Monday Madness…


It’s a brand new week, and I’d like to believe that it’s going to be a good one! ¬†The good news is, the tree trimmers are finished, so there won’t be any more destruction going on around our house–at least I sure hope not!

The bad news is, I’m starting out the week with another dentist appointment ūüė¶ because I’m having more dental problems! ¬†I just don’t understand what’s going on with my teeth. ¬†My latest mishap happened while I was eating a pork chop!

To get my day off to a proper start, I’m participating in the Monday Quiz. ¬†Here are today’s questions:

1. What is your favorite pair of shoes?
My favorite pair of shoes was my very first pair of Crocs. ¬†I bought them back in 2006, and I wore them completely out! Sadly, I retired them to the trash can, just last week. ¬†However, being the blogger that I am, I had to photograph them before I tossed them… ¬†I have other Crocs, but my first pair will always be my favorite!
100_26642. Do you get embarrassed easily?
Yes, I sure do. ¬†It doesn’t take much to make me blush.
3. What makes you cringe?
Crying or unruly children in restaurants or stores!  
4. July 29th is National Lasagna day… are you celebrating?¬† What kind of lasagna do you prefer?
No, I won’t be celebrating, but I do love Lasagna! ¬†My favorite lasagna is made from a recipe that originally belonged to our former pastor’s wife, and it’s delicious.
My question for you is:
5.  When was the last time you saw a snake, and where was it?
Weekend recap:

The last time I posted, I was feeling very frustrated and was looking for a ‘silver lining’ to the perpetual cloud that has been hanging over our house! ¬†I’m happy to report that I think things are beginning to look up, somewhat :).

We’ve actually had a three-day reprieve from daily rain showers, and all trees have now been cleared away. ¬†We won’t talk about how bad the yard looks, or the fact that our riding lawn mower is currently broken, thanks to Ed running over the protective netting on our blueberry bush! ¬†We also won’t talk about how my cd player and my photo printer both died last week, or how Ed lost his cell phone the week before that!

After an exasperating day on Wednesday, the tree trimmers took Thursday and Friday off. ¬†You may recall, on Wednesday, they busted our water line, cut the Dish Network cable, and bogged the Bobcat down in our yard. ¬†The trimmers returned bright and early, on Saturday, ready to finish the job. ¬†The day went smoothly–right up until they ran over Ed’s pitch fork and flattened the tire on their Bobcat! ¬†Ed’s pitch fork didn’t fare too well either!

The trimmers worked non-stop, on Saturday, not even breaking for lunch. ¬†I tell you, these men were determined to finish with us on Saturday! ¬†Did I mention that it also started to rain again during the course of the day and their Bobcat almost bogged down again? ¬†I don’t know who was more relieved when the job was finished, us or the workers! ¬†Ed asked Tim, the boss, if he’d be willing to come back if we needed him again. ¬†He said, “Yes, as long as it’s dry!” ¬†I joked and said he’d probably ignore our call when he saw our number come up on his phone!

Unfortunately, we had to call the Dish Network people again, on Friday, because the technician neglected to bury the spliced cable back in the ground on Wednesday! ¬†He merely spliced and taped the cable, then left, but we didn’t notice the cable still laying on top of the ground until Thursday, because our yard is a bit of a mess. ¬†Another technician came out on Saturday and buried the cable for us.

As the Dish Network technician was leaving, on Saturday, he stopped just down the lane from our house and killed a rattlesnake as it was crossing the road! ¬†This was quite interesting, because just two hours before, I ran over (with my car) another rattlesnake crossing the road–on that same little dirt lane! ¬†Two rattlesnakes in one day is scary! ¬†I couldn’t help but wonder if they were running away from the tree trimmers!

Speaking of snakes, our daughter nearly stepped on one last week, because it was stretched out in front of her door!  Fortunately, her snake was a non-poisonous one, but it nearly gave her heart failure!  Around here, the summer of 2013 seems to be the year of the snake.  There have been seven sightings/killings, in and around our yard this summer!

That’s it for me today. ¬†I must get going to meet with my dentist–again. ¬†This will make visit number four, since the end of May! ¬†Ouch, that hurts–in more ways than one. ¬†I’m trying to think positive, so thank goodness for dental insurance, it helps with the pain.

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Old Clothes Are Like Old Friends…I Love Keeping Them Around!


This weekend's giveaway...just comment for a chance to win!

Do you have¬†any clothing that is worn out, but you can’t bring yourself to throw it away–either because it’s so comfy to wear, or you are just a “pack rat”?¬†

My husband, Ed, absolutely hates to get rid of anything!¬† He still has shoes from 1970!¬† Seriously, it’s a pair of Dingo boots that he had custom-made in Okinawa when he was in the army.¬† I threw them out ages ago, but he retrieved them and put them in his storage house.¬† They are the same boots that he threatened to wear to our wedding–37 years ago!

I have two night gowns that I’ve had for years.¬† They are made out of some kind of cotton/polyester material that is very comfortable!¬† I’ve slept in them so much that they are thread bare and falling apart.¬† I had on one of them last night and noticed that it’s now missing a button.¬† Before long I am sure a hole will be coming in the back of it where it has worn so thin.¬† If they weren’t so comfy, I’d have thrown them away ages ago!¬† I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t been able to find anything even close to the¬†same material.¬† I will be very sad to say goodbye to my old nighties–one of these days…


Crocs anyone? Old or new!

The other thing that Ed and I both have an abundance of is Crocs.¬† About two years ago, I bought us both a pair of Crocs.¬† Ed scoffed at his pair–then he tried them on!¬† He and I wear Crocs nearly all of the time now.¬† About the only place that we don’t wear them is to church–and Ed has considered that!¬† We both have chronic foot problems–and Crocs¬†are the only shoes that we can wear and be comfortable.¬† The problem with Crocs is, they never wear out!¬† They get a little rough-looking, but they last forever.¬† Ed and I have about¬†six pairs of Crocs each–and neither of us is willing to part with any of¬†the old ones!¬† If you haven’t tried Crocs, I highly recommend them!

Ed has two underwear drawers–one for good t-shirts and one for worn out t-shirts.¬† When they get a few holes, he saves them for work around the house t-shirts.¬† He will literally wear them until they get torn off his back!¬† This usually happens when he mows the grass, and a low tree limb catches him.

My daughter’s thing is shoes.¬† She just loves shoes!¬† She will “weed out” her clothing out fairly often– and even other household items, but she holds on to her shoes!¬† I think she gets her love of shoes from Ed’s mother.

Years ago, Ed inherited this¬†ugly pair of¬†velcro tennis shoes from my daddy, which¬†wouldn’t have been so bad, but they were so big on his feet¬†that they looked like “clown shoes”.¬† That is precisely why Ed loved them so much.¬† They didn’t touch his feet, therefore, they didn’t hurt his feet!¬† He wore those shoes completely out–they had giant holes in them and the velcro came apart before he agreed to throw them out.¬† Oh, how I hated those ugly shoes!

I¬† have a large¬†assortment of¬† t-shirts.¬† I used to work at school, and they were always selling t-shirts.¬† Every year I usually¬†buy a t-shirt when our little town has¬†the Onion Festival.¬† If I go on a trip somewhere, I always buy a t-shirt.¬† Now that I don’t work outside of the home, I wear t-shirts all of the time.¬† Not the most flattering attire, but they sure do wear good!¬† The problem is–I hate to get rid of any.¬† They wear the best when they are about worn out!

How about you?¬† Do your or your spouse have a favorite “something” that you can’t bear to part with?¬† Please share about it in the form of a comment.¬† I am giving away a Thanksgiving dish towel and two Pilgrim shelf sitters this weekend to some lucky commenter.¬†¬†It’s time do decorate for Thanksgiving!¬† I will be accepting comments until midnight on Sunday night.¬† I will announce the winner on Monday morning.¬†¬† Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.¬† I appreciate your visits very much…

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