Think Back Thursday… Memorable Teachers

I’ve been  thinking about the past again–you know, like way back in high school.   I’ve decided to write about some of my former high school teachers.  I had quite a few teachers, but only a few of them still come to mind, I guess those made the most lasting impression–either good or bad!

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In my entire four years of high school, I was only intimidated by one teacher, Mr.”A”.  He taught math, and I ended up having him for geometry–for about 3 days!  I don’t remember what he said or did during those first three days, but whatever it was, it convinced me that I needed to get out of there fast!  I transferred out and took library science!  To this day, I still believe I’d have had a nervous breakdown if I’d stayed in Mr. “A”s class–because geometry was all Greek to me!  Years later, Mr. “A”‘s wife, who was also a teacher, taught both of my son’s in school. Our oldest son actually became good friends with their son, who was the same age.  Our younger son later worked at the bank with their older daughter.  Strange, huh?

The school librarian, who taught me how to work in the library, had once been my mother’s basketball coach, way back in the day!  My mother didn’t ever have much good to say about the lady.  I never had any problems with her until the day she called me into her office to say ” I was too young to be engaged, and I was wasting my life!”  I didn’t agree, and after that conversation I sort of shared my mother’s sentiments.  Years later, after Ed and I were married with 3 children, we ended up being members of the same church as the librarian.  I often wondered if she remembered our conversation from that day at school! 

I fondly remember my Spanish teacher.  She was a sweet lady, who always wore her hair in a “french twist”, and  enjoyed talking!  It didn’t take the class long to figure out if we could get her started talking about a particular subject, other than Spanish, we could get out of doing a lot of work!  I took Spanish I and Spanish II, and we kept her talking for both years.  We did manage to learn some Spanish though, and I still remember a few words, even after 42 years!

I had the same teacher for Music and Biology, Mrs. “P”.  She was a gruff-talking, tough-acting lady, and I was a bit intimidated by her, too.  Of course, Biology was a required subject, so I was stuck.   I had to take it.  I thought I’d pass out when we had to dissect the frog in Biology–and making the insect collection was absolutely disgusting!  I hated killing those poor bugs, then sticking straight pins through them.  I’ll bet some of the boys didn’t even kill the bugs first!  As for Music class, I never could get the hang of reading the music or singing on key.  I spent the entire year trying to get lost in the crowd, and praying not to be called on…

My two most boring teachers were both men.  One taught US Government, while the other taught World History.  I don’t know…maybe it wasn’t the men who were boring, but just the subjects.  It was probably a little of both!  Many years later, I ended up working with my former US Government teacher ( when he taught elementary PE ), and I even had the pleasure of teaching two of his grandsons!  It just goes to show, how you never know what the future will bring! 

My most memorable, and favorite teacher of all times was my senior English teacher.  He previously taught English at college level, and had taught my hubby-to-be while at college!  My hubby-to-be  flunked the class…probably because he rarely went to class!  I, on the other hand, rarely missed class, and loved English!  The teacher was young and witty, and he made the class fun and interesting.  It was too bad he didn’t teach World History and US Government, too!

How about you, did you have any memorable teachers???

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