This Hodgepodge Feels Like Home…

This time of the year always brings back memories of moving into our second new home.  We weren’t quite finished with our house, but, on November 9, 2007, Ed and I moved out of our home of 30 years, and into our second home.  It’s hard to believe almost nine years have passed since then.  I can still remember hauling boxes and furniture across the yard…  Yes, we moved right next door!

Thanks so much to our hostess, Joyce, for taking time to host this week’s Hodgepodge, especially since she’s getting ready to move, herself!  I appreciate you, Joyce, and best wishes with the move!

1. Besides your very own house, describe a place where you feel most ‘at home’?

I guess that would have to be our daughter’s house, located next door to us, which used to be our house until about nine years ago.  It’s only natural that I’d still feel ‘at home’ there, since Ed and I lived there for over 30 years, and raised our family in that house.

2. When did you last ‘hit a home run’ with something? Explain.

I’m going to say “surviving hurricane Matthew”.  We only lost our power for 21 hours, compared to many neighbors who were without electricity for several days.  Although we lost two large trees, we had no damage to either of the houses on our property.  Nine family members stayed together in our tiny, two bedroom, one bathroom home, for 3 days and 4 nights, and everyone got along well. God is good!

3. Tell us about something you love in your house or kitchen that is ‘homemade’.

I have a large, ‘homemade’ sign hanging over the refrigerator that says “Kathy’s Diner”, and has a menu written on it.  I had this sign specially made for my kitchen whenever we built this house, and I love it.  It matches my red, white, and black Coca Cola decor.  Look closely, at the picture below, and you can see the sign over the refrigerator.

Coca cola Christmas kitchen...

4. ‘A man’s home is his castle’…which of the world’s ten most captivating castles (according to The Travel Channel) would you most like to visit and why-

Mont Saint-Michel (France), Edinburgh Castle (Scotland), Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany), Glamis Castle (Scotland), Windsor Castle (England), Chateau de Chambord (France), Hampton Court Palace (England), Prague Castle (Prague), St. Michael’s Mount (England), Leeds Castle (England), and Swallow’s Nest (Ukraine)

I’m sure any one of these castles would be captivating, and fun to visit, but I don’t know anything about any of them, so I’ll take a pass on answering this one.

5. What’s a recent or upcoming plan or project that’s required you do a little homework before getting started? Did the homework cause you to abandon your plan or adjust it in some way?

Hurricane Matthew has caused a couple of unplanned projects at our house.  First of all, we had to move two freezers and install a new screen door on our storage house (for ventilation).  Next, was the project of cutting up and removing the two trees that were blown down, which required some repair work to the chain saw. (Ed still has one tree left to cut) Last comes the project of shopping for a generator, so we’ll be prepared for the next big storm that blows our way!

6. In your opinion, is homework an unnecessary evil or a valuable practice? Should schools be done with homework? Why or why not?

I think a little reading and math homework is valuable, because there’s not much time for practice during class. However, teachers need to be considerate and assign homework in moderation.

7. Share a favorite memory of your childhood hometown.

I remember when ‘Dairy Queen’ first came to our tiny little town.  It was back in the 60’s, and it was a big deal to everyone!  I don’t know which I liked best–the hamburgers and french fries or the soft serve ice cream.  Our original Dairy Queen was a very small, barn-shaped building, with a red roof, and no inside seating.  Over the years, our Dairy Queen’ has been renovated two or three times, and the name has been changed.  These days, it’s a very nice D Q Grill-n-Chill, with inside [or outside] seating, and I still enjoy their hamburgers, french fries, and soft serve ice cream, on rare occasions.


photo courtesy of Google

There’s something else that’s special about our local DQ.  The owner, Zuber Malek is a wonderful person, who cares about, and gives back, to the community.  Local citizens have responded to his kindness and generosity by giving his DQ the honor of being a top fund raiser for The Children’s Miracle Network!  Below is a picture of the sign, showing this year’s grand total:13906971_10153903695795892_7909803460642953741_n


Yesterday, the ‘unthinkable’ happened to our daughter.  She flushed her toilet, then came back a while later to discover a disaster.  The toilet flapper didn’t close after the tank refilled, and, apparently, the drain was sluggish, and couldn’t handle the flow of water.  The two malfunctions became the ‘perfect storm’ for a flood. Water went all into their bedroom, into the dining room, and into the kitchen.  Water even ran out the back door and down the steps.  Did I mention our daughter has laminate flooring?  Laminate flooring and water do not make a good combination.  Within the matter of a few minutes, there was quite a mess to deal with.

By mid-evening, with the help of family, the kitchen and dining room had been disassembled, with cabinets and furniture removed.  All of the soggy laminate had been taken up, as well.  Hopefully, there will be no chance of rain in the forecast, because most of the kitchen cabinets are sitting on the front porch, and will be sitting there for a few days while the floor dries out.  Fun times!




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What A Weekend!

Wow!  What a weekend.  If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought it was Friday the 13th!

Our unbelievable weekend began on Friday morning, when Ed took the day off to do some repairs on our bedroom door.  This particular door leads to a small terrace outside, and it had been damaged from exposure.  Ed was planning to repair the damage, then install a storm door over the door, to protect it from the weather.    You know, it’s never a good thing when an outside door needs repairing, but it’s even worse when the door is located in the bedroom!

Unfortunately, Friday was also the day we discovered that one of our freezers was on the fritz!  Keep in mind, we have two freezers sitting beside each other in the laundry room.  One is 38 years old, while the other is less than 5 years old, and both are full of food.  I constantly keep a watchful eye on the old freezer, but was caught totally off-guard when  the newest freezer went on the fritz, by refusing to cut off.  It ran non-stop for at least 3 days, before I actually noticed!

Ed suggested that I unload the freezer, let it thaw for a while, then reload it and see if it worked any better.  I did as he suggested, even though the freezer is a frost-free freezer.  It didn’t help!   It was about this time that I realized we had a serious problem.  This freezer was not going to cycle off!

Meanwhile, Ed had begun repairs on the bedroom door–by removing it from its hinges!  Nothing was separating my bedroom from the 90 degree weather outside except an old vinyl tablecloth!  No door and a freezer on the brink of disaster…  It was about this time that I developed a headache–that lasted through most of the weekend!

By Friday night, Ed had the door back on the hinges, but it was crooked, and had a huge crack at the top!  We also had a fan blowing cold air on our over-heating freezer!   I went to bed with a heavy heart and a headache!  We’d decided that we’d have to purchase another freezer first thing the next morning, or we’d end up losing our food.  The freezer temperature was only 22 degrees, and the motor just kept on running.  I didn’t get much sleep that night…

On Saturday morning we drove 30 miles (one way)  in Ed’s daddy’s old truck to search for a new freezer.  Grandpa’s truck is over twenty years old, and has no working air conditioner!  Did I mention that it was in the nineties all weekend???  The truck is old and has a few “quirks”.  I prayed that we’d make it there and back without any problems.  Ed and I both took our cell phones–just in case!

We quickly discovered that the cost of freezers has greatly increased in five years–along with everything else!  We also quickly discovered there weren’t going to be many freezers to choose from because we didn’t have much time to shop.  Time was of the essence!   We picked one out, and were told it was in stock–only to discover it had been damaged by a forklift!  We doubled back to the previous store we’d visited, where we purchased our second choice, which unfortunately cost us eighty dollars more.  The store personel loaded the freezer into the back of Grandpa’s old truck, and we headed home.  The Lord answered my prayers, and we made it home without incident!

By Saturday night, we had the old freezer unloaded (for the second time) and removed from the laundry room.  The new freezer was in its place, and the frozen food was transferred into it.  We were also several hundred dollars poorer…  In spite of the freezer fiasco, Ed managed to get the bedroom door repaired and re-hung, and it was actually straight this time!  Unfortunately, when he went to install the storm door, he discovered that the store had given him the wrong color hinges and handle–and the store was closed by then!

It was also very unfortunate that Ed’s mom’s birthday fell on Saturday.  We’d planned to take her out to eat, in celebration of her 90th birthday.  Those plans had to be post-poned while we were dealing with crooked doors and failing freezers.  Hopefully, we can take her out to lunch soon.

If all of this wasn’t enough to be dealing with, the temperature reached 95 degrees on Saturday–which happened to be a record-breaking high!  Sunday’s temperatures were more of the same!  The extreme heat took a heavy toll on our garden, and by Sunday evening many of our plants, especially the squash and cucumbers,  looked like I’m feeling–beaten!

Happy Monday, everybody!  I hope your weekend was less stressful than mine…

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