Seems Like Monday To Me…

It’s already Tuesday, and I really should be doing other things, but nothing that needs to be done is as much fun as blogging.  Besides, I need the rest!  Trying to keep up with Ed has just about done me in.  We’ve spent the past four days on a vacation–sort of.  It was actually more like a little marathon of activities we needed and wanted to do!

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hoeing and weeding never ends…

Most of Friday was spent in the garden–pulling weeds, hoeing, and spraying for pests.  There’s no doubt in my mind, Ed and I got our daily workout on Friday!  We gave it a valiant effort, but, unfortunately, we didn’t finish with the weeding and hoeing.  We did manage to finish painting the back porch though!

On Saturday, Ed and I ran some errands.  Among them, returning a recently purchased weed eater.  Ed’s been having bad luck with weed eaters lately.  This is the second one we’ve had die in less than a year!  We decided to try a different brand.  After finishing our errands, Ed and I took some time to enjoy a delicious lunch together, at one of our favorite little restaurants.

At four o’clock, on Saturday, our two little grandsons arrived at our house.  I’d promised to babysit the boys while their parents went out for an early dinner, in celebration of their recent anniversary.  Meanwhile, our daughter picked up some pizza (for all of us) for dinner, while she and her family were out shopping.  Our daughter and her family joined us for dinner and babysitting, so granddaughter, Madison, could play with her cousins!  We had a busy evening of pizza, playing, and baths for all three grandchildren!  I gave the moms a break and took over bath and hair washing duties for the evening.  I’d forgotten how busy the evenings can be whenever children are involved, but it was fun for a change.


enjoying some fun in the sun…

On Sunday, I finally got some beach time.  By then, Ed and I needed some rest and relaxation!  It rained early Sunday morning, but had stopped by the time we got ready to leave  We arrived at the beach around mid-morning, and were surprised to find the ocean breeze a bit on the cool side.  However, by lunchtime, this was no longer the case!  Ed and I had our usual picnic under the trees along the shore, and had an enjoyable time.  After we left the beach, we incorporated a little shopping on the trip back home, too!

All too soon, it was Monday, and the last day of our ‘vacation of sorts’.  I woke up not feeling well, so I didn’t accomplish a  lot on Monday.  I spent most of my day on the couch, while Ed finished hoeing the last of the garden–just in time to start all over again!

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our little graduate…

Speaking of finishing–our oldest grandchild, Madison, graduated from Kindergarten on Monday evening!  Ed and I ended our ‘vacation of sorts’ by attending her graduation.   Madison has learned so much this year, and we’re so proud of her.  Wow, I can’t believe we’ve attended the first graduation of our second generation, already!  Time’s passing too quickly.  Suddenly I feel very old…

I’ll be making my way around to catch up with everyone as soon as possible!   I’ve missed you all, and can’t wait to see what’s been going on with everybody 🙂  For now, I need to do a little laundry, vacuum the house, and shell some garden peas for dinner!

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Around Our House…

Around our house we’ve been working with fruits and vegetables again!  Didn’t we just finish doing that a few weeks ago?  Yes, I believe we did, but duty calls, once again!  That’s what happens when you plant a fall garden!

Ed and I managed to salvage plenty of pears off our trees, even though the squirrels stole more than their fair share!  It seemed a shame to let our pears waste (although some did), so Ed and I tried our hand at canning pears–twice!  You might say–we had “sweet success”.  I wasn’t quite prepared for the stickiness of the whole process–we only used 14 cups of sugar to make the syrup for those fourteen quarts of pears, and this recipe was for a “medium syrup”!  I shudder to think how much sugar is in “heavy syrup’!!!  We wanted to can “pear halves”, but quickly discovered that our giant pears would not fit through the openings of our jars!  Oops!  We settled for one quart of halves, and the rest of the jars are filled with pear slices.  They will come in handy for future cobblers!

About the time Ed and I were canning the last of our pears, the peas were getting ready to be picked! The fun never ends around here, does it?

The bushes are loaded with peas, but thankfully all of the peas don’t mature at one time. This makes the pea-picking chore last for a while. I picked peas for the second time this morning, and here’s what I found…

It took me about twenty minutes to pick those peas, and about 2 1/2 hours to shell them!  In case you are curious, the peas on the left are called “pink eyes”, and are similar to “black-eyed peas”.  The green peas on the right are called “brown crowder” and although the peas are green when shelled, they turn brown when cooked.  These are our favorites!  Best of all, these peas were grown with seed saved from our spring crop–free peas!

“The girls” continue to bless us with four to five eggs each day.  As of yesterday, our egg count is up to 224.  One particular hen still acts “possessive” over the eggs, and always hops into the chicken house whenever I’m gathering the eggs.  She watches every move that I make!

These hens are quite friendly and affectionate–in fact, sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming now that they weigh three to four pounds each!   The other day, while I was bent over their water container, one silly hen decided to hop upon my back!  Another day, I squatted down among my girls and received many “chicken kisses” on my thighs and torso!  Have you ever been kissed by a chicken???

Not a day goes by that those silly girls don’t make me smile 🙂  In fact, they make me smile so much, I’ve asked Ed about enlarging their coop!  Stay tuned for details concerning a renovation…

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