Another Edition Of “The Man With The Can”…

When I first posted “The Man With The Can” I had no idea my story would continue for so long, or take the twists and turns it has taken.  It just goes to show, you never know.  Here’s some brief background.

Fifteen years or sixteen years ago, I adopted a gray kitten from Ed’s parents’.  I thought the kitten was a male, but it turned out to be a female.  I named her “Trouble”, and she’s lived up to her name.   Flash forward a few years…”Trouble” is a ‘loner’, couldn’t stand the other[shelter] cats I adopted, and eventually left home, ending up back at Ed’s parents’ house. By then, our youngest son, Brad, was living with Ed’s elderly, widowed, mom, so he took care of “Trouble”.  Flash forward a few more years…Ed’s mom entered an assisted living facility, subsequently passed away, Brad got married and moved away.  “Trouble” stayed behind, living at Ed’s parents’ house, where she’s been living alone (or should I say without humans?) for the past three years or so.  My husband, Ed, goes to the house and feeds her every afternoon.  He’s “the man with the can.”

Now, even though “Trouble” is a ‘loner’, somehow, stray cats manage to keep making themselves at home around her–at least for a little while.  The latest newcomer is a large, young black male cat.  He showed up, starving, so, of course, Ed fed him.  He’s been hanging around for the past 3 or 4 months, even though our oldest son has tried to entice him to stay at his house.

About a month ago, Ed and I saw a black carcass on the side of the busy highway that runs in front of Ed’s parents’ house.  Our hearts sank, since we both just knew the black cat was dead.  Later, that day, Ed took a shovel, intending to remove the cat’s carcass off the highway and bury it.  Imagine his surprise when he discovered the carcass belonged to a skunk! Now here’s where this story takes an interesting turn.

A few days ago, Ed ran into his brother, who’s also our neighbor, and they began talking about this and that.  In the course of the conversation, the subject of the black cat came up.  It turned out that “Black Kitty” belongs to Ed’s brother and his wife!

You see, a couple of years ago, there were five kittens, belonging to a feral cat who’d been living at Ed’s parents’ house, along with “Trouble”.  The feral cat left, and gave birth to her kittens underneath our son’s house, which is located near by.  After about 3 weeks, something happened to the mama cat, leaving behind five very tiny kittens, not quite old enough to fend for themselves.  Ed was doing the best he could, feeding them softened canned cat food, when, one day, an old red tom cat showed up and literally carried all five kittens into a thicket that grows in the middle of the family farm.  We later found one of the kittens at Ed’s parents’ house, and were able to rescue and adopt it.  I named her “Baby”.

It turned out that three of the four other kittens found their way to Ed’s brother’s house (I suspect with the help of that red tom cat), and were adopted by Ed’s brother and his wife.  All three kittens turned out to be males, and, eventually, the strongest and meanest of the three ran the others off, which explains why “Black Kitty” is hanging out at Ed’s parents’ house!

In thinking back, when “Baby” was still a kitten, a black kitten showed up at our house, one weekend.  The kitten and “Baby” spent all weekend playing together, outside, then I saw the strangest thing happen.  I saw that same red tom cat [who’d stolen the kittens before] sneak into our yard, pick the black kitten up, and drag him off, toward my BIL’s house!  I’ll bet that little black kitten was “Black Kitty”, and, apparently, the red tom cat wanted him to go “home”.

Epilogue: It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen the red tom cat.  He used to come and join “Trouble” for supper, occasionally, but now he doesn’t.  I’ve often wondered where he is, and thought about how he “mothered” all those little abandoned kittens, for a time.  I believe there are angels among us, in all forms.  How about you?

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This-N-That On Monday…

Another weekend has quickly come and gone.  It was a cloudy, dreary one, but at least it wasn’t hot!  Believe it or not, we haven’t seen the sun, in our neck of the woods, in almost a week, but it hasn’t bothered me since the temperatures have been mild.

Baby, the cat, survived her spaying surgery, and was back at home late Friday afternoon.  Baby didn’t look so good when I picked her up, but she was fine by Saturday afternoon.  She spent Friday night in the laundry room, again, but went back outside the following day.  I’m so glad the surgery is behind us, and so thankful for the ‘glue’ they use, these days, instead of stitches!

Ed got a little work done on the chicken coop, but not much.  It took us a while to decide how we were going to build it, and, by the time we figured all of that out, we had to quit.

You see, Ed and I were scheduled to keep our two oldest grandsons, on Saturday, while their parents attended a wedding.  Of course, there wasn’t much ‘keeping’ to it.  Chase took a nap, while Caden and our granddaughter, Madison, who lives next-door, watched ‘Super Mario World’ videos on YouTube! Eventually, Chase woke up, they all played with each other, ate supper with us, then went home.

Speaking of grandsons, this weekend,  I saw a video post, on Facebook, of our grandson, Evan, taking!  He said, “Da da. Da.  Bye bye Brad.”–just as plain as day, and I almost fell off the couch when I heard it! Evan’s not even eleven months old, yet!  Both of Evan’s parents like to talk,  so I guess he is destined to be a ‘talker’, too.   It’s times like these when I’m most thankful for social media, and the fact that Jennifer keeps her iPhone handy 🙂

Much of our town spent this weekend mourning the loss of three of its citizens.  Two members of one family died, in separate incidents, on Thursday, while a third, unrelated person, passed away Sunday morning. The first lady passed away from a fatal blood clot, following recent shoulder surgery, while an elderly, gentleman relative passed away from causes unknown.  A young high school teacher died of complications from Schleroderma (an autoimmune disease), yesterday morning. I didn’t personally know any of the deceased, but know some of their family members.

In other news, Ed had to add another cardboard box onto the ‘chick condo’, this weekend!  These chicks are growing like wildfire!  They’ve quadrupled in size, with no end in sight!  We now have three large boxes hooked together, and could actually use a fourth, but we’re out of space.

The chicks are three weeks old, today, which means it’s time to lower the temperature in their ‘chick condo’ by five degrees (to 80 degrees).  I had to switch to a smaller wattage of bulb, but only had yellow bulbs in 60 watts, instead of the usual red ones I’ve been using.  What all of this means is, last night was another sleepless night!  Since the yellow bulbs are brighter than red ones, the chicks thought they were supposed to stay awake all night!  There’s nothing quite like listening to chicks pecking and scratching all night…  I wonder if they are feeling as tired as I am!

I’m happy to say, the pears are almost gone!  We’ve picked up literally thousands of pears over the past month or so, and I’m ready to be done with them!  We gave away pears to anyone who would take them, but we threw away more than we could give away.  I made pear cobbler and pear tarts, and I put pears in the freezer.  I’m tired of pears!  It was the same way with grapes, this year.  We couldn’t pick or use them all.  I’ve fed grapes to ‘the girls’ (my hens) until they’re sick of them!

Before I go, I just have to say…  Just when I think this world can’t get any crazier, it does!  On Saturday, I looked on Yahoo and noticed the #1 trending topic was…are you ready for this?…Vagina Cookies!  Of course, being the curious sort, I had to click on the topic to see what the story was.  According to the story, some mother, thought it was a good idea to make and decorate cookies resembling  vaginas, then sent them to school for her child’s second grade class to have for a Friday snack!  Oh my word!  Of course, the teacher told the mother she couldn’t serve this inappropriate snack, then the mother got mad, ranted and raved, and even demanded that her child be removed from this teacher’s classroom!  In the end, the story said, out of desperation, the teacher scraped the decorative frosting off of the cookies and served them anyway…  If this story is true, I’m at a loss for words, except to say, What is this world coming to?

That’s it for me, this cloudy Monday!  I need to get up and get moving.  It’s already time to redecorate the ‘year round tree’ for Halloween, and get ready to celebrate my daughter’s birthday on Wednesday!  Where oh where did the month of September go???



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‘The Man With The Can’ Continues…

If you are a regular reader here, you are probably familiar with our continuing saga of the cats at Ed’s late parents’ house.  I’ve posted about  ‘The Man With the Can’ HERE and HERE if you would like to catch up on the story.  Today’s story picks up where the last story left off.


Let me begin by saying that ‘Trouble’ is still alive and doing well for a cat of her age.  Ed began giving her 1/2 can of cat food, along with her dry food, after her last health issue.  Trouble absolutely loves canned cat food!  Every afternoon you will find Trouble sitting under the carport waiting for her evening meal.  Recently, she’s picked up the bad habit of coming to meet Ed’s car, which worries us somewhat.  Trouble knows our vehicles, and, sometimes, will start to head toward Ed’s car, while he’s waiting to turn in off of the busy highway.  It would be easy for an accident to happen now that she’s started doing this.  Sigh.


Jo Jo

‘Jo Jo’, the gray kitten who found his way to our house, about a year ago, is alive and doing well.  He’s become a full-fledged tom cat, these days. He picked a fight with every cat on the place, once his testosterone kicked in!  I’d love to have him neutered, but he’s become a bit skittish since his hormones kicked in.  He’s not gentle and loving like he used to be.  Besides, I once had a bad experience while having a ‘skittish’ cat ‘fixed’, and I’m in no mood to go through that experience again!  (My cat attacked the vet tech, and it cost me a lot of money (and heartache) when they kept my cat under quarantine for 10 extra days!)  The bottom line is, ‘Jo Jo’ will not be getting neutered.


the new kitty (at its worst)

Which brings me to the cream-colored kitten we adopted back at the beginning of the summer.  As far as I know, this kitten is the only survivor out of the litter of ‘Rainbow Kittens’.  If the circumstances had been different, and we hadn’t been able to bring it home, I’m quite sure this kitty wouldn’t be alive today.  It had a respiratory virus, a ton of fleas, and was nothing but skin and bones, covered with fluff when we brought it home.


kitty growing and getting healthier

The kitty turned out to be a ‘she’, and after giving much thought about what to name her, I decided on the name of ‘Baby’.  It fit her perfectly, since she’s “the baby” at our house–and she knows it, too!  After a lot of time and TLC, ‘Baby’ has finally grown into a healthy, beautiful cat.


Baby (a couple of months ago)

Now, Baby is technically Jo Jo’s niece, since his sister gave birth to the litter of ‘Rainbow Kittens’. They’ve actually got a family connection.  From the day we first brought Baby home, Jo Jo took a real liking to Baby!  Unfortunately, Jo Jo’s testosterone was kicking in about then, and he kept trying to do ‘nasty things’ to our little baby!  It was pathetic.  Poor Baby just thought Jo Jo wanted to play with her!  After much scolding, on our part, and some thinking on his part, Jo Jo finally figured out Baby wasn’t old enough for sex.  Since then, he’s become her best friend and protector, while biding his time for her to mature!  The two eat together, daily, and can be seen playing together each morning and afternoon.


Baby and Jo Jo

Speaking of a ‘family connection’, Baby has a family connection with another cat at our house, too!  She comes from the same descendants as our cat, ‘Charlie’, whom we got from Ed’s parents, quite a few years ago. Baby and Charlie’s family connection is quite evident through their appearance!  The two, also, share the honors of being the youngest and oldest members of our feline family.


 Charlie and Baby

The months have passed quickly, and, now, the time has come for Baby to go to the vet to be spayed. There’s no way I’d not have this done, especially with Jo Jo lurking around waiting! I’ve taken dozens of cats to have this procedure done, but it never gets easier.  I do not like caging my babies, then leaving them in a strange place!

Please keep ‘Baby’ in your thoughts and prayers (and me, too) as we begin our ‘spaying adventure,’ early tomorrow morning.  I’ll be glad when it’s over, and Baby is safely home again!  Actually, the real adventure will begin tonight, when I have to keep Baby in the house, but separated from the baby chicks!  Wish me luck 🙂

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