Six Word Saturday…September 4

My six words for today are:

You might be from “Gooseneck” if…

You see the children and their parents sitting in wading pools on a hot summer day!

You and your husband plant 30 dollars worth of seeds, and your harvest consists of 4 squash, 3 cucumbers, and 4 cherry tomatoes!

Your lawn mowing ritual consists of pumping up the tires and jump starting the lawn mower!

You are about to be 32 years old and you still live in the same house that you grew up in!

You have 3 dogs, and 15 cats roaming your yard at all times!

The one time that it snows, you build a snowman, and someone puts a Miller Lite can in his arms!

Your portable grill is missing at least one wheel!

Your idea of a “hot date” is sitting around the fire pit on a Saturday night!

Your neighbor is an agressive donkey, with anger issues!

If all of the vehicles parked in your yard are at least 9 years old!

An evening of “fine dining” consists going to Burger King for the “2 for” special!

You have at least four pairs of Crocs sitting beside the front door!

Our southern snowman...look closer, yes, that's a black cat behind the snowman...

Thanks for stopping by…for a light-hearted look at life here in the southern community of “Gooseneck”…it may be a crazy life…but it’s our life…and we love it….ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear?

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You Might Be From Gooseneck If…

If you are here from Friday Follow, welcome to my place.  I’ll be sure to return your visit if you let me know that you were here…I am also having a  drawing for a cash give away on April 30–in celebration of my first blogiversary this month.  Just let me know if you’d like to be entered in the drawing–it’s for twenty dollars in cash…Enter as often as you like. 

Since today is Friday, I chose to do a “light-hearted” post.  I hope you enjoy it.

We live in the community of “Gooseneck”…That’s a funny name, huh?  I’ve lived here for 33 years, and I still don’t know why it’s called “Gooseneck”. 

We used to have our own country grocery store, many years ago, but it’s been closed for a long time.  The couple who built it and ran it together have both passed away.  Those were the days…he was the butcher, stock man, bagboy…while she was the cashier and bookkeeper.  In those days, people could actually  buy groceries on credit, and pay their bill when they got paid.  Imagine that!    

  We  still have our gas station– Gooseneck Gas and Tire.  We love that store!  It’s been passed down from father to son to grandson through the years.  It’s been here for as long as I can remember.  A few years ago, the station was renovated and  the owners actually began making and selling pizzas…Woah, the community was thrilled!!!   No more driving 7 miles to town to get food!  The owners even added some tables and chairs… Every day a small group of retired men from our community gathers at the station to visit and kill time..Biscuits and coffee in the morning, pizza for lunch… 

There are two other businesses in our community of Gooseneck.  One is Gooseneck Nurseries–which sells plants and flowers, the other is DC Durrence Farms.  The owner of DC Durrence Farms is our neighbor, and his land joins ours.  I’ll tell you more about him in a minute.

Now that you have a “feel” for the community that I live in…let’s take a “light-hearted” look at a few things around here…

You might be from Gooseneck if…your old hound dog sleeps upside down on the porch…and ours does.  He has a bad hip from being injured when he decided to wander up and play on the highway…a car hit him.  Most of the time, Ethan sleeps on his back–with his feet in the air.

Our old hound, Ethan...he sleeps like this a lot...

You might be from Gooseneck if….your closest neighbors are cows…Our neighbor raises Black Angus bulls and sells them.  He also raises chickens for the market, and grows produce.  At this particular time,  his strawberries are ready, yum yum!  Later he will have other kinds of berries, watermelons, corn, and tomatoes, among other things…Mooovelous!

our neighbors...the cows

You might be from Gooseneck if …you ride with your daddy– in your great-grandpa’s old 1991 pick-up truck– while your grandpa is driving down the dirt lane leading from the garden…and your grandma is following behind the truck with a digital camera…and your grandpa is watching her in the rear-view mirror…That’s just how we roll around here…

on the way home from the garden...

You might also be from Gooseneck if… you spend your weekends wading around in a nasty goldfish pond while your granddaughter looks at you like you have lost your mind…”You’re doing what, MiMi?”  Sure was glad I didn’t see a snake or a turtle in there…just a lot of nasty fish poop and algae…lots of algae.

now that's what I call fishing...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little “Gooseneck” humor…Laughter is good for the soul…Ya’ll come back ya’ hear?

To the hostesses of Friday Follow…One2Try, HeartsMakeFamilies, and Midday Escapades.  Thanks so much for hosting this hop, and giving us the chance to meet new bloggers.

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