Meet Me On Monday…And The Weekend Wrap Up

Acting Balanced

I’ve missed being able to join up with “Meet Me On Monday” for the past  few weeks.  Recently, one of my newest blog friends, Heather, from Acting Balanced” has begun to host the meme.  (Thanks, Heather!)  If you’d like to join in, simply click on Heather’s button at the top of this post!

Today’s questions are:

1. What is your favorite kind of soup?
My favorite soup is homemade vegetable-beef soup, served with hot cornbread!
2. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
The last movie I saw in a theater was “Toy Story 3”.  These days, I rarely see a movie trailer that makes me want to make the 30 mile trip (one way) to the movies–or pay those ridiculous ticket prices!  More often than not, when I finally see most movies on dvd, I usually end up commenting, “I’m glad I didn’t go to the movies to see that one”!
3. What is your least favorite TV program?
These days, my least favorite TV program is the news.  It’s all politics–UGH!  I’m so sick of it.
4. If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?
I would title my book the same as my blog–“Reflections By Kathy”.
5. What 3 places that are on your bucket list to visit?
I’m not choosy–as long as it’s three places with clear, blue water, and white sandy beaches!  Recently, I’ve been doing some research on the Florida Keys.  My husband and I discussed taking a cruise  for our 40th anniversary, but he’s gotten “cold feet” since the recent cruise ship disaster.  Dang it!
Weekend Wrap Up:
The best way to describe the weekend here is–windy and wet.  We had two windy days, and received two inches of rain!  We are thankful for the rain, because we desperately needed it…The wind?  Not so much.  I nearly had a heart attack when a small tree limb fell on top of our tin roof and made a clatter!  However, our granddaughter, Madison, had a good time flying her new kite in the stiff breeze!
Over the weekend, Ed and I were able to spend lots of time with family, and we even had a little belated birthday celebration, when our oldest son showed up with an ice cream cake, for his wife, on Friday evening!  (Her birthday fell on Wednesday, and there had been no time to celebrate due to church commitments)
I watched two old movies over the weekend.  The first was “Look Who’s Talking”, which I’d seen a couple of times, but that was a long, long time ago.   The second movie was “The Big Chill” which I’d never seen, but watched on the advice of blog friend Kathy, from Just Stuff From A Boomer .  Kathy was so right, the soundtrack (lots of Motown music) was fabulous, and the movie was pretty good, too!  Kevin Kline was killing me in his jogging short-shorts!  The stars in both movies have something in common with me–we’ve all aged a lot since the 80’s!  Have a great Monday…

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