Wednesday Hodgepodge #320…

Hello again!  I hope this first Wednesday of September finds you doing well, and ready for another Hodgepodge.  As always, thanks to our hostess, Joyce, for this mid-week bit of fun!

1. When you think about your future what do you fear most?

When I think about the future I think about getting older, and how life is eventually going to change from the way Ed and I know it now.  In fact, at ages 65 and 68, the change is already well into motion.  I fear  us growing older, weaker, and one of us having to say goodbye to the other, eventually.  Most of all, I fear being the one left alone.  What depressing thoughts… Let’s change the subject, shall we?

Hope for the most?

I hope to have the longest, healthiest life possible, with Ed and the rest of the family by my side.  I hope to see our grandchildren grow into adults, and maybe even see them have children of their own.  I hope to always have joy in my heart, in spite of growing older and the changes it will bring.

2. September is National Chicken Month. How often is chicken on the menu at your house?

Chicken is on the menu at least twice a week, but don’t tell any of “my girls”, they wouldn’t like that!

“Dixie Chick”

What’s a favorite dish made with chicken?

Fried chicken is my favorite dish made with chicken, but we try not to have that very often.  My next favorite dish is chicken casserole or barbequed chicken.

What’s something you’re a ‘chicken’ about doing or trying?

Flying in an airplane.

3. What are three things you don’t own but wish you did?

At the moment, the only thing that’s crossing my mind is a generator!  We swore we were going to buy one after hurricane Matthew, but we never did.  Now we’re watching hurricane Irma, and wondering where she is going to go (we live in southeastern GA).  I also wouldn’t mind having a condo at the beach–but not during hurricane season!  Other than that, I’m good.

4. Would you rather be a jack of all trades or a master of one? Elaborate. If you answered one, which one?

I’d rather be a jack of all trades, like my husband, Ed.  He can do a little of everything, which has come in very handy over the years!  He’s saved us a ton of money on repairs and building projects.  Me?  Not so much.

5. Ketchup or mustard? On what?

I prefer ketchup over mustard.  I like ketchup on chicken tenders, hamburgers, fries, and steak, among other things.  I like mustard on hot dogs (along with ketchup), and that’s about it.


Ed, lighting the candles on my cake

I had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday, last week, with cards, gifts, flowers, cake/ice cream, and cupcakes…right up until Friday night’s family celebration…when I tripped on a cord and fell head first into our bathtub!  It’s a long story, but I was walking through the bathroom, headed for the laundry room.  I had a dutch oven (pot) in one hand and a large plastic tub in the other.  My foot got caught up in a cord dangling on the floor and down I went!  My right cheek hit the side of the pot, which landed in the bathtub first.  The front of my face and glasses then hit the back end of the bathtub, while my right thigh hit the side of the tub as I fell.  Thankfully, nothing was broken, (not even my glasses, although they got bent as they pressed hard into my nose) but I’ve been very sore and bruised for the past few days.  The dutch oven (pot) went from being round  to being oval, after I did my face plant on it, but I feel very blessed not to have been hurt worse than I was.  I guess you could say…my 63rd year has started with a bang!

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Number Ninety-Four, Really?

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we’ve been doing this meme for ninety-four Wednesdays, and I don’t think I’ve missed a single one.  It’s still just as much fun for me now, as it was ninety-three weeks ago.  Way to go, Joyce!

1. What’s the best and worst thing  about growing older?

The best thing about growing older is having the knowledge that I’ve gained through life’s experiences.  Now, if I could only go back through my youth again, armed with this knowledge!

The worst thing about growing older is seeing and feeling my body going through the aging process, and realizing that my time here on earth is quickly running out.

2. Autumn arrives this week in the Northern Hemisphere…what one thing do you love most about the fall season?

The weather.  I love cool crisp mornings and slightly chilly evenings, although it will probably be a while before we get those here.  The cooler weather makes being outside much more enjoyable.

3. Speaking of fall…pumpkin seems to be flavoring everything these days-are you a fan? What’s your favorite pumpkin flavored food or beverage?

No, I’m not really a fan of pumpkin, except for pumpkin scented candles.

4. Since we’re on the subject of fall…what’s the worst fall you’ve ever taken?

I remember it like it was just yesterday, but it was back in 1991!  It was my first year working as a paraprofessional, and my classroom was one of eight that were located  in  mobile homes behind the school.  It was a long walk to get anywhere!  One day I decided to leave the sidewalk (our classroom was the last one, at the end of the sidewalk) and take a shortcut down the hilly embankment behind the classrooms.  My foot slipped on some loose rocks, and what followed wasn’t a pretty sight!  I skinned both hands and knees, and of course I quickly got up and checked to see if anyone was looking!  I never took the shortcut again.

5. If you could own a prop from any film what would you choose?

I’m going to say the old car from the movie “Rainman”, a 1949  Buick Roadmaster.  That car played such a prominent role in the film, and I actually liked it, too.

6. What’s the most interesting word you’ve read or learned in the past week?

“Open-ended quantitative easing”–a monetary policy with disastrous consequences predicted!  Our dollars will soon be worth even less than they already are.  People, get your wheelbarrows ready, eventually it will take a wheelbarrow full of our worthless money just to buy that loaf of bread that we need!

7. When was the last time you locked yourself out of your house, car, or office? Was it a big deal?

I still remember this like it was yesterday, too!  It was in the spring of 2006 and I was babysitting for twins, in their home.  I’d taken the girls to town with me, and we’d just arrived back at their house.  The girls were about eight or nine months old at the time, and were strapped in their car seats in the back seat.  I got out of the car, and somehow managed to hit the lock button instead of the unlock button, not realizing it until I closed the car door–with the keys and the babies still inside!  It’s a long story, but I eventually got a locksmith to come and unlock the car–after about an hour and several frantic phone calls!  Fortunately, it wasn’t a hot day, and the babies were fine.  I’d have busted out the window of my car otherwise.


The other day I was thinking about how much I like and enjoy the  friends that I’ve met through blogging.  It’s been interesting to catch a glimpse into the lives of people from all walks of life, who are located in all parts of the country, and I’ve learned so many new things!  I’m always sad when someone decides to stop blogging.  I’ll most likely never meet any of my blogging friends, but they still hold a special place in my heart.  Modern technology is truly amazing, isn’t it?

Speaking of special blogging friends, I wasn’t able to access Joyce’s blog yesterday to wish her Happy Birthday.  I know it’s a day late, Joyce, but this is for you…

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