Feeling Loved…

I wrote yesterday’s post, then jumped into my car and drove an hour to spend the day with a dear friend.  My friend, Diane, and I,  had been trying to spend a day together for several weeks now, but “things” kept getting in our way.

Diane is a friend from back in high school–a long, long time ago!.  Even though we live in different towns, and may not talk with each other for weeks at a time, we are always able to pick up where we left off–and we can talk to each other about anything.  Diane and I had a nice visit, went out to lunch, and, as always, our day together went by way too fast!

It was late afternoon when I arrived home, and Ethan, our old hound dog, met me down the road from our house!  He was barking, and “smiling”, and very glad to see me!  I parked my car under the shelter, and was met by my husband, Ed, with a kiss.  I proceeded to walk around to the front of the house, followed by a parade of cats following me through the yard.  “Bobs”, the former house cat, greeted me eagerly on the front porch.  Within a few minutes, my daughter, Brandy, and her family walked over for a visit.    I began to get the idea that everybody was happy to see me come home!  I felt loved.

When I finally turned my computer on, I found several nice comments on yesterday’s post about Brandy and baby Alex.  Those comments were like the “whipped topping” on my “ice cream sundae” kind of day–or maybe they are the cherry on top!  Thanks, guys, you made me feel loved, too!

In talking with my husband, later in the evening,  I discovered that while I was out of town,  he’d spent his afternoon making several other  ladies feel “loved” !  Now before you go and get all excited, let me explain!

Ed visits his mother three times a week at the personal care home, where she currently resides.  He’s become well-acquainted with most of the other ladies who live there.  The other day, the subject of “fruitcake” came up, and some of the ladies mentioned they were craving some fruitcake!  After work on Thursday, Ed went by the Claxton Fruitcake Company and bought a fruitcake.  He took his fruitcake to the home, and shared it with all of the ladies there!  He said every one of the ladies ate some, and told him over and over how much they enjoyed it.  Isn’t he something?  Sharing the love–with a fruitcake, of all things!

Why not go out and make it a good day…and if you can, make somebody feel loved.  It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

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