An Amazing Man…He Carried The Cross For Jesus (And Haiti)…

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 I wanted to share the story of this man’s amazing journey with my readers during the week of Easter, but decided to wait until his journey was finished before sharing. I hope you enjoy his story, I know I did…God never ceases to amaze me.

I live in a small southern town, where almost everybody knows everybody, but I don’t know this man personally.  However, I do respect and admire him, and would certainly like to meet him someday.  His name is Dennis Barnard, and  he is a member of the local United Methodist Church.

Last year, around Easter, Dennis Barnard said he felt called by God to construct a large cross and carry it– so that others would see, and remember the significance of Easter.  Dennis made a one-day walk, 12 miles long, down Highway 301– the busiest highway around.  I had the wonderful experience of seeing Dennis last year, walking beside that busy highway–dressed as Jesus, and carrying the cross on his shoulder.  It was not a sight that I will soon forget!  Apparently a lot of other people felt the same way.  Many people experienced spiritual awakenings as a result of the sight of Dennis dressed like Jesus, carrying that very large cross on his shoulder.

The beams of the cross which Dennis carried were hollowed out, to help lessen the weight, and a small wheel was also  installed on the bottom of it.  Dennis’  fellow church member, Willie Bland, actually built the cross for Dennis.  Willie’s wife, Judy,  designed and sewed the Jesus robes and sashes for Dennis.  The cross, the robe,  Dennis and his long,  flowing dark hair, his bearded face–now there is an image guaranteed to get people’s attention!   

   This year, Dennis felt the call once again, to take up his cross and walk.  In addition to reminding the public of the true meaning of Easter, Dennis also hoped to raise some money for Haiti.  People were given the opportunity to donate to his church’s Haitian relief fund, in honor of Dennis’ walk.  

Dennis took his entire annual vacation from his job to devote to the walk.  He planned the walk for Holy Week.  Dennis left home on Palm Sunday, March 28,   embarking on the pre-planned 250 mile journey all around south Georgia.  He left wearing a flowing white robe with a purple sash, his long hair blowing in the wind, carrying a large cross on his shoulder.  Dennis planned to walk approximately 25 miles a day.

Dennis stated that the walk “started out sort of rough”, due to  the extra 25 pound rucksack attached to the cross which contained supplies.  He  didn’t know how much help would be available along the way, so he had to be prepared.  Dennis didn’t have to worry, because God saw to his needs through the kindness of friends and strangers.

About 20 miles into the trip–on the very first day–it began to rain.  Dennis states that he was worn out, and had no place to spend the night,  so he asked God for help.  It wasn’t long before a friend showed up, and carried that cross for Dennis for the next 2 miles–to give him rest.  Next,  the owner of a nearby Scottish Inn stopped by and told Dennis that he could spend the night at the inn free of charge.  When Dennis arrived at the inn, he was met by a lady offering warm towels and a hot meal.  Every day of the 250 mile trip was filled with stories of  such kindness–of friends and kind strangers lending a helping hand.

Dennis shared many evangelistic stories of his journey with our local newspaper.  Each day brought new experiences, and new people.  Once again, people’s lives were changed.  Dennis related that “the cross was like a magnet”.  People all along the way offered to help him carry the cross.  Dennis said the oldest person to carry the cross was 78, while the youngest was only 5.  He was furnished a free place to sleep each night, as well as hot meals thanks to many caring people along the way.

Dennis’ walking journey ended on Tuesday, April 8–12 days and 250 miles after it began,  when he walked back to his home church, accompanied by many people who joined him on the last leg of his journey.  Following his safe arrival at the United Methodist Church, over one-hundred people joined Dennis for prayer.

I think I can safely say “this man exemplified the words of Luke 9:23”- “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must put aside your selfish ambitions, shoulder your cross daily, and follow me.”  Simply amazing…

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Not Me Monday Continued…(Easter Weekend…)


If this post pulls up first…please make sure to read the preceeding post before this one…You have to read them together to get the whole vision of my week leading up to Easter!  Trust me, it’s a “doozie”! 

On Saturday…I got up, took a couple more of those Excedrin, and began to color Easter eggs at 8 o’clock in the morning…Our church had an egg hunt planned for 11 o’clock.  While coloring those eggs, and making some baked beans to go with the hot dogs at church, we received bad news…Our son-in-law’s uncle had been found dead.  Not the kind of news that you want to hear at any time, but especially at holiday time.  Apparently, the uncle had suffered a heart attack and died sometime during the night. 

We went to the church, watched the grandkids search for eggs, ate lunch,  and upon returning home found our old, sick, dog “Hobbs” laying on our walkway at the base of the front steps.  He was obviously in very bad shape.  He’d stopped eating– for the second time– 3 days before, and was now swollen and having trouble breathing.  I rubbed his head, and talked to him, thinking that darn dog is going to wait and die on Easter Sunday.  I just knew in my heart that this situation wasn’t going to end well… 

Meanwhile…our family had planned to get-together later on Saturday afternoon to color eggs for Sunday, and to eat pizza together. 

Christina, Jennifer, Brandy, Madison coloring eggs...

  I also had to make the stuffing to go with the turkey.  In addition, I baked and decorated a rabbit cake for Easter.  Thank goodness,  my daughter helped me get the cake finished when I “pooped out”. 

Our bunny cake

Our family had a great time eating pizza, coloring eggs, and playing a game called “Catch Phrase”.  I was busy cooking and didn’t participate in the game, but I have never laughed so much in my life!  Some of the clues and answers being given were hilarious!  I highly recommend that game for some great family fun!

Pizza time for everyone...

  The last of the children left after 11 o’clock that evening…and my hubby and I were planning to attend the sunrise services at church at 7:30…It was another sleepless evening for me…I saw the clock at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30…then finally got up at 6:20–to get the turkey started!

our small, beautiful sunrise service in the country...

Our sunrise service at church was beautiful.  Some chairs were gathered under some large oaks beside the church–facing the east, ofcourse….the morning was cool and a little foggy at first.  A cock was crowing in the distance as the pastor gave his message…the pastor gently accompanied the congregation on his dulcimer as we sang.  We listened to the pastor’s message of new beginnings and new hope…how we should be joyful and positive!  It was absolutely wonderful…. 

I was uplifted by the service, and afterward, I stopped by to see what the Easter Bunny had left our granddaughter, Madison.  She was sitting at the table admiring the contents of her basket.  In a few minutes I left to head for the kitchen to get Easter lunch started….  It was just about that time that things went down hill… 

My husband had been out looking for “Hobbs” the dog, and had found him–he’d crawled under the wooden steps leading to our front porch–and died there.  Not a good thing!  First of all, my faithful companion had indeed died on Easter, just as I’d feared.  Next, he’d died under the steps leading to the front porch!  No way to ignore the fact that he was there! 

Time was of the essence, for my husband and I that Easter morning.  We had 160 filled plastic eggs to hide in our yard while the others were at Sunday School and church.  I had dinner to prepare, and now Ed had a dog to retrieve and bury.  We had to prioritize, then get busy! 

We began by hiding those eggs–all one-hundred and sixty of them…By the time we were finished, Ed was holding his head and feeling faint from all of the getting up and down…I was trying to ignore the fact that there was a dead animal under the steps while I hid eggs all around him.  It was hard…finally I gave up and went inside.  Ed finished hiding the eggs for me. 

peace at last...

“Hobbs” was a large dog, and he’d crawled into a small space to die…but he did look peaceful curled up in that hole in the dark privacy of the steps.  I found some comfort in that.  I refused to be outside while my hubby removed the body since it involved tying a rope around him and dragging him out from under the steps, then loading him into the wheelbarrow…Instead I busied myself in the kitchen, and cried over the loss of my friend… 

My husband is now 60 years old, and isn’t really able to dig a hole large enough to bury “Hobbs”.  We’d discussed what to do, but hadn’t really decided.  My husband has a dirt scoop for his tractor, so he decided to try to use it to help dig a hole.  He dug a few scoops,  and somehow the scoop got stuck under the tractor.  Ed had to jack up the tractor to retrieve his scoop…it was quite an ordeal, and took nearly two hours to get “Hobbs” buried.  

In the meantime, I was in the kitchen, cooking, crying, and getting a “sick headache”.  By the time Ed returned to the house I was nearly hysterical.  He shooed me out of the kitchen to calm down, and he finished up lunch.  What a day!  Needless to say, we didn’t make our traditional family Easter photograph this year–everyone had pictures made except for Ed and me! 

Thankfully, lunch turned out good, and the adult egg hunt was a  huge success.  Our grown children had a wonderful time hunting for eggs…in fact they left the grandchildren “in the dust”and ran off to find the eggs…Ed hid those eggs so well that there are eggs hidden somewhere–despite the fact that everyone searched and searched!  Grandson, Caden, only found three eggs(he preferred to pick up rocks and sticks), while his mother found over forty–I tell you, his parents left him behind to fend for himself!  Son-in-law, Clint, found the golden prize egg–with 5 dollars tucked inside, while Brad’s girlfriend, Jennifer, found the silver prize egg with 5 dollars  tucked inside.  At one point Brad stole Jennifer’s egg and ran off with it… 

I will never forget the Easter of 2010 for a lot of reasons…it was the best of times…it was the worst of times…The cycle of life continues…I hope we have a little less drama next year though.

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Not Me Monday…(after the week of Easter)

Not Me Monday is a fun blog hop held by Mckmama at It’s been a while since I did a Not Me post, but this past week–leading up to Easter,  was such a “doozie” that I couldn’t resist telling you about it!  Adjust your chair, and get comfortable, whileI recap my last few days for you!

Let me begin by saying that my fibromyalgia has flared up, and been working overtime making my life a living hell.  I haven’t had a whole night’s sleep in over two weeks.  Three hours a night has been the average lately.  I’m not a person who can function on small amounts of sleep, so this has not been a good thing! 

If you read my blog regularly, you know that last weekend, my favorite old canine companion, Hobbs, was sick and dying (heartworm disease) .  In fact I didn’t think he’d last through the weekend…  He didn’t eat for two days…but then on Monday he rallied and ate a hotdog when my husband offered it to him!  He layed around sick every day this week, eating exactly two hotdogs each day–but nothing else– until Thursday…I’ll get back to his story in a minute.

Well…as  if the fibro and the dying dog wasn’t enough, on Tuesday night I was squatting in the floor looking through a photo album…when I went to stand up I turned at an “odd” angle and pulled a muscle on the left side of my back!  I felt the  muscle when it pulled, and it nearly brought me to my knees!  If you’ve ever hurt your back, you know what I mean!  This was my second time messing my back up within the past few months… 

On Wednesday, I kicked myself in the butt to get  my body moving– walking with a bit of a sway due to my sore back–  and went with my daughter and granddaughter to the mall so my granddaughter, Madison, could see the Easter bunny.  My back didn’t hurt as long as I was walking–it was going from standing to sitting that nearly caused me to faint!  

The first mishap of the Easter Bunny trip was when I forgot what time that we were supposed  to leave, and I showed up at my daughter’s house a whole hour early…I tell you, sleep deprivation works on the mind…the next disaster was arriving at the mall– to discover that the Easter Bunny is only at the mall on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday–and we were there on Wednesday!!!  We figured there was no use in wasting a trip to the mall, so we made a few pictures of our own of the Easter Bunny’s lovely garden scenery, then  we shopped…unfortunately we should’ve waited…I’ll tell you why in a moment.

everything in our photo except for the elusive Easter Bunny...

On Thursday I was still hobbling around in pain with my back, but Easter was quickly approaching and my house was a disaster.  Unfortunately, in addition to my back pain, my spring allergies kicked in making me hoarse, and a horrid headache had kicked in…I popped Excedrin all day, did laundry, and proceeded to clean the house–while wearing sunglasses!  I couldn’t stand the light from the windows!  My  husband arrived home from work and helped me finish up the last of the mopping and vacuuming, thank goodness!  Unfortunately, Thursday was the day that Hobbs stopped eating again… 

On Friday morning I was too sick to attend a scheduled egg hunt with the grandkids, and also had to cancel my dentist appointment.  I rallied by lunch and forced myself to get out and go to the bank, post office, and grocery store–errands must get done!  My daughter mentioned that she wanted to take Madison back to the mall to see the Easter Bunny, and I needed to exchange some shirts that I’d bought on Wednesday, so I hitched a ride with her on Friday afternoon.

We arrived at the mall to find the Easter Bunny there, but Madison was unwilling to have anything to do with him!  We offered every bribe in the book, and a few extras!  Her mother tried everything!  No luck there!   I think Madison’s view of the Easter Bunny must’ve looked somewhat like this…

View of Easter Bunny through Madison's eyes...

 So after two 60 mile trips to the mall–we didn’t get an Easter Bunny picture–but we discovered that the things which we had purchased on Wednesday were much cheaper on Friday!  Just our luck!  It worked out okay for me because I was returning some things anyway…Whoo Hoo…Love a good sale!

Saturday came and went, and was a bit better–still no sleep, but my back was better, and my allergies were settling down a bit,  but Easter Sunday was a doozie!  In fact, Easter deserves a blog post all of its own.  Stay tuned…to be continued…

Hey now, don’t forget to leave a comment, and be sure to tell me in your comment that you would like to win this twenty dollar bill…I’m celebrating my “blogiversary” this month by giving some lucky commenter/contestant twenty dollars on April 30 at high noon…Good luck!

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Six Word Saturday

My six words for today are:   Memories…Friend’s husband killed… on Easter

Yesterday, while I was at the post office, I ran into an old friend, and former co-worker.  She and I chatted while waiting for our turn at the service desk.  On my way home the memories of that horrific Easter came flooding back in my mind…

This particular friend is one of those truly special people who are rare.  She’s sweet, kind, and loved by everyone who knows her.  Her former husband was the same way.  The two had been high school sweethearts, married, and eventually became parents of two boys.  She was a kindergarten teacher, he was the vice-president of a corporation here in our town.  Their children and our children were close in age…they went to preschool together…in later years,  my oldest son often went to their house to play basketball…and worked at the same corporation as her husband.  She and I worked at school together for years.

On that fateful, horrible, Easter morning about 8 years ago, this friend and her husband were in the kitchen together cooking Easter dinner.  He went outside to check on the water sprinkler…and he never returned.   She eventually went to check on him, and found him slumped in their yard–shot to death!

We live in a small rural town, and things like that just don’t happen here!  This incident shook our whole town.  I still remember our family was eating Easter dinner when the call came… with the horrible news…we just couldn’t believe it!  The memory of it all still sickens me… 

Turns out that a local young man(early 20’s) had gotten upset with my friend’s  husband over something that happened at work(at the corporation)…he stalked him, and hid in the woods behind their house on Easter morning, then waited until the husband came outside to check the sprinkler…then fired the fatal shot.  The young man was a former employee, and had a history of mental illness–he is also the son of the largest local bank’s president!

A trial was eventually held, and the young man was found guilt by reason of insanity.  The trial was a very big deal here…because all involved were “high-profile” people.  The shooter is now in some sort of mental prison facility for the  rest of his life…The whole incident shook our little town to its very core…it was a sad situation for all involved…my friend was widowed, her two boys were left without a father, and a mother and father lost their son to a life in prison…(I graduated with the father of the killer, and my youngest son worked at his bank for a while)

Time marches on, and thankfully my friend was able to put things behind her and move forward with her life.  She met another nice man(someone who grew up here), and remarried a couple of years ago.  Her sons grew up, went to college, and both are fine young men.  She’s since retired from teaching, and we often bump into each other while shopping around town. 

I always wonder how my friend’s family copes with Easter since that fateful day, but I’ve never asked.  I hope they have been able to put those horrible memories behind them…that’s a terrible memory to have to associate with Easter for the rest of their lives.

Now…on to some lighter conversation… I am having a “blogiversary” giveaway this month.  I am having a twenty dollar cash drawing to be held on April 30th.  To be eligible for the drawing, just comment as usual, but at the end of your comment add “I’d like to win $20.00”.  Enter every time you comment during the entire month of April, just remember to add “I’d like to win $20.00” …comment as often as you like…Happy Easter everyone!

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At Last…Easter With Grandchildren!

I have to admit, once our children grew up past the age of egg hunts and Easter baskets, Easter wasn’t nearly as much fun.  There were several years when my daughter would make the remark, “Easter just isn’t as fun as it used to be.”   There were probably at least eight or ten years that we were without any children–even older ones.

We still colored eggs every year, and that was fun, but there weren’t any Easter baskets or egg hunts.  I guess during those years, I’d say that coloring eggs was considered our fun!  The boys lost interest, of course, but my daughter and I continued to do it every year.  When my son got married, my daughter-in-law, Christina, joined in the yearly egg coloring fun. 

Brandy and Christina coloring eggs...

There were a couple of years when we hid plastic eggs with money or little slips of paper with funny sayings in them, and the teenagers hunted for them.  It was sort of fun seeing who got money and who got insulted.  Money is a great motivator for getting teenagers to get up and search out those eggs!

FINALLY, on Easter of 2007, we had another little one in the family again…our first grandchild, Madison.  Of course,  just like her mother–so many years ago–she was only 6 months old on Easter.  Our fun that year consisted of showering Madison with Easter gifts.  Still, it was great to have a child in the family again.

Granddaughter, Madison, posing with her first egg tree...

Last year was Madison’s first year that she was really old enough to enjoy hunting for Easter eggs.  She really enjoyed herself, and we enjoyed watching her.  She didn’t care much about her Easter basket, she just scooped up those eggs in her arms…

By last Easter, our family had been blessed with a second grandchild, Caden.  Caden is our oldest son, Brett’s, child.  Caden  was only four months old last Easter, so he slept a good portion of the day.  However, he was showered with many Easter gifts, and it is so much fun having a little grandson to go with our granddaughter.

Grandson, Caden, at last year's egg hunt...

I am looking forward to Easter very much this year.  Caden is old enough to hunt for eggs, too.  In fact, he’s already been to an egg hunt!  I can’t wait to watch the two “grands” running around searching out those eggs!

Madison leaving an egg hunt at the park (last Easter)

Yes, grandchildren are truly “grand”!  It’s wonderful that we get a second chance to experience life through the eyes of a child…It’s even more enjoyable when the responsibility for raising those children rests on someone else’s shoulders!  Have a Happy Easter everyone…Kathy

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Easter As A Mom Of Growing Children…

I am continuing to blog about Easter this week as the holiday quickly approaches.  Today I will blog about my Easter memories when my children were growing up.

Easter has always been my second favorite holiday–right there behind Christmas!  I am a Christian, so it only makes sense that those two days would be the most special ones of the year, right?

I spent almost as much time and effort in preparing for Easter, as I did for Christmas.  I usually began searching for just the right Easter outfits soon after Christmas was over.  It wasn’t so much of a task when I only had one child, a little girl. 

Brandy(age 6 mos) and me 1979...her first Easter


Brandy’s paternal grandmother took great pleasure in purchasing an Easter dress for her(then) only granddaughter.  In fact, she took great pleasure in purchasing lots of things for her granddaughter because she’d never had the opportunity of shopping for a little girl before(mother of 5 boys).

Once our first little boy arrived, it was fun to look for that cute little boy’s suit to go along with the frilly dress that I was used to looking for.  Our oldest son loved to dress up when he was small.  He enjoyed putting on his suit and tie, or his vest and matching bow tie.  He always said he was going to grow up and become a preacher…

Brett and Brad on Easter morning

After boy number two came along, sometimes I enjoyed dressing the boys alike, in matching shirts, slacks and ties.  Eventually, the oldest son decided that suits were not as fun as they once were…

The challenge came when we’d all get dressed for church, then (hopefully) gather outside next to some blooming azaleas for the annual Easter picture.  Oh how my boys hated those pictures–and the pictures show that!  My oldest son was particularly anti-picture then.  He’d usually have his hand over his eyes or such!

The most fun part about Easter was making the Easter baskets!  I began in  February looking for just the right trinkets, candy, and toys to fill those baskets with.  I made all three baskets myself every year, and I individualized them to each child’s age and interest.  I took great pain to arrange the contents perfectly in each basket, then wrap the basket in that colored paper and top it off with a bow.  I’d then hide the baskets, and pretend that the Easter bunny left them for the children on the night before Easter.

Brandy posing with her basket on Easter morning in 1982

Every Easter morning all three children would come running out to see what the Easter bunny had brought them.  They could hold and look at the baskets and their contents all they wanted, but were not allowed to open them until after church.  Now that they are grown, they have told me how much they hated the fact that they had to wait until after church to open those baskets.  What they didn’t realize is…if they’d opened those baskets up, we’d never have made it to church on time!

another yearly Easter photo...see how they grow!

My daughter continued to get an Easter basket until she was a teenager.  She wasn’t happy when I told her that she was too old for one!  By then, she had her first boyfriend, and I just felt that her time for Easter baskets was over!

Of course, we always did the traditional egg dying on Saturday nights–and boy did we have some interesting eggs in those days.  The boys decorated their eggs according to whatever they were interested in at the time…wrestling, super heros, sports, whatever!  Brandy and I just colored eggs and tried to make them look girly.

After lunch on Easter day, we usually had an egg hunt at my in-laws house.  They had a huge yard with lots of places for hiding the eggs.  We hid eggs for many years until the youngest grandchildren got too old to care about hunting them.

  Once, we got the bright idea to put money in plastic eggs and hide them.  EVERYONE wanted in on that egg hunt! Teenagers were scouring the yard looking for eggs containing some money.  The eggs that didn’t contain  money, contained papers with funny sayings or insults on them.  The teenagers enjoyed reading those out loud.  It was one of the most memorable egg hunts–and there weren’t even any small children there!

Tomorrow I will reflect on Easter as an older parent, and grandparent.  Please hop back over and share more memories with me.  Have a great day!

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Easter…Old Times Not Forgotten…


Me at Easter...cir 1963

 My name is Kathy, and that is me in the photo above.  I believe I was 8 years old in this photo.  I loved this Easter dress(it was pink), and this is the only photograph that I have of me at Easter as a child.  

The following photographs are very old, and once belonged to my mother.  I don’t know exactly how old most of them are, but they are a good bit older than me.   

It’s not surprising that my oldest, fondest, memories of Easter in the “good old days” are of the food…Easter Dinner!  Women actually cooked back then…everything from scratch!  No boxes or cans…it was either fresh, or came from the your own freezer or jars.  Those were the days…and the food was awesome!  I did notice that there is a packaged cake on the end of the table…I wonder who did that? 

The dinners were especially fun if they were held outside, weather permitting.  It’s a lot of trouble to do this–setting up tables, chairs, and carrying the food in and out,  but it sure is fun!  People don’t do that very much anymore.  I miss those days… 

Once lunch was finished, and everything was put away, the adults would rest and talk for just a bit, while the children played.  Soon it was time to hide the eggs! 

one of my cousins posing with all those eggs...

All of the dyed eggs that everyone brought were combined together in a large dish pan.  The men would then take the eggs down to the woods near Grandma’s house and hide them.  Yes, they actually hid and hunted eggs in the woods back then!  I don’t ever remember being afraid of snakes…It was a real challenge to find those eggs that were hidden in the woods.  The ground cover was thick, and the hiding places were limitless!  Of course, we never found all of the eggs.  

Egg hunts were family affairs back then.  Mamas and daddys went out and helped their children hunt for those elusive eggs.  The event following the egg hunt  was almost as much fun as the hunt itself.   Someone would buy a couple of crates(24 bottles each) of bottled soda pop of various flavors, and have them chilling on ice.  Everyone would gather around outside, grab a drink , and eat the Easter eggs that we’d just finished hunting.  We didn’t know about salmonella back then, and I don’t remember anyone ever getting sick! 

The picture above was taken at the last big family egg hunt that I remember attending at Grandma’s house.  By the time this egg hunt was held, my grandparents had moved to a different house, and the former “egg hunt in the woods” was actually held near their home under some trees.  It was the late 60’s, and that is my daddy(white shirt, black tie) standing in the far left of the picture.  It wasn’t too many months after this egg hunt that my Grandaddy became ill and eventually passed away. 

Those were the days…simpler times…simpler pleasures.  Why in the world did things have to change? 

Except for tomorrow, when I’ll  join a weekly meme, I’ll be sharing more Easter memories the rest of the week…Hop back over for another dose of reminiscing…I’ll be sharing about Easter with my children when they were small.

You can also click on the link below to see what other’s posted about Easter in this week’s blog hop hosted by Brent Riggs–or you can write your own post and join in the fun!  Thanks for hopping by…Kathy

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