Six Word Saturday…


Once again, thanks to Cate at for hosting this meme.  Hop over to her place and join in the fun!  Unfortunately, my six words today are sad ones…

…..Sadly bidding my faithful companion farewell 😦

My old dog, Hobbs, is dying…  He is in the final stages of heartworm disease.  He’s not eating at all, and each breath is labored.  He can only walk a few steps.  I’ve watched him progressively grow worse with each passing day lately.  I know his time is near. 

Hobbs was an old dog when I adopted him from the animal shelter six years ago.  He already had heartworm disease then, and treatment wasn’t an option.  He was such a kind a loving dog, I just had to rescue him.  He’d been at the shelter for a while, and was on the “to be euthanized” list when I adopted him.  I’ve had six wonderful years with him, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  They’ve been good years, and we’ve had lots of good times together.

Hobbs has been the best dog that I’ve ever had.  He’s been my grateful, gentle, loving, loyal companion for the past six years.  Every time I’d return home, Hobbs was always there to greet me when I got out of the car.  He’d wag his tail, and try so hard to talk!  Anytime that I went outside, Hobbs was always there beside me.  Hobbs even “mothered” two puppies that I adopted after I adopted him, something male dogs never do.

There are two things that I will always remember about Hobbs…the first thing is how he loved to dig holes–especially beside my car!  The other thing is  how  he always layed down to eat.  I’ve never seen a dog lay down to eat until I met Hobbs.  Hobbs even taught one of the puppies that he “mothered” to lay down when he eats, too.

I checked on Hobbs last night before bed, and Ethan, one of the dogs that he helped “mother” (and the one who lays down to eat) was there with him.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I know that Hobbs will be missed by Ethan, too.

It’s hard to say goodbye, and to let Hobbs go, but I know that his time has come.  Go rest in peace, my faithful friend…

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