The Wedding Day…

Our son’s wedding day began bright and early for us. We didn’t get into bed until after 1 a.m., but we were up around 7.  Jennifer arrived shortly after,  to pick up the church key.  Then she was off to get her hair and makeup done at the church.

Strangely enough, I was calm the entire day, from beginning to end. In hindsight, I think I was too exhausted to be anything else!  Never once did I feel anxious–well, maybe a tad, when my dress fell apart, but I’ll get to that in a moment!

Brad stopped by our house about 10:30 that morning. He wasn’t dressed, and still hadn’t printed out the boarding passes for the cruise. We were supposed to be dressed and at the church by 11!  That’s my Brad,  always waiting until the eleventh hour…

Fortunately, the photographer was busy with the bride, so we had plenty of time to waste–because we forgot to take the wedding rings to the church with us!  Lucky for us, the church is only about four miles from our house, so Brad dashed back home to pick up the rings!  The rest of us sat around, and ate the snacks that I’d prepared in the kitchen…and we waited.

Brad mentioned to me that one of the groomsmen was missing a button on his tux jacket. It was the top button, which would be noticable. We discovered that the bottom button should be left unfastened anyway, so we decided to move the bottom button to the top!  I knew about this problem ahead of time, so I took a needle and thread to the church with me…

Lots of “primping” was going on at the church, as well as lots of picture-taking. Brad and Jenn chose to not see each other before the ceremony, which resulted in some covert operations concerning pictures! I enjoyed rambling around with my camera, taking candid shots of whatever was going on…like these four buddies who looked too cool in their new shades!

I moved the button on Jason’s tux, then put my needle and thread away. However, I had to get it back out again when the front clasp fell off my jacket–just before we were going to have family pictures taken!!! I called a quick “time out”, and went to sew my clasp back on! Thank goodness for that needle and thread–even though the thread was black, and my dress wasn’t!

About the time pictures were finished, we began to notice that it was getting warm inside of the sanctuary. The air conditioning was mal-functioning! I never did find out if it just “froze up” or actually stopped working, but the sanctuary was not very cool by the time of the ceremony–but we survived! One toilet stopped up in the ladies room, too, but fortunately there were two more!

Ed’s mom didn’t feel comfortable walking down the aisle as part of the ceremony, so she was seated early.  We anticipated this, since she’d fallen a few days before.

I managed to get the groom’s unity candle lit on the first try, thank goodness, and didn’t fall coming down the step!

The wedding progressed pretty smoothly after that.  Our little two-and-a-half-year-old grandson did a great job as the ring bearer, and our four-and-one-half year old granddaughter performed well as the flower girl. Then the bride entered on the arm of her father.

From there, everything progressed normally, until the preacher decided to preach a sermon in the middle of the ceremony!  Seriously, he stopped in mid-ceremony and began to preach a sermon (about marriage) to Brad and Jennifer!  This following the eight hours of marriage counseling that the couple spent with him!

For a few minutes, we were wondering if he was actually going to continue with the ceremony! He even went so far as to remark at the end of his “sermon” for us to “please pray for Brad and Jennifer–cause they’re gonna’ need it!” I guess he thought about how that remark sounded, then quickly added, “we all do” to the end of the sentence.  It was an awkward moment.

We all made this mental note for our future reference :  never let a once “scorned and divorced” preacher perform your wedding ceremony!  He also shared with Brad and Jennifer that 17 out of the 19 couples that he has joined in marriage, are now divorced.  It’s no wonder he’s so jaded about marriage!

At the reception, Brad and Jennifer were discussing the turn of events during the ceremony, when I said to both of them, “You’ll just have to prove the preacher wrong.”  They both readily agreed.  I’m wishing our happy couple the best, and praying that the preacher’s track record with marriages improves–beginning with Brad and Jennifer.

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Six Word Saturday…Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Their big day is finally here!

I’m joining Cate’s SWS meme…And announcing the marriage of our son, Brad, to his soulmate, Jennifer–today @ 2 o’clock!

Love and best wishes to the happy couple!

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Six Word Saturday Post…The Photobook

My six words for today are:   Check out the happy couple’s phototbook!

I decided to make Brad and Jennifer an engagement photobook for a wedding gift.  I’m showing you just a few of the pages of the book. 

I made their photobook at “Shutterfly”.  It took hours to decide which photographs to use, and how to arrange them, but I enjoyed doing it.

Jennifer has chosen to have her uncle sing Kenny Chesney’s song “Me and You” at the wedding.  I used the words of that song for the text to go along with their photographs.  I thought it turned out well…

Their wedding will be two weeks from today…the final countdown has begun!

If you would like to join  SWS, just click Cate’s button below for rules and directions on linking up!

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