Just Another Monday…

First of all, this post will be late in getting published.  I’m settling back in from a long, three-day weekend, and I’m running behind (as usual).  That being said, I’ll get busy recapping the weekend.

Ed was off on Friday, and he graciously took me back to my favorite place.  You guessed it–St. Simon’s Island.  The skies were clear and beautiful, but oh, my goodness it was warm.  No, actually it was HOT.  The car thermometer said 94 degrees, but a nice breeze was blowing in from the ocean and temps under ‘our’ oak tree ran a bit cooler than 94, I think.  However, the temperature in Brunswick, just a few miles from SSI, was 98 degrees!

Here’s a bit of what we saw, while sitting in the shade of that oak tree, on Friday:


a shrimp boat,  followed by a flock of birds

(that’s nearby Jeckyl Island in the background)


the ‘walking man’, along with some shark fishermen on the pier

(the walking man walked exactly 3 hours!)


one of the fisherman posing with his ‘catch of the day’

(I had a blast watching the guy land that shark!)

Ed and I enjoyed a picnic of bar-b-que sandwiches from ‘Soulful Bar-b-que’, and the food was delicious, as always.  One thing you can say about us, we are creatures of habit 🙂

On this visit, I did a bit of shopping at some of the gift shops on the island.  I purchased a few more beach-themed ornaments for my ‘summer tree’, which I recently decorated. I’ll have to share a few pics of that tree, one day soon.  It’s decorated in all things ‘tropical’ or ‘beach-y’.

The trip to and from St. Simon’s Island was uneventful, which is always a good thing.  (I always wonder if we’ll have car trouble)  I’m already looking forward to making another trip back, hopefully in a couple of weeks!

On Friday night, after arriving back home from SSI, we gathered at our daughter’s house, and watched our oldest son’s wedding/honeymoon video.  The wedding video was pretty much traditional, but oh, my goodness, the honeymoon part of the video was hilarious!  Our son filmed everything they saw on the honeymoon, including traffic and the entire decor of the condo where they stayed.  He did a running commentary while he filmed, and that’s what was so funny!  Toward the end of the video, suddenly a basketball game appears.  I said to my son, “Please tell me you didn’t film a basketball game over your wedding/honeymoon video!!!”  He said, “No, the wedding/honeymoon was filmed over the basketball game!”

The rest of the weekend went by quickly.  We were able to visit with almost all of our family, at some point over the weekend, which is always good.  Ed managed to get a little work done around the house, too, and that always makes him happy.

The low point of the weekend came, on Sunday morning, when the ‘anti tracking’ warning light came on in my car!  I’m not quite sure what the warning light means, except that it means another trip to the car repair shop!  Hopefully, it will be a simple and not-too-costly fix.  It’s always something when your vehicles grow old…  In fact, I’m planng to write a post, soon, entitled “Old Vehicles Never Die, They Just Come To Live At Our House!”

On that note, I’ll end this post and say “Have a great Monday–and stay cool!”

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