The Monday After…

Saturday morning started out much like many others.  I hadn’t slept well the night before, so I was moving slowly.  I went over the 50 pound bag of chicken feed that sits in the corner of our pool room. I bent down to fill up a bowl for the chickens, like I do every morning… and that’s when it happened. I felt a “catch” in my back, in other words, a sharp pain, and I could hardly straighten back up.  I don’t know exactly what happened, but it sure was painful!

I don’t like to give up easily, so I went ahead with my chicken chores.  I fed the chickens and cleaned their coops. Once more, I felt that sharp stabbing pain in my back when I tried to bend over.  I avoided all bending, after that!

Call me crazy, but, a few minutes later, I still decided to change out the towels that are protecting the swing [from cats] on the front porch.  It was at that particular moment I  also got stung by a wasp!  How was I to know a huge wasp nest was located on the back of the swing?  Wow, two painful episodes within an hour.  I couldn’t decide which felt worse, my back or my ring finger.  It quickly became obvious that Saturday, the 13th wasn’t going to be my day!

Our daughter-in-law had a cookout planned for Saturday evening, so I willed myself into the kitchen to make some rice krispie treats.  I didn’t want to let my aches and  pains get the best of me. By lunchtime, my back was good and sore, and I moved slowly and painfully the rest of the day.  I took pain medication twice that day, so I was able to make it to the cookout.

The Saturday afternoon cookout was to honor our oldest son, who finally finished up his degree.  He graduated from high school in 2000, and has been s-l-o-w-l-y working toward his college degree for many years.  Nobody could convince him to take more than one class per semester, but just like the tortoise, he very slowly and very steadily completed his task.  We couldn’t be prouder!  He graduated with honors, but the very best part is he graduated with no student debt, too.  There aren’t many who can say that, these days!


College Grad

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful.  I spent the majority of it alternating between laying down and sitting because of my sore back.  I tried to do a little grocery shopping, on Sunday afternoon, but started having back spasms, and had to let Ed finish the job.  I’m blessed that he can take over my duties when I’m not able to do them.

Speaking of Ed, he had a checkup with his cardiologist, on Friday, and got a very good report.  His doctor told him if all of his patients got along as well as Ed has, it would make his job a lot easier.  Praise the Lord for Ed’s smooth recovery!  He’s approaching the 10 month anniversary of his heart attack.

It has started raining, as I’m writing this post, and I’m glad!  Our grass has turned brown due to extreme temperatures and lack of rain.  Perhaps a good shower will help to bring it back to life.  It would also be nice not to have to water my plants for a day or so.  Speaking of watering plants, there’s nothing like being “down in the back” to show a person they have too many things to take care of!  And speaking of being “down in the back”, I think I’ll go and rest mine for a while.  I hope it helps!

Have a great Monday!





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The Memory Boxes…

I’m a sentimental person.  When my children were growing up, I had a hard time letting go of their things.  It was always an ordeal for me when it came time to weed out their clothing or toys.  Eventually, I got rid of most of their old things, but I saved a few things, especially some of their toys, which I still have.

Brett, age 11 mos.

When our children were babies, I always kept two copies of a baby book for each child.  I kept one for myself, the second one I planned to give them when they were grown up.  I always wished I’d had a baby book of my own.

I was one of those mothers who saved their school papers and made scrapbooks for my children.  I saved examples of their handwriting, coloring, drawings, and the stories they wrote for the “Young Author’s Conference”.  I wanted my children to be able to look back one day, and remember their childhoods.  I saved favorite blankets, stuffed animals, and even sports equipment.  I kept all of these special things in an old cedar wardrobe that belonged to my grandmother.

As each child graduated from high school, I made a shadow box with their graduation caps, tassels, and other graduation memorabilia.  I hung their graduation shadow boxes on the wall in our hallway–next to the shadow boxes which held their “coming home outfits”.  Our hallway was lovingly referred to as “the hall of shame” because it was also lined with various childhood photos of our children!

Cub scouting days...

As each child grew up and left home, they left behind a room filled with discarded “stuff”.  Trophies, plaques, high school yearbooks, and more.  (Why do our children do this when they flee the nest?)  We didn’t need the space, so these things sat in the children’s bedrooms, and collected dust for several years…Then one day Ed and I decided to build another house and downsize.   Suddenly I had the dilemma of what to do with a lot of excess stuff!

Finally, I came up with the idea of making memory boxes for each of our grown children.  I bought three very large plastic storage containers.  Into those containers I put their baby book, childhood scrapbooks, high school yearbooks, graduation shadow boxes, and various other special items that I’d saved for each of them.  Then I gave the filled containers to each of our grown children.

My two sons didn’t even bother to look through their containers.  They stuck them in storage and forgot about them.  I felt a bit sad because they didn’t care about that box of memories that I’d so lovingly collected over the years…but, boys will be boys!

This past weekend our oldest son and his wife spent some time cleaning out their spare bed room, in preparation for their new baby.  (The spare room was where Brett had stored his memory box).  Brett told me that he took some time to look through his memory box as they were moving it out to the new storage shed.  He began telling me about some of the things he’d discovered in his box.

High school basketball days...

It’s been four years since I packed those boxes, and I’d actually forgotten what all I put in them.  I enjoyed hearing Brett describe what  he discovered in his box.  The scrapbook….his green baby blanket…the cub scouts uniform…the letterman jacket…sports clippings from the newspaper….the autographed basketball he won during the 3 point shoot-out contest!

Such fun memories from Brett’s first eighteen years of life…and it still it seems like it was just yesterday to me!  Where does the time go?

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Not My Child! Monday

3721389262_1576301154I believe most everybody that has more than one child has one of those…You know, a child that is just a little out of step with the rest, the one that seems to get into just a little bit more trouble, the one that makes the gray hairs come in your head, the one that causes you sleepless nights…on and on and on…I think you catch my drift.I am blessed to be the mother of three.  My middle child is one of those..Gotta’ love him!

My middle child did not cry all night long two nights after we brought his new baby brother home.  He did not cause us to take him to the emergency room because we thought he was seriously ill–only to discover he was suffering from “new sybling syndrome”, not my child!

My middle child did not refuse to sing the song “Itsy Bitsy Fuzzy Wuzzy Worms” in first grade, telling his teacher that the song was gross…Not my child!

My middle child, at the age of 6, did not fall and break his arm from playing on the bed– the day before we were to leave for a camping vacation–in a tent!  He did not lay around miserably in a lawn chair with his arm elavated, moaning miserably,  the entire vacation, not my child!

My middle child, at the age of 11, did not find and steal his cousin’s nude women picture cards and take them to school…a private christian school, no less…and get caught with them!  Not my child!

How dull my life would be, without my beloved middle child!  I love you honey, even though sometimes you drive me crazy!

Mckmama and friends decided to take a little break from Not Me, Monday this week and write about our children instead.  If you have enjoyed hearing my stories, hop on over to Mckmama’s and check out her blog carnival for some more rip roaring fun.

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