying to get my body adjusted to the time change, as well.
A peek into my day…
it’s almost time for the sun to make its appearance for the day.  After that, it will be time to go outside and feed the five chickens, our twelve cats, and two dogs. Let the day begin!
From my photo files:
The video, below, isn’t from my photo files, but it’s worth sharing.  While reading ‘I’ve Got a Name’, I discovered a video made shortly before Jim Croce was  killed. (Jim’s wife mentions it in her book)  It features Jim, along with his wife, Ingrid, and son, Adrian James, and was filmed at their home.  Jim’s wife says he wrote ‘Time in a Bottle’ for their son.  It was almost as if he knew he’d be leaving this world soon…
Thanks to Peggy Hostetler for hosting The Simple Woman’s Daybook.
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A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post…

Outside my window…
It is dark , cloudy, and beginning to sprinkle rain (again!)  On one side of the house, I can see the Dogwood  and the Eastern Redbud trees that Ed planted, on Saturday.  On the other side of the house, I can see ‘my girls’ (aka the hens) busily scratching and searching for food.  Several cats are gathered beside the back door, as well.  The Japanese Magnolia is just beginning to bloom.
I am thinking…
about how everybody in our household is getting old–including our pets!  Both of our dogs will turn ten this year, as well as the majority of our twelve cats.  Our two oldest cats are ages  twelve and thirteen!  Throw in the parakeet who is nine, and we’re a household of ‘oldies but goodies’!
I am thankful…
for a wonderful husband and provider, three healthy children, (who’ve grown up to be loving spouses and parents), four healthy grandchildren, a warm/cool house to live in (that’s paid for), plenty of food to eat, and, that my chronic health issues have settled down, somewhat, at least for the moment.
In the kitchen…
the refrigerator is filled with left-overs from Sunday’s family lunch.  There’s roast beef, fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, green beans, and more.  I shouldn’t  have to cook again until Thursday!
I am wearing…
a blue flowered nightgown, which is too big for me.  I’ve dropped a size, but am still wearing many of my old things, for now.
I am creating…
nothing at the moment, but a few days ago,  I stained a couple of sun catchers (for Easter) to hang on my year ’round tree.
I am going…
to lose my mind if winter doesn’t hurry up and get over!  We are under a “winter weather watch” again because we may get some sleet tomorrow.  Yesterday the temperatures were in the 70’s.  Today the temperatures are in the 40’s.  Only in the south!
I am wondering…
if the summer is going to be extremely hot, since the winter has been unusually cold.
I am reading…
‘Service:  A Navy SEAL at War’ by Marcus Luttrell
The Duck Commander Family:  How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty by Willie and Korie Robertson
Both books are autobiographies, and are very good.  ‘Service’ is the follow up book to ‘Lone Survivor’, while ‘The Duck Commander Family’ is son, Willie’s, account of growing up in the Robertson family.
I am hoping…
to hear, soon, from the carpenter who’s supposed to be doing the renovations on our front porch!  I’m ready to get the project underway.
I am looking forward to…
getting some new baby chicks in the spring.  They’re so precious and cute.
I am learning
 to be a lot more patient than I used to be.  I suppose this comes with age, since we do things a lot slower, now!
Around the house…
a few things need to be put away, especially in the pool room.  The pool room is our ‘catch all’ room.  It’s the home for Ed’s pool table–and everything from canned vegetables (stored underneath the table) to grandchildren’s toys.  There’s also a computer, a treadmill, a stereo, a futon, a cedar chest, and a baby swing in there, too!  Yeah, it’s a bit crowded.
I am pondering…
what changes the year 2014 might bring.  Ed will turn 65, this year, and I’ll turn 60.  Milestone birthdays for us both.
A favorite quote for today…
(in honor of Valentine’s Day)
  “All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”  Charles Schulz  
One of my favorite things…
is planting seeds, and watching them grow.  I’m currently growing some seedlings that will be transplanted into our garden in about six weeks.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
I’m supposed to babysit grandson, Chase, on Thursday morning, while his mom attends brother, Caden’s Valentine’s Day party, then I plan to bake Ed’s Valentine’s Day cake on Friday.
A peek into my day…
I begin my day by feeding all of our animals.  First, come the chickens, then the cats and dogs.  It takes twenty minutes to get everybody fed, and the chicken house swept out.  Afterward, I’ll eat breakfast, then usually spend the next couple of hours blogging, after first putting some laundry on to wash.  Eventually,  I’ll do my household chores, and cook supper.
From my photo files…
That’s  me, yesterday, holding one of our turnips from the garden!  
Thanks to Peggy for hosting The Simple Woman’s Daybook.
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More Tales From A Simple Woman’s Daybook…


Outside my window…it is still dark!  Ed got up early and left for work before his alarm went off, but he neglected to turn his alarm off.   Grrrr…  By the time I fumbled around to find the correct button to turn it off, I was fully awake, so here I am at 7:01 a.m.!

I am thinking… “Dancing With The Stars” is going to have its best season ever!  Those “all-stars” were really entertaining last night!  There are so many good couples, it’s going to be difficult to pick just one to root for.

I am thankful…to have been blessed with such a kind and loving husband, three healthy children who grew up to be God-fearing, compassionate, productive adults, and last, but definitely not least, I’m thankful for our three healthy, beautiful grandchildren.  Wow, how was that for a run-on sentence?

In the kitchen…last night I cooked chicken and dumplings, fresh peas from the garden, and made a fresh pear cobbler for dessert.  Don’t I sound like a little “Susie Homemaker”?  LOL

I am wearing…a pink nightgown, after all it’s only 7 o’clock!

I am creating…some new ornaments for my Halloween tree.  Here’s a peek at what I’ve made so far:

I am going…to go and get my hair cut in a little while.  I’m very happy about that because my hair has been driving me crazy for over a week, and I hate that feeling!

I am wondering…who is going to win the presidential election–and I’m praying a lot about it, too.

I am reading…Jimmy Buffett’s “A Pirate Looks At Fifty”.  I’ve been reading this book all summer, but actually it’s quite interesting.  Jimmy’s led a “colorful” (and quite interesting) life, but I’ve been surprised to discover how smart he is.  I’d have finished his book by now, except I took a break to read the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy.  Yes, (gasp) I read those books, because I was curious to see what all of the hype was about!  I actually found myself quite intrigued by the characters and the story line, and boy did I learn some new things!

I am hoping (and praying)… my son-in-law gets to go back to work soon.  He’s laid off from his job at the moment, due to a problem with his employer’s contract.

Also for my brother-in-law ( who’s been very ill) to continue to get better.  He’s been in ICU, suffering with pneumonia and an abscess in his lung.  This is his third major illness in the past few years, and he’s only 55.

I am looking forward to...being able to spend more time outside.  The heat and mosquitoes have kept me a prisoner in my home for far too long!

I am learning…that my outlook on life is changing as I am growing older.  I’m realizing just how short life really is!

Around the house…it looks like I’ll be doing some more canning and freezing soon.  Some of the peas are almost ready!  Ed and I canned a few pears over the weekend.

I am pondering…about all of the turmoil going on in the world today, and wondering what the next four years will bring for our country.

A favorite quote for today…We don’t live in a world of reality, we live in a world of perceptions”  Gerald J. Simmons

One of my favorite things…having the option to take a nap in the afternoons!  I love being retired.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  finish making those ornaments, do a little more canning, and drag out the outside fall/Halloween decorations.

A peek into my day…would probably be boring to some, but I’m content!

A Photo:

We have a nice fall crop of volunteer zinnias in our garden.  The butterflies have really been enjoying them!

Thanks to Peggy Hostetler for hosting “The Simple Woman’s Daybook”.

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A Simple Woman’s Daybook Post…

FOR TODAY – August 16, 2012

Outside my windowit is cloudy again, and the ground is still very wet from last night’s rain.  The chicken coop is a mess thanks to “the girls” scratching around in the mud!

I am thinkingthat I feel much more productive when I wake up and find the sun shinning.  Cloudy, over-cast days make me lazy.

I am thankfulfor so many things–a kind and loving husband, our growing family(which now includes three grandchildren), a home that’s almost paid for,  plenty of food to eat,  a job for Ed that allows us to pay our bills,  my health issues remaining manageable–I could go on and on.

In the kitchenI cooked “soul food” for supper last night.  We had smoked sausages, black-eyed peas/rice, mustard greens, and cornbread.  It was a nice change.

I am wearingmy blue/white gingham checked nightgown.  (I’m being lazy this morning.)

I am creatingnothing at the moment–unless you count the garden outside!

I am goingto stay home and relax today.  I’d planned a trip to town, but have changed my mind.  It’s nice to be in a position to have that option. (another blessing)

I am wonderingif my daughter and I will ever be close again.  Sometimes things happen and suddenly everything changes…

I am readingA Pirate Looks At Fifty (an autobiography by Jimmy Buffett)  

I am hoping...that Ed and I don’t experience any life-threatening health issues for quite a while longer.  I shudder every time I hear of another person finding out that they have cancer.  

I am looking forward toan over-night  beach trip that Ed and I have planned for next weekend.  I want to go, but I really dread leaving all of my animals in the care of someone else.  

I am learninghow it feels to be “the older mother”.  It’s funny, when we’re younger and raising our families, we have a particular view of our parents.  Once we grow older, and look back, sometimes we discover how unrealistic our view of our parents really was.  “Experience is always the best teacher”.

Around the housethings are a bit of a mess.  I haven’t had time or energy to do any “heavy-duty” cleaning.  I was shocked at the amount of dust that I found under my bed this week!

I am ponderingwhat the future will bring–with the economy, the presidential election, healthcare changes, and Ed nearing retirement age– but I try not to ponder too long.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss…

A favorite quote for today“It’s not where you go in life, but who you have beside you that counts” (unknown)

One of my favorite thingstaking a hot bubble bath by candlelight,  at the end of a long day.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  today is Ed’s payday, and tomorrow is Friday.  I don’t know what our weekend plans are yet.

A peek into my dayI’m planning to do some laundry, vacuum the carpets, and perhaps tackle the dust that I found under my bed.  I might even watch a movie.

My photo:  

Boiled Peanuts –  Here’s the last of Ed’s peanut crop.  He grew enough peanuts to make three boilings–and they were very good!

***Thanks to Peggy Hostetler for hosting The Simple Woman’s Daybook

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – Spring Edition…

I feel like doing something a little different today, so I’m linking up with Peggy Hostetler at The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

FOR TODAY ~ April 24, 2012

Outside my window…the sun is shining on the chicken coop! (and I’ll bet “the girls” are glad because it’s 44 degrees outside!

I am thinking…it sure is cold for the last week of April!

I am thankful...for a wonderful husband, a loving family, plenty of food in the kitchen, a roof over my head, and enough money to pay all of the bills.

In the kitchen...I made a large pot of vegetable beef soup for supper last night.  (I thought the cooler weather was perfect for a pot of soup.)  I also made a fresh strawberry pie.  Ed asked if it was our anniversary or something…

I am wearing…my lounging socks and my nightgown because I just got out of bed!  It’s only 7:45 though.

I am creating...a better-looking porch/chicken coop.  I’m currently in the process of painting the front porch of our home and the chicken coop–as soon as the weather permits.  Between the rain and the cooler weather, I’ve been delayed…

I am going…to visit my friend, Diane, one day soon.  We are hoping to enjoy a day at the beach together–as soon as the weather permits.

I am wondering...if it will be cold at my grandson’s t-ball game this afternoon!  I  am planning to go and watch him play.

I am reading…only blogs at the moment.  I haven’t had the time to get interested in a good book.  In fact, at the moment,  I’m struggling to get around to all of my blog friends!

I am hoping…our garden has a bountiful harvest.  It’s our first “real attempt” at growing a garden, and we’re putting in a lot of time and money.  The green beans and english peas are finally blooming!  Yay!

I am looking forward to… Ed taking a few days off soon.  We may be just taking a “stay cation” and getting some things done around the house, but that’s okay.

I am learning…how hard mine and Ed’s parents used to work to grow all of those garden-fresh vegetables that they shared with us over the years!  You really have no idea, until you walk in someone’s shoes…

Around the house…the inside of my house is suffering because I’ve been spending so much time outside!  I suppose I can clean later,  when the temperatures are too warm to be outside 😦

I am pondering...how great modern technology is!  Our son, Brad, is out-of-town this week, due to his job.  He and  his wife, Jennifer, were able to spend some “face time” (seeing each other while talking) on their iPhones last night.  Oh how I would have loved to have had “face time” when Ed was stationed overseas for nearly two years (back in the 70’s)!

A favorite quote for today…“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

One of my favorite things…watching the chickens outside,  from my kitchen window.  They never fail to make me smile!  Such silly “girls”.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  doing a little more research, and probably getting a Magic Jack Plus and new phones, plus more painting, as soon as the weather permits.

A peek into my day...I’m going to pick up granddaughter, Madison, from pre-K at noon, then going to grandson, Caden’s t-ball game this afternoon.

Our first squash in the garden: 

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Tales From A Simple Woman’s Daybook…



Kathy in the cotton field 2010


Outside my window…it’s a dark and gloomy day.  The weather is cloudy and cooler than it’s been being.  I like it for a change.

I am thinking…about the doctor’s appointment that I just came from.  I had to see the Physician’s assistant in order to establish myself as a new patient of  the doctor!  Healthcare is getting ridiculous!  I need to get established as a patient of a local doctor as my primary care physician.  I’ve chosen an internal medicine specialist in hopes that he can take over for my rheumatologist one of these days.  In all fairness, the PA was very nice–probably nicer than the doctor will be when I finally meet him!

I am thankful for…my wonderful, loving husband, who works hard to support us.  I am also thankful for a nice house to live in, money to pay the bills, and plenty of food in the pantry/freezers.

I am wearing…a new fuchsia colored top with black knit slacks.  I am thrilled to see that some of my favorite styles are making a “come-back”–I love those beaded t-shirt tops!

I am remembering…that I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  My daughter and I both have OB/GYN appointments in the morning.  Oh joy, my favorite time of the year!

I am going…to go and vote for the first time this afternoon.  Yes, (gasp) that’s correct…I have never voted before.  I never felt compelled to do so before, but I DO NOW!  Better late than never…I was trying to fly under the radar, so I wouldn’t get called for jury duty.

I am currently reading…only other people’s blogs.  I probably won’t begin another book until after Christmas.  No time!

I am hoping…that I feel better tomorrow.  I have not felt well for the past two days.  I think I had too much excitement at Wal-mart over the television ordeal! (see previous post)

On my mind…an up-coming dental appointment next week!  I have a broken tooth with decay involved.  Ugh!

Around the house…things are a bit messy.  I changed  Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving ones, and I haven’t put away all of the boxes yet.  I decorate for each month’s holiday, believe it or not!

From the kitchen…left-overs from last night’s supper of chicken fingers, peas, rice-a-roni, squash, and cornbread.  I’m so glad I don’t have to cook again!

One of my favorite things…spending a cool evening beside a fireplace.  I don’t have a real fireplace, but I do have an electric “pot-bellied” stove that gives me a similar sensation!

From my camera…a photograph of me standing in the cotton field.  The cotton is almost ready!

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