Spinning My Wheels…

Do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?  That’s the way I’m feeling lately.  The more I try to hurry, the more behind I get.  I sleep less than I used to, but still get less accomplished!  Why is that?  Perhaps it’s  “the onset of old age”. 

The older I get, the slower I go–and I was never fast, even when I was younger!  People at work used to joke about how slow I walked down the halls at school.  I just never seem to get anything done fast–even walking. 

Okay, with all of this being said, I’m a woman on a mission!  I want to get more things accomplished!  I’m making a mental “to do” list, and I’m sticking to it!  I’ve tried this before, but somehow I always forget what’s on my list.  I should write things down, no?

First on my “to do” list is putting all of my digital home movies on dvds.  I thought I’d lost years worth of movie clips until a few months ago when my son, Brett, showed me where they were located on my computer.  Call me stupid (and  granddaughter, Madison, would fuss if she heard me say that word), but a couple of years ago I switched photo programs, and lost my movies in the process!

Next on my list is to back up my photos as well.  I have most of them on cd’s, but not all of them.  Foolish, yes?  I need to change that!  Until recently, most of my photographs weren’t even tagged, so you can imagine what a  mess I had with over ten thousand untagged photos.  I’d love to eventually get my favorite photos uploaded to Shutterfly albums.

I need to do some fall cleaning and organizing of the house.  Blah!  Funny, but this doesn’t rank very high on my “to do” list.  I just don’t enjoy housework much anymore.  It’s such a useless chore.  I clean up and the house just gets messed up again!  Recently, our granddaughter, Madison, has been pointing out my spider webs!  I guess I should take care of those soon.  Perhaps since Halloween is coming, I could pretend they are part of my Halloween decor???

I’m the queen of unfinished projects!  I have unfinished sewing projects, unfinished scrapbooking projects, unfinished crocheting projects, unfinished cookbook projects…I could go on and on.  I need to get some of this stuff finished!  I don’t know why I have so much trouble finishing a project…perhaps because I am so slow?  Forgetful?  A shirt of Ed’s has been waiting for over two months to be mended!  The repair will take all of five minutes.  I really need to mend that shirt! 

I’m going to be dedicating more time to some of these projects in the next few days, in hopes of getting some things accomplished.  Maybe I will finally get some “traction”,  stop my wheels from spinning, and get them moving in a forward direction!  I’ll let you know how it goes…eventually!

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So, How Did You Spend Your Long Weekend?

After spending last Fourth of July weekend fighting the crowds at St. Simon’s Island, we decided to spend the weekend at home this year.  No plans at all, just spending a four-day weekend at home, relaxing.

Our weekend began early on Friday, with an early morning trip to Wal-mart.  Oh-my-goodness!  I couldn’t believe the crowds–on a Friday morning!  Apparently, everyone else had the same idea–go early to beat the crowds!  So much for a relaxing morning…We grabbed what we needed and got out of there!

While we were out and about, we decided to check at the Big Lots store to see if we could find a couple of  patio chairs for our new back porch.  Sure enough, we found a set on sale, and decided to buy them–if they would fit in the back of the PT Cruiser!  They did, along with a small table, two matching, folding lawn chairs, and our groceries!!!    It never ceases to amaze me what we can fit into that little car!  We came home, put on a large pot of peanuts to boil, then sat in our new patio chairs.

On Saturday, my hubby decided to tackle a home project.   We’ve had a long counter with a pot cabinet underneath it, on one side of the kitchen, that didn’t have a middle shelf in it.  We’d bought the base cabinet 4 years ago, and never bothered to add a shelf.  All of that was about to change!  It took hubby most of the afternoon, but by Saturday evening we were stacking pots on the new shelf.  Why in the world didn’t we do that sooner?  Now I have twice as much storage space!

On Saturday night, about bedtime, my husband heard the sound of “rain” inside of the closet that holds our heating/air conditioning unit in the hallway.  Not a good thing!  Upon investigation, he discovered the condenser coils weren’t shedding water properly, and the result was a very wet closet area!  Water was literally falling like rain–inside of our house!  Hubby dried the floor the best he could, put down plastic, towels, and we went to bed.

Sunday morning we awoke to another flood inside of the closet!  Hubby mopped out a couple of gallons of water, then called the  A/C repairman.  For a mere ninety-eight dollars an hour, they would be glad to come out and check our problem!  We had no choice but to say “okay”.  It turns out that our condenser coils had developed a “film” on them which prevented the water from “sheeting off”  properly, and draining into the tray/pipes.  The repairman sprayed the condenser coils with something called  Electrasol, and the water began sheeting.  He told us he’d only seen this happen one other time.  Lucky us!  He also checked out our unit thoroughly, then left.  Just like that, problem solved–with a can of Electrasol.  So…ninety-eight dollars and a can of Electrasol later, we are now left with the chore of drying out our closet!  We are also left with a slightly unlevel floor area in the hallway…wood tends to buckle when wet!

Today is July Fourth, and hubby and I are spending it quietly at home, as planned.  We began the day by watching the prosecution’s “rebuttal” argument of the Casey Anthony trial.  I’ve watched the trial non-stop for the past three weeks, I certainly wasn’t going to miss watching it to the very end!  I’m still trying to get over the fact that court was held on Sunday and a holiday!

I’m about to take a nap.  It seems like a nice way to spend the second part of the afternoon.  I can hear the hum of hubby’s tractor, as he drags fallen trees out of the woods near our home.  That’s his idea of relaxation!

Late this afternoon, hubby will cook us a nice, meaty slab of ribs on the grill.  Umm…I’m excited about that.  That’s my idea of a great way to end a relaxing Fourth of July!  I hope you are enjoying your day, as well.  Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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