Ten Things On Tuesday…

(1) No, I haven’t died or dropped off the face of the earth.  I’ve just been trying to get through the days, one at a time.  Some days are better than others, but there haven’t been any good days [with my back] for about a week.  I’m assuming it’s because the Prednisone has completely worn off. Bummer.

(2) After going for weeks without any rain, we’ve been experiencing afternoon thunder showers every day–including on the Fourth of July.  Fortunately, I’d planned to have our family ‘picnic’ indoors.  Eventually, before the end of the day, the kids managed to steal a few minutes to play in the rain, and in the swimming pool, but Ed got sprinkled on while doing the grilling.

(3) Some folks in our area got a lot more than a thunder shower on July 4th.  They lost their electricity, for part of the day, and some of the streets, in nearby Savannah, were flooded.  Facebook’s feed was filled with photos of folks floating down the flooded streets on tubes!  I guess that could be classified as “making the best of a bad situation.”

(4) Ed discovered that our one-and-only convenience store was closed on July 4th, when we needed to buy a bag of ice.  So much for convenience…  He had to drive another six miles  just to buy some ice.  You’d think all convenience stores would be open on July 4th, wouldn’t you?

(5) Our youngest son was baptized on the Friday morning before the Fourth of July.  He didn’t let anybody know he was going to do this, other than his wife, and the pastor, of course.  He chose to be baptized the old-fashioned way, in the river. This mother was a little bit disappointed that she missed this special moment in her youngest son’s life, but is happy for him, none-the-less.

(6) Speaking of special moments in one’s life–that same youngest son will turn “30” on this coming Saturday.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like only yesterday he wasn’t much bigger than his son, Evan, who will soon turn two!

Brad's b'day 1

Last year’s birthday celebration

A lot of things have changed since last year’s birthday celebration.  In addition to everyone being another year older, Ed’s retired, both Brad and Jennifer have new jobs, and Brad and Jennifer have moved out of their home in the city and back to our hometown.  None of these changes were expected, last year, with the exception of everyone growing older.

(7) Speaking of special moments and milestones, today is my daughter and her husband’s wedding anniversary!  They were married on a very hot July evening, fourteen years ago.  All anniversaries are special, but, I think, this one just might have a little more meaning to them than some in the past. I wish the two of them many more happy years ahead!

7-8-2010 9;08;54 AM BandC wedding2

July 7, 2001

(8) I received my packet of ‘new patient forms’ [for my neurologist appointment, in two weeks], yesterday.  They’re a bit overwhelming, and it may take me the next two weeks just to get them filled out.  I’ve never had to ‘bubble in’ ovals (with a #2 pencil, no less) on patient information forms before!  I’m both looking forward to and dreading this appointment, all at the same time.

(9) Lately, we’ve been letting our newer flock of hens out to ‘free range’ late in the afternoons.  We give them about an hour, at the end of  each day, to roam out of their pen.  They seem to enjoy this time, and look forward to it very  much.  The two older red hens [who free range all the time] tried to act like bullies, at first, but things seem to be getting better now that it’s been a few days.

(10) It’s been three days since Ed’s seen “Trouble” the cat.  For three days in a row,  she’s been a ‘no show’ at feeding time.  We were sure something had happened to her because, normally, she’s always at the house, waiting to be fed.  Yesterday, we found out that she’s been visiting with our oldest son and his family, again!  He said that his little boys have been feeding her and trying to get her to stay. I hope she does, but I won’t hold my breath!  “Trouble” has a mind of her own.

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Ten Things Tuesday…

Today I’m writing “Ten Things Tuesday”.  Ten random things that I feel like writing about…and they will be random,  believe me!   After you read my ten things, if you’d like to write ten things of your own, I’ve managed to add a link at the bottom of this post…link up with me, I’d love to read your list. 

Butterflies on the side of hubby's "Man House"

1.  Thanks to me, my husband is now displaying brightly colored butterflies on the side of his “man house”.  He is also displaying two dangling dragonflies, and two dangling bumble bees that spin when the wind blows…I’ve been shopping at the dollar stores…more on this hobby later. 

2.  I have the greatest husband in the world…or he would have killed me–many times– long ago… 

3.  My hair dresser and I apparently do not comb my hair the same way…It never looks quite right after I wash out the style that she gives me at her shop.  I have to wait an entire six weeks for it look nice again– when she cuts and styles it again. 

4.  It’s Murphy’s Law that if you spend the entire day cleaning and organizing the toy box…a grandchild will come over shortly after that…then you can start all over again–after they go home. 

5.  If you spend an entire week painting your porch and it’s furniture–every bird within 10 miles of your house will come and poop on it!  I’ve never seen so much bird poop in my life! 

6.  If you plant flowers in your yard…all cats automatically think you’ve made a new “bathroom area” for them.  They just looove fresh dirt!  I suppose they call themselves fertilizing the plants… 

7.  I recently purchased my first steam mop, and I love it!  I never thought I’d care for one, but after mopping  with an old-fashioned mop and bucket for about the one millionth time…I decided it was time for a change.  I highly recommend it…it’s easier on the old back, too.  Those Korean women were on to a GOOD thing… at least, I think the  Koreans invented them… 

8.  Snacks are getting smaller…but not my appetite.  Little Debbie Cakes, Moon Pies, candy bars, and bags of potato chips are getting smaller and smaller…A double decker moon pie is now the same size the regular moon pie used to be…Have you seen a Little Debbie Cake lately?  Four bites and its history!  Those snack sized candy bars…oh please..!  The bags of chips that are now selling for a dollar…used to be what…maybe fifty cents? 

9.  Why is it…now that I am a senior citizen…it takes me twice as long, to do half as much?  Well…at least I am enjoying my senior citizen discount!  Yesterday when I told the cashier that I qualified for the senior citizen’s discount, she replied “No way!”…to which I replied “Yes way!” 

10.  I love shopping at dollar stores.  I guess I’m just a “dollar store person”.  I love all those  cheap little things…that can only be found at the dollar stores…Yep, that’s me cheap…You should see my little plastic hummingbirds with spinning wings…awesome!  Haven’t been able to attract a real hummingbird yet…Maybe this one will fool them into visiting…  I have no shame. 

My little plastic hummingbird with spinning wings...

Why don’t you join in, and list your own ten random thoughts?  There’s a link at the bottom so you can join in if you would like to…A Blog Hop!  Yay…I finally got the list to work for me!!!!

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